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Blu Pure XR review: All the flagship you need and only $300

Miami-based Blu has released its latest smartphone, the Pure XR. Worthy of the title of flagship, it features just about every hardware detail you’d need or expect in some of today’s best Android phones. And, why not? It’s the first sibling to the Pure XL, a powerful device with a big screen and kick-ass hardware. What makes

Honor 8 review: A new competitor in the U.S.

Same old software frustrations, wrapped up in a fantastic package for $ 399.

After seeing considerable growth and brand awareness in Europe, Honor is properly launching itself in the U.S. Sure it released its budget-minded Honor 5X earlier this year … but that was a bit more of a test run — this, the Honor 8, is the true embodiment of what Honor is capable of right now, and it’s launching in the States right on  [Read More…]

The Posh Volt LTE L540’s insane battery, dual SIM and $120 price tag make it the perfect travel phone (review)

“Good phones are getting cheap, and cheap phones are getting good.” YouTuber MKBHD has been known to repeat this in his videos and he’s generally right. Sure, we do have phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Apple iPhone 6S Plus (64GB) with price tags that can reach north of $ 800, but generally,

EasyAcc Monster 26000mAh power bank is freaky massive and can charge 4 phones simultaneously (review)

Battery life is one of the most important factors in a smartphone. One would logically think with a decade of building smartphones, that the battery life would be around two to three days by now. However, our smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful to handle our desire to do everything through our phones which leads to

Parallel Space allows you to run 2 Android app accounts at once (review)

For a lot of us, our smartphones live a double-sided life. For some, it’s one life as a business tool (and often provided to us by our employer), and the other life as a personal digital sidekick. The business tool side of our device is all business and allows us to perform our work: responding to

HTC 10 review: The best Android phone you’re not buying

The HTC 10 is a stellar smartphone from the company that brought you the aluminum unibody. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the Perfect Ten its name implies – a reality reinforced by T-Mobile’s decision to drop the phone from store shelves amid rumors of sluggish sales.

Still, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the HTC 10’s shortcomings would be totally forgivable ones … if only the price were a little lower. The HTC 10 has been on the market  [Read More…]

Galaxy S7 Active Review: #1 in almost every category

Exclusive phones suck. Period. More people need access to a phone like the Galaxy S7 Active, which is currently locked down to just AT&T users like myself. After using the Galaxy S7 Active for a couple weeks, one thing has become clear to me. This phone is the best Android phone… wait, the best phone

CLARO changes your Android wallpapers for you (review)

Have you ever looked at your home screen picture and thought….that has been the same forever? It has become easy than ever to change just about anything you want in android. Changing your wallpaper while not difficult just plain gets forgotten. The fix, automatic wallpaper changers! They take pictures from the internet or your gallery

EyeCons is a speed-matching game that offers some fun! (review)

There are approximately 1 billion tile matching games in the Google Play Store. EyeCons is a a new 2-tile matching game that offers some unique twists as well as look & feel. It’s a great selection for all ages, as there is almost no text to get through. The game is actually a take on a

Review: Deus Ex GO for Android

Deus Ex GO’s futuristic puzzles are challenging — but sometimes, so is just trying to get the game to work.

The Google Play Store is overflowing with puzzle games, so it really takes a special game to rise above the noise and demand attention. Deus Ex GO has potential to be one of those games, but it wasn’t an entirely smooth experience out of the gate.

Deus Ex GO is the latest mobile release from Montreal-based  [Read More…]