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Blue Satellite review: Wireless headphones with real power

A great addition to the Bluetooth headphone canon from a company with the color in its name.

If you’re a podcaster, Blue Microphones is a company you know, or need to know. If you’re a headphone fan, not so much. But the company has been making inroads into the lucrative over-the-ear headphone business since it launched the powered Mo-Fis back in 2014.

Now the company is moving into the wireless headphone space with its Bluetooth-powered Satellite cans,  [Read More…]

iWear – an intriguing but unwieldy mobile theater headset (Review)

In theory, on paper, and even sometimes in practice, Vizux’s iWear Video Headphones are fantastic – a stereo headset that sports twin 720p displays, 3D and VR support, and a built-in battery? Sign me up. It sounds a little like a better version of Cardboard, right? It sounds like a headset you’d pack in your […]

PlayMobo is a game discovery tool and library (Promoted Review)

Overview Even if Google now offers a “New Indie Highlights” section in the Google Play Store, meant to help users discover titles – some games might still go unnoticed. Google’s section can only accommodate a handful of games, while dozens of new games are being added to the store every week, so it’s easy to […]

Tap Hero – A more original Flappy Bird (Review)

Yes, I know that I probably deserve to be burned at the stake for bringing up this cursed game from 2013, but by the end of this, you’ll see where I am coming from. Alright, down to business. Tap Hero, the sole product offered by APPLICATTURA Michal Walaszczyk is offered on both Google Play and the […]

AVG AntiVirus FREE review

This top Android antivirus app is free and for anyone who wants total smartphone or tablet protection from a myriad of online threats. It gives you five different areas of protection so you do not have to worry about a hacker getting your information via a method you have not thought of yet. The app […]

Polar M600 is a mighty mix of fitness tracker and smartwatch (review)

Polar is extremely well-known for it’s fitness tracking devices, and multiple models can be found at almost every retail extension. While they have tons of devices out in the market that are geared to the hard-core athlete, they had yet to really make any headway in terms of the smartwatch realm. That delay ends with […]

Mobikin Doctor: Android recovery software (Sponsored Review)

In a world of digital information, there is nothing more important that some sort of backup. For desktops, there is the ever recommended external backup or off-site solution (typically in the form of a cloud option such as Google Drive or Dropbox). This is equally important for our mobile devices. External backups are much more […]

MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEYone review

The BlackBerry KEYone is more than just another anachronistic appeal to nostalgia. It’s the best BlackBerry on shelves today, bearing the best keyboard you can find on an Android phone in 2017. Lest you think I’m damning it with faint praise, remember that MrMobile values smartphones that stand out from the crowd – sometimes even more than he values phones with great battery life and outstanding build quality. The BlackBerry KEYone has all three of those assets in abundance  [Read More…]

Fluance Fi50 speaker review, the best bluetooth speaker under $200?

We’ve reviewed a ton of Bluetooth speakers over the years here at AndroidGuys. There are thousands on the market and a search on Amazon may turn up an overwhelming amount of small, portable, inexpensive speakers that are almost disposable. But, what if you’re looking for a little bit more? Fluance is a name you may […]

Wearhaus Arc review: The world’s first ‘social headphones’

Be honest. You’ve been in a situation before where you’re listening to a killer playlist that you want to share with someone nearby. Man, you’ve picked out some great stuff! The problem, however, is that you don’t want to give up your cans. No, you want to enjoy that carefully curated set of music. If […]