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LG G8 review: Almost there, yet again

Another year, another phone that gets most of the way to the competition and stumbles in critical moments.

LG’s modus operandi since 2016 has been to steadily iterate on its flagship phone platforms. Its seemingly low level of commitment to pushing the envelope with its top-tier smartphones comports with its earnings: the company’s mobile division isn’t making money, and what chance it has of doing so lies in releasing low- and mid-tier devices through deep carrier partnerships rather  [Read More…]

Vacation Simulator Review: Nearly endless wonder

You, human, are now ready to VACATION.

In the pantheon of VR games, Job Simulator is essentially royalty. It’s one of the most popular VR games by a considerable margin, due in no small part to the sheer volume of things you can do in it. Owlchemy Labs worked tirelessly to anticipate every random thing someone might want to do in this game. If you want to make a soup out of apple juice and egg shells,  [Read More…]

Logitech Harmony Elite review

After becoming hooked on Logitech’s Harmony Companion remote, I wondered, what could the Elite version offer? For over double the price, surely it must offer something significantly better. What I found was, in some cases yes, but not always.


The Harmony Elite comes with one remote, one hub, two IR blasters, and is limited to 15 total devices. I much preferred the thinner design of the Harmony Elite remote. The bottom has a soft touch grip and despite it  [Read More…]

Bitwarden review

Between the number of shopping sites, streaming services, and social media accounts the average person has accumulated more passwords than they know what to do with.

If you’re practicing good password protocols, that means each one is unique and consists of random characters making it impossible to remember one password, let alone dozens. That’s where password managers such as Bitwarden come to the rescue.

Developer: 8bit Solutions LLC

Price: Free/subscription plans

What’s so great about Bitwarden?

Since its release, Bitwarden  [Read More…]

Polk MagniFi MAX SR review: A mid-range home theater system with a punch

A good and complete package for $ 600.

I finally bought my first 4K TV in 2017, and for well over a year, used it on its own with the built-in speakers. I thought it was fine because that’s how I’ve always used TVs growing up, but last year, I decided to go all out and buy a soundbar to go along with it.

Ever since then, my life hasn’t been the same. Going 20 some years  [Read More…]

Nokia 9 PureView review: Five great cameras, one big problem

I don’t like not liking something. It’s not a feeling I relish; I prefer to find the good in things, as I do people.

Which is why it’s taken me so long to write this review. The Nokia 9 is not worth buying, despite possessing some redeeming qualities. It’s one of the most frustrating products that I’ve used in recent memory because of its baggage, the brand it attempts and fails to redeem, and the technology that has  [Read More…]

HP Chromebook X2 review

If you’re anything like me, the sad state of Android tablets over the years has left you downright depressed. Watching Apple excel with its line of iPad and iPad Pros has only made things worse for an Android fan like myself.

Then came this blessing from HP, the Chromebook X2, a detachable Chromebook that runs both Android and Linux apps. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. However, I’d soon learn there was only one half  [Read More…]

Logitech Harmony Companion review: One remote to rule them all?

As a home theater enthusiast I often run into a problem that’s probably plagued you all: too many remote controls. Fed up with juggling several remotes, I decided to find a solution and search for the ultimate universal remote.

When you’re on the search for the ultimate universal remote two choices always come at the top, the Logitech Harmony Companion and Logitech Harmony Elite. Considering the Harmony Elite is more than twice the price of the Companion, I thought I’d  [Read More…]

OptiShokz Revvez review: Bone conduction never looked so good

Your outdoor music experience will never be the same.

I love bone conduction headphones. For me, it’s the perfect compromise between safety and audio quality. I can ride anywhere on my bike, be it the trains near my house or the busy streets of Downtown Annapolis near the Naval Academy, and know I can enjoy music while also being aware of everything around me. But combining my bone conduction headphones with a set of sunglasses means there’s  [Read More…]

Rymek mechanical Bluetooth keyboard review: No wonder it has been funded 8 times over

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage right now. Just about everywhere we turn we find someone sharing their new mechanical keyboard; so popular are they that there’s an active Reddit community of some 362,000 subscribers.

We’re an Android site, and we talk about mobile tech. Why do we care about mechanical keyboards all of a sudden? Well, as it turns it, you can have a little bit of both worlds.

Last summer we learned about the Rymek retro-style mechanical keyboard  [Read More…]