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Ultimate Ears UE900s in-ear headphone review: Solid universal from a “Pro” brand

Ultimate Ears is probably more recognized by its successful UE Boom line of Bluetooth speakers. But the company actually started out in the niche market of high-end custom in-ear monitors (IEMs). That fortunately still continues today. While the main Ultimate Ears webpage headlines its speaker devices, you’ll be able to find a portal to the manufacturer’s

[Review] Keep a charger in your wallet with TravelCard

Recently, I was able to get my hands on a portable battery pack called the TravelCard. It’s an amazing battery, and it has already saved me a couple of times. I’m no longer worried about my iPhone 6s dying when I’m out and about. Here are my thoughts. First Impressions Not to be confused with

The Rock Clock: Lay the Smackdown to your goals (Review)

Overview Do you need a little motivation to get your candy ass out of bed, or maybe to lose that extra five pounds? Well, say no more, The Rock has you covered. He has released his second project out of four called The Rock Clock: a simple but fun alarm clock. Developer: 7 Bucks Entertainment

Jaybird set a new bar for the competition with the incredible Freedom Wireless earbuds (launch and review)

Jaybird is a company that was founded in 2006 with a goal to bring us the best wireless earbuds. It’s founder and CEO, Judd Armstrong, has made sure to hold his company to that goal. Today Jaybird met the goal again with the Jaybird Freedom Wireless buds. Jaybird continues to innovate and push the limits of wireless

Ukemi Ninja: This game should head back to the dojo (Review)

Overview Ukemi Ninja is a platforming adventure game where you guide a ninja through obstacles and opponents to save the local villages. Developer: NotskiGames Cost: Free (with ads and microtransactions) Highlights A lot of items and tools Floaty, difficult to control Relatively short Impressions Ukemi Ninja seems harmless enough on the surface. It has vibrant

Lumsing’s 8000mAh portable battery is slim, light-weight and just $11 (review)

Smartphone hardware has improved in just about every area, with exception to battery life. Over the past decade, smartphones have consistently given us about a day of battery. For some users, like me, battery life is an area I wish manufacturers would improve and allow us to get through at least two full days of usage.

AUKEY’s Bluetooth sport headphones are a great option under $30 (review)

Bluetooth headphones have become extremely affordable over the past year. The old saying “you get what you pay for” doesn’t quite mean what it used to when it comes to audio products these days. AUKEY is a reputable company that makes a wide range of high-quality accessories for your mobile devices. I have been fortunate

Penguin Run, Cartoon: A simple, addicting game for all (Review)

“Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.” – Albert Einstein Overview Maybe quoting Einstein is a bit much, but it does not get simpler than this game. Penguin Run, Cartoon, a fun little game where you tap the screen to avoid obstacles or to eat fish, bewilders you by its simplistic

Padcaster VERSE review

Face it, one of the toughest things about recording video on a smartphone is stabilization. Indeed many of the higher-end devices we purchase today have optical image stabilization and a select few of them are also able to level out your videos. But, if we’re being honest, it’s not easy to hold a phone with one hand

Sony MDR-1A over-ear headphones review: Classy on the outside, fun on the inside

Usually when big-name electronics manufacturers get into audio, they do so casually. Their headphones are more targeted towards the average consumer, with decent quality and a reachable price. Sony is different, though. It’s audio gear can dive well into “audiophile” territory, and the brand is highly regarded among those passionate about audio quality. Take the NW-ZX2