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Huawei Watch 2 review: No time for this half-baked sequel

Huawei built up a lot of good will over the past two years, only to let it slide in 2017.

The original Huawei Watch was a go-to choice for those who wanted an Android Wear watch that was a bit sleeker and better built than most other choices throughout 2016. It was a bit on the expensive side, and yes it was thick, but it had a slick exterior and lugs that could adapt to just about  [Read More…]

Sony MDR-1000X review: No noise is good noise

Good headphones should be like a big wall between you and the rest of the world. Great headphones should let you get through that wall easily and comfortably. Enter the Sony MDR-1000X Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones, which have a feature I truly appreciate: the ability to hear outside your headphones with a quick tap.

I’m Michael Fisher, but you probably know me best as MrMobile. I’ve reviewed more than a few ANC headphones in the past year, and this  [Read More…]

Sky Devices offers up a Photo-Centric phone with the Elite Photo Pro (review)

There is an awful lot of publicity recently for the unlocked phone market. And it’s generally well-deserved: the recent flood of good (if not great) devices that can hold their water against the likes of the big boys Samsung, LG, and the Cupertino-based-company-that-shall-not-be-named. The added draw is that with the death of traditional 2-year service […]

TUFFS – Quick and Painless Notification Shortcuts (Sponsored Review)

TUFFS is a simple app that, in essence, creates a constant notification in your shade, with a number of configurable “slots” for quick access to apps or shortcuts. When you install TUFFS, even if you don’t immediately configure it, it still shows up in your notification shade. It’s kind of obnoxious – though it definitely […]

Yummly: Unleash the cook inside you (Review)

Some people were born to cook. I’ve seen people that start with a couple of ingredients and end up making culinary masterpieces, after being under total control all the time. Then there’s people like me, who even with recipes, mom’s instructions and recommendations from friends, fail miserably at kitchen-related stuff. For all of those in between (lucky […]

TubiTV is basically Ad-Supported Netflix Lite, minus the subscription (Review)

Everyone loves Netflix. It’s a universally accepted fact at this point. (Universally, I say – and if you say otherwise, you’re wrong.) Everyone loves binge-watching series (serieses?) and having moviethons and chilling whilst Netflixing. But sometimes – sometimes – Netflix doesn’t have what we want to watch.  Maybe – maybe – TubiTV will have it. TubiTV is very much […]

Edifier R1700BT Review: Beautiful Bluetooth speakers for your bookshelves

Edifier’s Bluetooth-enabled bookshelf speakers deliver crisp sound quality at a great value.

Finding the right speakers for your home or apartment can be difficult. There’re a lot of options out there, and you typically want to strike a balance between sound quality, cost, and functionality. I was in that exact position about a month ago and ended up buying a great pair of speakers from Edifier: the R1700BT 2.0 bookshelf speakers.

If you’re looking for moderately sized  [Read More…]

Art Coloring Book for Adults offers stress relief, but bring your stylus (review)

Never thought I’d write this, but coloring books are all the rage nowadays. Particularly for adults, the allure of sitting down and quietly & simply filling in intricate drawings with a myriad of colored pencils is at an all-time high. No goal or objectives to hit, this form of informal art therapy is ringing true […]

Hero Legends: A game that does it all, and does it all WELL (Review)

From the outside, Hero Legends looks like another overhyped mobile game from Japan. Giant monsters, weird Anime style characters, and lots and lots of explosions and magic. It also gives an appearance of trying to be the best of many different styles of games. I’m usually the first to say that less is more but […]

Tiny Rails: Charming game with low commitment (Review)

Sometimes you just need an escape. A trip away to somewhere far from where you are, even if just for a few minutes. Tiny Rails offers just that, with quick bursts of gameplay in a relaxing and charming atmosphere. I was genuinely surprised at how much content was packed in this game, but just because […]