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DxOMark revamps its mobile testing for the phone cameras of 2017

New testing method will take into account dual cameras, selfie performance, and other recent trends.

The way we use our phones’ cameras has changed a lot since 2012, back when DxOMark first started testing smartphone shooters. Until today, the firm’s scores only take into account a limited subset of the capabilities of modern smartphones — but that’s about to change.

In recent months, DxO has embarked on an extensive data-gathering mission to find out how people use their smartphone  [Read More…]

Verizon revamps prepaid plans with more data

Verizon has unveiled a new set of prepaid phone plans this morning. The new plans include more data, and the largest plan, at $ 60 a month, features unlimited calling to the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. “Whether you’re just starting out with your own wireless plan or simply love to have complete control of your wireless

Yahoo revamps its app and web site for faster access to news and comments

Yahoo is trying to make it easier to find news on its web site and mobile apps with a revamp of its interface. It’s also rolling out updates to allow for quicker creation and browsing of comments from Yahoo’s online community.

Yahoo stated:

With this update, we’ve made it possible to sift through more content in less time. You no longer need to open individual articles in multiple browser tabs; instead, you can simply scroll through  [Read More…]

Lowes revamps its Iris Smart Home Solution package, kits starting at $99

Lowes, the home improvement retailer, has announced its second-generation Iris Smart Home Solution package, which brings big improvements over the first. This time around, Lowes has updated the software and released a new mobile app, and when paired with the new hardware it brings some new functionality, along with faster performance. The mobile app makes it easier to navigate, as users can control devices with just a tap now.

Redesigned from the ground up for a more  [Read More…]

AT&T revamps Mobile Share Value plans, offering more data for your buck

AT&T has announced a number of changes to the US carrier’s Mobile Share Value plans. The aim is to simplify available tiers, offering more data for your buck. As usual with the majority of said offerings, the more you pay up each month, the greater the benefit is with AT&T’s revamped bundles.

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Nest revamps the Nest Protect with new smoke sensor, safety features, and more

Nest has introduced an all-new Nest Protect, which makes significant improvements over the first-generation hardware.

An all-new Nest Protect has been introduced by the company, bringing some new features and several safety improvements to the device. This time around Nest has included a new smoke sensor, new safety features, and the ability to hush the Protect right from your smartphone.

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Facebook Messenger revamps location sharing system

messenger-location-sharing-carouselFacebook is rolling out an improved version of location sharing in Facebook Messenger app. We had seen earlier that Messenger allowed location to be sent along with every chat message in the conversation. This was not such a useful feature as we could only know the general area from where the message was being sent and not the user’s actual location.

There was no way to share your location in  [Read More…]

Microsoft revamps Bing.com design for Android users with new sections

Microsoft has launched a revamped design for its Bing.com homepage for Android browser users, with a number of new features and changes.

Chrome browser users can now swipe up to see the sections on the Bing.com home page. They will also notice a new translucent color scheme.

Facebook revamps community guidelines, shows what the social network will take down

Facebook has revamped the social network’s community standards and guidelines to show what registered accounts can (and more importantly, cannot) share on the service.

Sprint’s Prepaid service revamps with new tiered data plans

The Sprint Prepaid brand will now have three new monthly plans, all of which offer its customers unlimited talk and text. The cheapest is now priced at $ 35 a month with 1 GB of data, followed by $ 45 a month with 3 GB of data and $ 55 a month for 6 GB of data.

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