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Smart Emoji Keyboard: Even free is sometimes too much (Review)

With the recent acquisition of SwiftKey by Microsoft, interest in alternative keyboards has sparked. There’s a wealth of alternatives in the Play Store, including household names like Swype, TouchPal, Fleksy and Google Keyboard. In a category where companies rely on licensing or micro-transactions to sustain themselves, Smart Emoji Keyboard (by the appropriately-called Keyboard Apps Developer) offers a completely free alternative, albeit with very heavy advertising, along with features that users have come to expect from a keyboard.

Highlights: Unbelievably high  [Read More…]

Clocks is a dead-simple yet attractive game (review)


The mobile game market tends to have emphasis placed on opposing ends of the spectrum.  On one end you have the very (and sometimes extremely!) grand, detailed, and complex works of artistic and scientific wonder. These games are constantly out developing each other with their intricate world designs, control schemes, and processor-eating technical requirements.

On the opposite end you have a very different expectation. These are games where simplicity rules, and both ease-of-play and addictiveness by design can  [Read More…]

Asus ZenFone Zoom review: Clearing up the view ahead

Premium build, 4GB of RAM, 3x optical zoom, and $ 399 price tag – is this the smartphone to beat?

Asus has been trying to crack the market’s smartphone code for a while now. Prior to its current lineup, the company tried again and again to get consumers on-board with an unconventional but innovative smartphone/tablet integration concept with the PadFone. Alas, the Taiwanese manufacturer finally gave in to the lackluster sales and redirected its smartphone efforts to the ZenFone.

2015 was a  [Read More…]

Review: Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 RE connected running shoes

A really nice pair of running shoes, with some extra intelligence thrown in.

Under Armour is making a big push into connected fitness. Part of the strategy involves altogether new products like the Under Armour HealthBox in partnership with HTC, but another area is adding smarts to its existing products — like these, the Speedform Gemini 2 RE running shoes. If you’re familiar with Under Armour’s running shoe line you’ll know that the Speedform Gemini 2s  [Read More…]

Puxers – The fun brain game [Review]


At risk of sounding utterly cliche, Puxers is a game that’s easy to pick up, but hard to master. You flick numbered pucks around an arena, colliding like-numbered pucks with one another. When these pucks collide, they transform into the sum of those numbers. You may have no more than 12 pucks on the board at a time – any more, and you lose.

Developer: Rokitt Dynamix TM

Price: Free (Ad-Supported; Individual Undos: $ 0.99)


Collide like-numbered  [Read More…]

ASUS ZenFone Zoom Review

Clever hardware elevates an already great phone line even higher, but the execution stumbles a bit.

The quick take

ASUS has taken the the already impressive ZenFone 2 and turned it into something fun for anyone who enjoys the control of a DSLR camera but isn’t planning on walking around with one every day. That means you get a solid, snappy phone with a decent display and some clever camera hardware with matching visual styling to  [Read More…]

Pocket Zombie – Virtual Pet (review)

Screenshot_2016-02-09-04-40-58Pocket Zombie is a delighful and unique take on the virtual pet, er, in this case, zombie. Pocket Zombie places you in control of the care taking of a Pete Lorre’esque zombie. Care for this zombie occurs through a series of tasks including: play, feeding, bathing and sleep. As you continue to take care of your zombie, you will level up and gain access to items for your zombie, including: skins, environmental decorations,  [Read More…]

Finger Bow: Digit-al archery has never been so fun. [Review]


Destroy the robot in this slick Angry-Birds-meets-Cut-the-Rope style archery game. With expansive levels, four different types of arrows, half a dozen different bows and a plethora of game mechanics – switches, explosive barrels, portals, and others – this is definitely a thinking man(/woman)’s game.

Developer: GHoST Apps

Price: Free ($ 0.99 Premium)


100 levels. Upgradeable bows. Lots of game mechanics. Ad-supported or paid with no ads. Setup

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Pretty  [Read More…]

Jumpy Word combines elements of Scrabble with Tetris (review)



If you’re choice in mobile games veers toward your inner ‘word nerd’, then you should consider “Jumpy Word” by evezzon.  This game could be alternatively titled ‘Speed Scrabble’ if not for all the potential copyright infringements.

Why do you ask? Well, how do you play Scrabble?  You are given a set of random letters and are tasked to spell the most complicated words with them, scoring the most points — that’s how.  [Read More…]

Screen Off Pro (Screen Lock) – Certainly locks screens. [Review]


Screen Off Pro does what it sets out to do; it locks your screen at the push of a software button, negating the use of the hardware button for this use. There are a number of other options within the app, including assigning vibration, sound and animation to the screen off function, but many of these are hidden behind the paywall of the $ 0.99 ‘unlock’ version.

Developer: Yogesh Dama

Price: Free (Unlock: $ 0.99 / Unlock + Tip:  [Read More…]