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Nokia 3.1 Plus review: One of Cricket’s best budget phones for 2019

Nokia’s first big push in the U.S. is a smashing success (for the most part).

As more and more smartphones reach (or even cross) the $ 1000 threshold, it’s more important than ever that we have access to a good helping of quality budget handsets. The $ 300, $ 400, and $ 500 price ranges have more than enough variety to choose from, but what about devices that cost even less? What if you need a new  [Read More…]

Do you miss old Reddit? Consider Reddit is Fun for your phone (Review)

There are a lot of people who are very vocal about their hatred for Reddit’s new looks. I tend to agree with them as a lot of decisions that seem to have been made with a “form over function” mentality.

Additionally, Reddit’s official mobile app leaves much to be desired; the mobile web is a cluttered mess. Although there are several strong contenders to fill the void, Reddit is Fun has been a fan-favorite for years. It is easy to  [Read More…]

Rencounter: Ancient, a turn-based dungeon RPG (Review)

As the gaming industry moved from consoles to mobile devices and phones, one category that seems to be constantly left behind has been RPGs. While developers still keep pumping out quality RPGs, there are very few popular games in the Play Store that fall under this category.

Rencounter: Ancient aims to fill that gap with a solid, turn-based RPG with everything you expect from a game under this category.

Developer: SPVD Price: $ 0.59


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Laserbreak 2: Fun game held back by plain audiovisuals (Review)

To me, puzzle games are a perfect fit for mobile devices. They are normally short enough that you can enjoy while commuting, and the controls feel at home on our touchscreens. Laserbreak 2 takes advantage of this and offers a compelling puzzle game with fun game play and great level design.

Developer: errorsevendev Price: $ 1.42


Laserbreak 2 is a puzzle game in which you control a laser that has the power of breaking blocks, coins, and other  [Read More…]

Phiaton BT 120 headphone review: ANC without the anxiety

So close to being great.

Like so many technologies that trickle down from the premium segment to the mainstream, ANC, or active noise cancellation, is perhaps the most exciting for the average person. Planes, trains and automobiles aside, ANC is one of those features that comes in handy even one doesn’t expect it to.

At its core, the technology inserts low volumes of steady background noise to “cancel” out certain sound frequencies so the brain perceives them  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 3 XL review, 3 months on: Almost perfect

Google’s phone is still a winner, but little things still keep it from approaching perfection.

The Google Pixel 3 XL has been out for over three months now; our original review went up on October 15. In typical Pixel fashion, there has been a good bit of angst and controversy in the months since. Every issue and complaint has been picked apart, and considerable improvements and bugfixes have been addressed with monthly software updates. Google has since  [Read More…]

Palabre: One of the most customizable and beautiful news readers around (Review)

Even in 2019 there are people who still have not forgiven Google for discontinuing Google Reader. The silver lining was that several alternatives popped up to try to fill the spot that Google inexplicably withdrew from.

One of the strongest apps in the category today is Palabre, a news reader that is as beautiful as customizable.

Developer: LevelUp Studio Price: Free


Palabre is, at its core, a news reader. You can either use Palabre’s news sources or connect it  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo Input review: The easiest way to add Alexa everywhere

The Echo Input offers the most convenient way yet of adding Alexa smarts to an existing speaker or receiver.

Over the last five years Alexa has matured into a robust platform that supports thousands of devices and products. Alexa has a never-ending list of features that include everything from streaming music, controlling smart home products, providing weather and news briefings, and so much more. The most affordable way to get started with Alexa has always been the  [Read More…]

Slide and bounce to the rhythm of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! (Review)

Remember back a few years when music games were all the rage? Guitar Hero and Rock Band dominated the charts, whoever cleared Through the Fire and Flames in expert level became a legend.

Mobile was no exception, either, as a wide array of clones were available in the rudimentary Android Market/Play Store. Activision, as it often does, ruined the genre by saturating the market with Guitar Hero games, making them fall into obscurity.

Good news, though. The few games that  [Read More…]

Jabra Elite 65t long-term review: My best buds

If you want great truly wireless earbuds that aren’t AirPods, your wait is over.

To say the AirPods were the first truly wireless earbuds would be a lie, but they’re the ones that put the category on the map. Since then, nearly every headphone maker has tried its hand at outdoing the market leader.

It took a couple years, but we’re finally reached that moment. In early 2018, Jabra released the Elite 65t truly wireless headphones, and  [Read More…]