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Review: Darksiders Genesis is one of the biggest surprises of 2019

A Darksiders experience from a new perspective.

Darksiders Genesis is a top-down action game that takes you through a variety of levels. Unlike the interconnected nature of Diablo III, you teleport into various environments and are tasked with uncovering a number of secrets and defeating bosses. While the story is a little convoluted and hard to follow, the gameplay is sublime. The ability to freely move around the world and slay hordes of demons with two distinct  [Read More…]

NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) review

We’ll dispense with the fluff and pageantry and get right to it. When it comes to consuming media in the era of cord-cutting and all-you-can stream video, nothing beats Android TV. We might be a bit biased, but, to us, there’s no better way to manage all of the services and options.

Taking things a step further, nothing represents the Android TV better than NVIDIA’s Shield TV. If you have an otherwise “dumb” TV, you owe it to yourself to  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7T Review

OnePlus has been making great phones for years now, continually and regularly pumping out really solid devices with more affordable price tags. It certainly offers an interesting option for users who want performance but aren’t willing to spend $ 1,000 for a smartphone.

The OnePlus 7T marks a new device that may blur that line of the premium flagship even more. Here’s my review of the handset after having used it for multiple weeks.

The Good Awesome Build

I was  [Read More…]

Xcentz Smart Wireless Camera review

Adding security cameras to a house in 2019 is an entirely different experience than it was just a few years back. Homeowners no longer need to hire an electrician or spend hundreds of dollars just to install a camera or two. It’s easier, and cheaper, than ever.

There are plenty of options available to consumers which provide high definition video and security, if not just peace of mind. For well under a hundred dollars we can get eyes on our  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 3a XL: A review at six months

Google has never had a problem making premium phones. Since the release of the Nexus lineup, we’ve seen the company partner with handset makers to deliver high-quality phones and tablets, some of which were hundreds of dollars less than the competition.

These options were all the more enticing since they came with pure Android, fast updates, and years of support from both Google and a community of developers through custom ROMs and tweaks.

The search giant decided to take a  [Read More…]

Review: Teracube – the phone with a four year warranty and white glove service

How often do you upgrade your phone? If you’re like most Americans, that upgrade cycle tends to run between one and two years. Sometimes, we get the rare person who stretches it out to three years, but that seems to be about the limit.

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your device. Maybe the performance is so bad that your phone is a permanent resident of Lag city. Or, perhaps the battery has degraded so that your phone turns  [Read More…]

Totallee Wireless Car Charger review: Totally worth it

The case maker’s first car accessory really impresses.

I was introduced to Totallee for the very first time in the summer of 2018 when I reviewed the company’s Ultra-Thin Case for the Pixel 2. As someone that’s never been a huge case fan, I immediately fell in love. You can tell the Totallee creates its products with a lot of care and passion, and as such, the Ultra-Thin Case has become one of my new go-to’s for  [Read More…]

HyperX Cloud Mix review

We get a ton of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones that come through the office. Many are from smaller companies looking to make a name in the space, something that’s hard to do with so many (cheap) options out there.

We recently got to take a look at the HyperX Cloud Mix, a premier Bluetooth and gaming headset for gamers on the go. This headset is an evolution of the popular HyperX Cloud that has come to be loved by gamers  [Read More…]

Nubia Red Magic 3S review: Great gaming phone at an unbelievable price

The Red Magic 3S offers incredible value, and it’s on sale officially in the U.S.

The mobile gaming market is on the rise, and device manufacturers are starting to cater to that trend with differentiated offerings. We’ve already seen what ASUS, Black Shark, and Razer have to offer in this category, and it’s now time to take a look at Nubia’s Red Magic 3S.

Red Magic is Nubia’s gaming line, and the brand is following up on  [Read More…]

Keychron K2 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard review

While we love to chat about phones there some people who find keyboards to be an interesting topic of discussion. We’re starting to understand why.

Casual users tend to think that most computer keyboards are the same. Plugged in via USB, they’re often black or dark grey and have the same layout. They tend to have the same clickety-clackety sounds and feedback. That’s hardly the case.

We’ve reviewed our share of keyboards over the years, all of which center around  [Read More…]