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Columns Jungle: It’s a start (Review)

Overview Match three gems in a row in this puzzle style game by switching the order of the color columns while they fall. But don’t let it catch up with you and fill up the play area.   Developer: Simply Apps Cost: Free (Ad Free Version is available) Game Play There are four controls; left,

EasyAcc 20,000mAh Rugged Power Bank review

Battery life on smartphones has gotten better, but at a snails pace. Running out of juice is still a pain-point we all face. Hence, power banks are still useful and aplenty in the market. Because of that fact, these days we see power banks push the capacity limit while not driving up the price. One we’re reviewing

Witti Dotti – Novelty cubed (Review)

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to review a prodcut as I was when I received the Witti Dotti to review. I bugged my poor Editor, Matt, for weeks to get it. And then, that day finally came. It arrived on my doorstep. With great anticipation I opened the box. Never use

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand review

Samsung’s Qi chargers haven’t had the best designs, but this one gets it right.

Last year’s Galaxy S6 and Note 5 brought along with them new faster wireless charging tech, but that also required a charging pad that was able to output enough power to make it all happen. Samsung’s only fast wireless charging pad was a pretty solid improvement over the previous standard-speed model, but we weren’t surprised when Samsung rolled out a new model  [Read More…]

Your S7 Edge needs a case like this UAG Composite case [review]

I’m not a fan of cases. Like, big time. It irks me everytime my eye catches an otherwise sexy smartphone covered up in cheap plastic. So it’s quite peculiar when I have a headline that praises phone case. The thing is, if you’ve handled a Galaxy S7 Edge, then you know that Samsung’s beautiful design comes with a major

Fabulous – an attractive albeit limited music player (review)

Overview Music is personal; how you consume and manage your music can also be just as personal. For some, a simple folder structure is enough, while others need more bells and whistles. There are a ton of music library management apps. Fabulous is like most in that it is a simple and attractive no-frills music

Sony Xperia Z5 review: A sleek and snappy flagship

Over the past few weeks, I have been using the Sony Xperia Z5 as my daily driver. Has Sony’s latest flagship overcome the problems that many users faced with the previous Z3+? Read on to find out! Design When it comes to the design of the Xperia Z5, sleek and minimal are the first adjectives

Throw around some steel balls with Hexasmash [Review]

Overview Hexasmash is an Angry-Birdsesque puzzle game – if instead of birds you have steel balls and instead of a slingshot you have a pendulum-style chain. Gameplay The standard paradigm for puzzlers is pretty set in stone these days – lots of levels, three gold stars, and some varying objective. Hexasmash is not your typical puzzle

Immortal Fantasy: Close to reaching full potential (Review)

Overview This is Immortal Fantasy, where you take on the role of different types of characters while using cards and a dice. You’ll travel the land to discover weapons, potions and armor while taking on various enemies. You must choose which gods you will follow to help you in your quest to become immortal. Developer:

SaferVPN: A solid VPN choice [App Review]

Overview It can be somewhat daunting to find the correct VPN provider for you. Some offer a ton a features that cost a ton as well, while others have basic services with more reasonable pricing. SaferVPN is a VPN service that happens to tick both these boxes as well as the ones in-between, offering extensive