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Noah Camera takes your selfie game to a new level (review)

Overview: Noah Camera is a camera app designed to enhance your photos and selfies with filters and allow you to easily share them on social media and with friends. Developer: JP Brothers, Inc. Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions: Noah Camera is a camera app designed to enhance your photos and selfies with filters and allow

Redraw Keyboard – Customize ALL THE THINGS (App Review)

Android has a billion keyboard options. Okay, maybe there’s not quite a billion keyboard apps out there to choose from, but with all of the customization options offered by some of them, it might at well be since every Android user ever could easily have a different looking keyboard. However, not all keyboards are created

Star Wars: Force Arena review: The best and worst of mobile gaming, plus Star Wars

Bringing Star Wars action to mobile like you’ve never before.

Star Wars: Force Arena is a mobile game that’s brimming with potential, combining the most popular trends in mobile gaming — collectable cards, tower defence, and mobile online battle arena (MOBA) — into one cohesive strategy game that’s addictive as hell and a blast to play. Star Wars fans will love it, especially if they enjoyed the latest film in the franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars  [Read More…]

Facebook Messenger: A New Review (review)

There’s a cool app available on the Play Store. It was born as an off-shoot of another popular app, a data-based chat app that allows the user of the parent app to communicate privately, one-on-one. It has since become its own standalone app, and quickly became one of the most popular apps of all-time. It

Nanami Fast Wireless Charger: a good charger for a good price (Review)

One of the most important things to device users these days is battery life. It’s no secret to our readers that the Moto Z Play is one of our favorite phones when it comes to battery life. The magic formula has yet to be devised by manufacturers and I don’t see this issue getting any better

Slither.io brings the popular browser game to Android (Review)

Overview: Slither.io is a port of the popular browser game of the same name. While it can be a challenging multiplayer experience, it’s simple and fun to play over and over again. Developer: Lowtech Studios Cost: Free (With ads, $ 3.99 ad-free version) Impressions: Slither.io is already a well-established and popular browser game on desktop computers.

The BlackBerry Priv Review Re-Do: before Mercury rises

It’s been 14 months since the BlackBerry Priv launched, and it still does some things amazingly well — but amazingly slow. The Priv is still a security powerhouse, and has some great features, but why does it take so long to launch everything?

MrMobile takes us way way back to November of 2015 (were we ever so young?) and talks what’s good, what’s ugly, and what to look forward to when we finally get our hands on Mercury. Michael  [Read More…]

SpeakTribe: A great way of learning the beautiful Spanish language (review)

Learning languages is, in my opinion, one of the most fulfilling things you can do. This is especially true when you are in a country where they speak a different language than yours. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you get after slowly starting to get what it is written on the streets or finally

Real Baseball – Batter up! (App Review)

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Then there are people who try and imitate to gain success off of other people’s work. Italy Games has several apps on the app store that are heavily influenced by other popular apps. Real Baseball seems to take most of its cues from another popular

Smashy Road: Arena can be madcap driving fun (review)

There’s a fairly new car-based game out; it combines simple gameplay, smooth visuals, customization, and lots of wild action. It’s called “Smashy Road: Arena”. It’s a follow-up to the title “Smashy Road: WANTED” by the developer BearBit Studios. It’s a free game that’s family-friendly, and can be played as either single or multi-player. Setup Setting