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PlayStation VR Review: Something great for everyone

Sony has created something that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, and in some cases will improve over time.

Pros The most comfortable headset yet Comparably inexpensive Healthy software ecosystem Cons Mediocre controllers 180-degree rotation isn’t great Game setup is occasionally obnoxious Thoroughly well executed PlayStation VR Full Review

There’s a big gap between smartphone-based VR and desktop-based VR. The most you’ll pay for great smartphone-based VR is around $ 100, and desktop-based  [Read More…]

The Google Pixel review: Notes from a smaller phone

The best small Android phone you can buy.

It’s been a fun few days, what with unboxing the Pixel and trying to get to know it as quickly as possible.

And in that time, I’ve realized a few important things about the device, from its feel in the hand (great!) to the Assistant (WIP!) and everything in between. Andrew and Alex have each put their thoughts down on paper already, but since I’m the only one  [Read More…]

UNITEK Aluminium wireless Bluetooth speaker: Big sound in a little package (review)

I’m sitting on a flight and heading on vacation to Maui for a week. While packing for my trip it was hard to contain myself from bringing along every single device along to entertain myself. Portable power bank, laptop, headphones, smartwatch, and a Bluetooth speaker are what I chose to bring to the sunny weather

Google Pixel XL review: A U.S. perspective

This is the best phone ever to wear the Google brand.

Though Google’s “Pixel” brand has existed since 2013, generating two Chromebooks and a tablet in that time, Google’s announcement of two phones under the Pixel umbrella was its real coming out party. So few have used a Pixel computer or tablet up to this point that the phones will be most people’s first interaction with the brand. The Pixel name stands for Google’s in-house developed  [Read More…]

Android Central 311: Google Pixel review roundtable

The Google Pixel is here, and Daniel, Andrew, and Alex dive deep on the Google Phone. From the resemblance to the iPhone (overstated), to the camera (totally amazing) to battery life (good on the Pixel, great on the Pixel XL), there’s a lot to discuss, so join us!

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Watch our Google Pixel video review!

The review you’ve been waiting for is here!

The Pixel is not just Google’s first built-from-scratch Android phone, but it’s also one of the best phones released this year. It’s beautiful, fast, and has some features that truly separate it from the pack: flawless performance, an awesome camera, and Google Assistant.

When you’re finished the video, read our epic review for a more nuanced take on the “Google phones” and see how the two devices stack up against  [Read More…]

Lenovo Yoga Book review: The future is (almost) here

It’s easy to say that using the Lenovo Yoga Book feels like living in the future, but with its inclusion of (literal) pen-and-ink technology and an all-touch keyboard reminiscent of the first Microsoft Surface, it’s just as accurate to call it a leap into the past. The result is an intriguing contradiction that only gets more interesting as you delve deeper into the custom Android software on this tiny tablet/notebook crossover.

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  [Read More…]

Boost your cell signal in your vehicle with weboost’s Drive 4G-M amplifier (review)

It goes without question that almost all of us still experience dropped calls. I use the nation’s second largest network with AT&T, but in San Diego reception can still be spotty. The network quality has improved vastly over the years, but when I’m on a call in my truck and go through one of San

ARCHEER VR Headset for smartphones up to 6.5″: A solid alternative to Google Cardboard (review)

Oculus, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Sony and Google have all made a huge push into the virtual reality space. They’re all predicting realistic visualizations and sounds in a headset are going to be the next wave of media that is going to take over the world. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are supposedly great headsets,

dodocool Hi-Res in ear earphones (review)

Music plays an integral part of our lives for most of us. We listen to it in our cars on the way to work or school, at the gym, at home while cooking or when we are doing chores. It gets our blood pumping before a big game, offers background noise while we study, and provides