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MOTA 12000mAh High-Capacity Power Bank review

MOTA’s name is one that frequently pops up in conversations about wearables and accessories for your many devices. Their High-Capacity Power Bank is strong, sturdy, and big, but is it right for your gear bag? Will it get your through that weekend camping in the woods? Well, we’ve been putting it through its paces the last month to find out.

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Share data usage stats with Mobile Performance Meter for free gift cards (review)

Landscape MPM

We all could use free gift cards whenever possible right? Especially when there is not much we have to do except maybe download a free app and keep the meter running in the background.

Developed by Embee Mobile, the purpose of the Mobile Performance Meter app is really to help market research companies and  [Read More…]

HTC Desire 820: The Android Central casual review

HTC’s second ‘mid-range flagship’ this year is a solid improvement in almost every area

The past year has seen the HTC Desire range — the Taiwanese manufacturer’s line of mid-range handsets — expanded to cover everything from the super-cheap Desire 510 to the selfie-centric Desire EYE. And with it, HTC has introduced a new, unashamedly plastic design language, while keeping software performance and features mostly in line with the flagship HTC One.

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Nowhere: Runner A dark new endless runner with a couple of quirks (review)

Nowhere: Runner Featured Image

New developer Devvie Apps recently released their first mobile game with “Nowhere: Runner.” This beautifully dark endless runner is quoted by Devvie Apps as being inspired by the likes of Braid and Limbo. While the game doesn’t quite attain the visual standard of the aforementioned games, it certainly does have its own charm. In this game you play as what seems to be the shadow of  [Read More…]

LG G Watch R review

LG’s second Android watch is a step forward, but not a game-changer

Smartwatches have been *a thing* for quite some time now. Nevertheless, it’s a product category still struggling to find its feet, not to mention a compelling reason for normal people — those who live outside the tech bubble — to buy in. In the case of Android Wear, the software’s still pretty basic, and the early hardware has been much closer to a smartphone  [Read More…]

9music: a non-cloud based music player (review)


3, 6, 9, damn girl fine, hoping she can sock it to me one more….Oh hello, didn’t notice you were there. I was just listening to one of my favorite jams on the new 9music player by Mobile Tin. Reminiscing the good ole days, when songs actually had meaning. Now lets turn this track up and get low, get low for today’s review of 9music.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

Samsung’s first curved Note is an interesting tech demo, but it’s far from a slam-dunk overall

Samsung has been at the forefront of new display technologies throughout recent history, pushing the limits of what AMOLED panels in phones and tablets can do. And beyond improvements in resolution, brightness and colors, Samsung has recently tinkered with curved and flexible displays of all sizes and types.

But in terms of real consumer products, that history is much shorter.  [Read More…]

Arowana Fish 3D Live Wallpaper Review

arowana fish 3d live wallpaper

Do you like fishes? Your aquarium too heavy to take with you every time you go somewhere? Maybe you are just in need of some extra luck. Then you should consider checking out Arowana Fish 3D; a live wallpaper that probably won’t help you win the lottery, but it will allow you to at least have a tiny virtual aquarium.

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Dracos: high on visuals and audio but lacking in control (game review)


Why train one dragon, when you can train two in Comunique’s latest release Dracos.

Concentrate….Concentrate….Game Over. This is something you will have to get used to when playing Dracos. Utilizing both of your thumbs to control two dragons while they hurdle through a fantastic universe dodging geometrical obstacles will definitely call for deep concentration. However, the lack of concentration isn’t the culprit for all your failed attempts.  [Read More…]

LogDog app review: secure your online accounts


Worried about whether or not someone is hacking into your Facebook account? Looking to protect your social media accounts from prying eyes without breaking the bank? Fear no more. LogDog is here to the rescue.

A very handy security tool developed by startup LogDog Information Security Ltd aims to safeguard your accounts from any suspicious activity.  [Read More…]