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Ace Combat 7 review: As real as you want it to be

A great aerial combat game with very few bells and whistles.

As satisfying as it is to hear “Mission Accomplished. Bring it home, Trigger.” over the comm, I can’t afford to lose focus. Landing this F-14D isn’t as challenging as some of the other jets I’ve been in, but it’s far from easy after an extended dogfight. My hands ache from gripping the throttle and stick through the last couple of runs, and if I don’t keep  [Read More…]

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL battery review: My new favorite power bank

The capacity and speed to power up your laptop and phone(s) all day.

I rarely leave the house without a bag filled with technology. At a minimum, it’s a laptop and a phone. Typically, you can add on another phone to that. Plus Bluetooth headphones, often a camera, and supporting accessories for everything. That all requires power; lots of it. And that means I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative mobile batteries to keep everything  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review: Slim, sleek, premium, and lacking

Over the years, as Apple has all but taken over the tablet landscape with Samsung being one of its biggest challengers. The Galaxy Tab S4 is the latest competition for the iPad from Samsung. Verizon has generously provided us with this review unit to see how Samsung’s sleek new tablet stacks up against the competition.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 makes use of the glass sandwich design we’ve become familiar with over the past few years from premium devices.  [Read More…]

Onimusha: Warlords review: A faithful remastering of a samurai classic

This Capcom classic has never looked better.

Up against the Resident Evils, Street Fighters, and Mega Men of the world, it can be easy to forget some of Capcom’s other classic series. One of those is Onimusha, which got its start back on the PS2 (and later, the original Xbox) as Onimusha: Warlords.

Onimusha: Warlords is an interesting title if only for its history. It got its start as a somewhat formulaic Resident Evil clone, except you  [Read More…]

Razer Wireless Charger for Razer Phone 2 review: All-in on Chroma!

A wireless charging pad that’s equal parts extravagant and essential.

One of the new features included in the Razer Phone 2 is wireless charging, which was incorporated below the glowing Razer logo on the back. Wireless charging isn’t quite ubiquitous, so you might not have a wireless charging pad kicking around your home or office, but even if you do, you might not find that all wireless charging pads work so well with the Razer Phone 2.

  [Read More…]

Arlo Pro 2 security camera review: Easy inside and out

With so many different connected security systems to choose from, confusion is the new normal. Arlo makes it all easier.

Connected security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and trying to make sure you get what you need the first time can be a pain. Nobody wants to set up a security system more than once. I’ve been using the Arlo Pro 2 system — one camera outside with a pair of Arlo Security Lights and  [Read More…]

Doogee S80 review: An Android that’s also a walkie-talkie

Over the past few years, there’s been a clear trend across the smartphone industry to go thinner, lighter and more compact. If you remember, we were surprised when phones with 10 mm profiles started to emerge, but now 8 mm smartphones are the norm.

So in the era of super skinny smartphones, it’s indeed quite unusual to stumble upon a device with a heavier frame.

The Doogee S80 is one such bulky smartphone, but is by no means the only  [Read More…]

Ecovacs Deebot 601 review: Robo-vacuuming with Android and Amazon Echo

In a world of useless IoT tech, is a robotic vacuum cleaner really worth your time and effort? Ecovacs made me a bit of a believer.

The world is full of superfluous connected tech which is supposed to make our lives easier, but often, well, doesn’t. As such, when I had the opportunity to try out Ecovacs Deebot 601 robotic vacuum cleaner, I was a tad skeptical. However, I must say that the company has made  [Read More…]

Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller review: Get a grip

This is the Bluetooth controller dreams are made of.

Mobile game developers in general still seem somewhat hesitant to include proper support for Bluetooth controls. Sometimes it just doesn’t work with the style of game, but then there are games that would play so much better and be more fun if you didn’t have to fight against the often-problematic touchscreen controls.

Since entering the smartphone gaming industry with its first Razer Phone, Razer has been quietly raising  [Read More…]

OnePlus 6T review

Over the years, OnePlus has released phone after phone with flagship-level specs and power at a fraction of the price you’d expect. The OnePlus 6T is the latest in the line, and naturally it comes packed with stellar performance, as well as a great camera and a new style of notch.

And even though prices for the latest model have crept up to $ 550, which is quite different from the super affordable price of the first OnePlus phone, the  [Read More…]