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Android Launcher Review: Rocket Launcher


Launchers are a dime a dozen now-a-days, there are tons and tons of options in the market, some free, some paid, many doing similar things in the end. When I first caught wind of Rocket Launcher I thought to myself “oh, another launcher to do the same thing” but as always I checked it out and wow was I shocked. First impressions, as we all know, mean quite a bit, and when I first installed Rocket Launcher I  [Read More…]

A Space Shooter for Free – Hillbillies in Space [Game Review]


Vertical-scrolling shooters get me excited. I don’t know if it’s space or rocket ships or hundreds of bullets on-screen at once, but playing a vertical shoot’em up is pure gaming to me. They require quick reflexes, tons of skill, and a small center in your brain for masochism. A Space Shooter for Free fills all the needs  [Read More…]

Android Bluetooth Robot Sound Box Unboxing and Review

I recently had a chance to play with an Android Bluetooth Sound Box with Hands-Free and would like to share my opinion with you all.

As you will see from the video below the packaging for these speakers is great and everything you need comes in the box.  Open it up and you’ll find the device itself, a USB wire, instructions, the metal stand for device. As instructions go they’re  [Read More…]

Android Game Review: Muffin Knight

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Sometimes you just need to play a game that makes absolutely no sense. Something with a completely nonsensical, ludicrous plot that has simple mechanics and colorful graphics.

That game is Muffin Knight.

Writing this, I’m still not really sure what Muffin Knight is about. I’ve gathered that you play as a little warrior and collect muffins whilst either defeating or avoiding enemy animals. Downing a bad guy gets you some  [Read More…]

Coin Drop! – Plinko-ing into the casual market [Game Review]


Coin Drop!, another hit iOS game, has been ported to Android, and with it comes tons of psychedelic fun. The level of polish and different types of puzzles in Coin Drop are amazing. Full Fat Productions threw everything into this casual game, and it’s an incredible product for casual gaming fans.

As with all casual games, Coin Drop is easy  [Read More…]

Android App Review: National Football Post


If you’re a football fan who wants to stay up-to-date with news and analysis right from your mobile device, you may want to check out the National Football Post app for Android. This free app from aggregates National Football Post columns and provides them in an easy to read fashion. When the app opens, the homescreen features five menu options along with three tabs, which you may slide left or right to  [Read More…]

Android Wallpaper Review: Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper

  YouTube link for mobile viewing

I’m not sure what this wallpaper reminds me of, but it’s cool. Maybe Tron? Maybe the last boss fight in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? A plane engine? It’s hard to nail down, but I know I’ve seen something like it before, and like then, it intrigues me.

That’s the essence of Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper. Rotating rings, glowing, responding to your touch, etc. It’s all pretty compelling visually, and fortunately, it  [Read More…]

Android Game Review: Greedy Spiders

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I don’t like bugs but I do like puzzles. I’m not particularly fond of spiders, either (too many eyes and legs for my taste), so the idea of depriving them of their meal seemed like a good enough premise to give a whirl. The result is many an hour lost and homework neglected.

Greedy Spiders is a turn-based puzzle game where you (as some omnipotent, web-cutting force) are trying to  [Read More…]

ROM review: MIUI for the Nexus S 4G


Our pal digitalslacker is back, showing off a little MIUI action for the Nexus S 4G with another great ROM review.  Reader submitted reviews are pretty much the best way to get an in-depth look at how things run, especially when it’s something as complicated and feature-packed as a full Android ROM.  Android tinkerers and hackers that use a specific phone tend to know it inside and out, and know how and  [Read More…]

Android Game Review: A Space Shooter for Free


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I buy a lot of games. Some are just a buck, some are a couple of dollars, but sometimes I’m just itching to find a really sweet free game to try out and mess around with. I stumbled upon A Space Shooter for Free today, which takes the old, retro shooter genre and adds some over-the-top characters to produce a pretty fine little game.

You take the helm of the  [Read More…]