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Hexologic review: A hexagon-based logic game that will twist your brain

Most of the times we play a game on our Android device, so we can relax and take our mind off things. Simple games like Cooking Madness or Candy Crush are a great way to tune out the daily noise, but what if you’re looking for something more challenging? Something that truly puts your mind at work?

Well, today we’re taking a look at Hexologic, a game that will challenge you to think differently, imagine and solve ever-changing problems that  [Read More…]

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Initial Review: This camera is a phone, too

A very promising smartphone

The Huawei P20 Pro was a bold statement for a smartphone, featuring the world’s first triple camera system, and it helped Huawei stand out earlier this year. Fast forward six months, and the company’s next flagship looks to build on the success of the P20 Pro. The Mate 20 Pro brings an updated triple camera system, but also a range of features we’re likely to see on flagships next year.

About this initial  [Read More…]

Google Pixel USB-C earbuds review

One of the first things we noticed upon opening up our Pixel 3 XL was the inclusion of the Pixel USB-C earbuds. Odd, right? There was no mention of them in the phone announcement and they weren’t brought up in any of the press chatter immediately following the introduction.

Priced $ 30 separately, they’re white, simple, and somewhat basic — perhaps a smidge uninspired. They plug into the USB Type C port, naturally, and give Pixel 3 owners a little  [Read More…]

RED Hydrogen One review: The cinephile’s dream phone … some day

There are few names as highly regarded as RED in the world of cinematography. In the ever-changing, fast-paced world of smartphones, however, it’s a complete unknown. In the 15-month run-up to the release of its first phone, RED has tried to change that, but has been stymied with manufacturing problems and other delays.

Built on lofty ambitions, the Hydrogen One is a distinctly unique device made without any delusions of taking on the Galaxies and iPhones of the  [Read More…]

Lenovo Smart Display review

Google Assistant is awesome. It’s everywhere we go, knows just about everything, and helps us keep track of our lives. We use it in our phone multiple times a day and our homes are starting to fill up with Assistant-powered smart speakers and connected devices.

If you thought talking to Google was really cool, wait until you’ve interacted with it visually. That’s the basic premise of the Lenovo Smart Display, one of the first products of its type to hit  [Read More…]

Google Pixel Stand review

One of the most noteworthy additions to the Pixel line of phones for 2018 is the option for wireless charging. Available in many other flagship phones of the day, it’s been sorely lacking from Google’s seat at the table.

Not only did the Pixel 3 arrive with wireless charging, but it showed up with a new charger, too. Available now, the Pixel Stand delivers a fast, wireless charge to the Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, and other Qi-capable phones.

The Pixel  [Read More…]

KeepCalling review: the simple way to make international calls on the cheap

Calling friends and family abroad can cost a fortune, but if you know the right way to call, you can pick up the phone for next to nothing.

For example, you can install an app for international calling like KeepCalling. It’s free to download on your Android smartphone and offers affordable prices for calls made via Wi-Fi or data.

KeepCalling features a clean and simple-to-use interface that will get you on the line with your friends in a few short  [Read More…]

Wicked Audio Hum 900 review: Wireless headphones that never say die

Perfectly comfortable with battery life suited for marathon listening sessions.

When it comes to buying full-size headphones, I’ve always found myself settling into the mid-range. You know the brands, the sort of headphones you’d see for sale at your university bookstore or a Black Friday door crasher special. The sort of comfortable headphones that can put up with my daily use and abuse without breaking down — or breaking my bank account.

Wicked Audio is known for  [Read More…]

Google Home Hub review

First there was the Google Home. Then, the Google Home Mini and Home Max. For 2018 it’s the Google Home Hub.

Unlike its predecessors, the Home Hub is the first product in the smart home line to offer up a full display. It’s the same smarts underneath, and features a a decent speaker, and sounds pretty much like the same experience. It’s not. The Google Home Hub changes the game for Google.

Think back over the last decade or so  [Read More…]

Rowkin Ascent Charge+ headphones review: Truly wireless, truly frustrating

These need a bit more time in the oven.

As truly wireless earbuds have become cheaper and better, I’ve been more and more tempted to pick up a set. What’s kept me away from most brands has been a bit shallow: I am trying to get all my devices to charge over USB-C instead of Micro-USB. Brands have stuck with the older connection, so I’ve stuck with waiting. I went strolling through Best Buy a few weeks  [Read More…]