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Is the $449 Monster Superstar Ravebox Bluetooth speaker the ultimate party speaker? (Review)

If you’re looking for a little bit more premium of a device than the standard $ 20 Bluetooth speaker on Amazon, you might want to check out the Monster Superstar Ravebox. You probably know the company Monster even though you don’t realize it. It’s the company that makes the premium HDMI cables, but what a lot […]

Momentum 720p Wi-Fi Camera review

As we head into the end of 2017, it’s easier than ever to throw together a connected home setup. Whether you’re looking to swap out your entire lighting system with smart bulbs or install a new thermostat or appliance, it’s fairly simple. This goes double for those who are looking to get their feet wet; you can […]

Amazon Echo Show review: Alexa gets fancy

The quick take

Amazon adds a touchscreen and camera to a couple of decent speakers, giving us the best Echo yet for only $ 50 more than what the original Alexa device is selling for. Video calling is an easy-to-use (if still novel) feature, and Amazon’s paving the way for developers to make use of the 7-inch display. Now it just has to get them to update those thousands of skills to take advantage of it.

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Review: Iris by Lowe’s home automation and security pack

In the ever-crowded world of smart home and home security systems, Lowe’s is trying to carve out its niche. The retailing giant has been working on its Iris smart home/home security system for years, basically using generation 1 and some of gen 2 as a public beta test. This has hurt its standing in the […]

FrontRow Review: You can wear this camera – but should you?

Ever since I saw Android Central’s own Daniel Bader tooling around town wearing a Narrative Clip, I’ve had the nagging desire to review a wearable camera. But none of the boxy designs on the market has really spoken to me, and as cool as Snapchat’s Spectacles are, they have a lot of limitations. What’s more, “lifelogging,” or the practice of digitally documenting your daily life, hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm since it hit the mainstream a few  [Read More…]

jetAudio HD Player : Ideal choice for Audiophiles (Review)

Long gone are the days when people used their phones just to make and receive calls. People these days use their phones to do all kinds of things except making calls and one such thing is listening to music. It is a great way to spend your time in peace. Unfortunately, the default music player […]

Michael Kors Grayson smartwatch review: Fashionably late to excellence

Michael Kors is back for round (Android Wear) 2.0.

For a time, it seemed like every phone manufacturer was hot on Android Wear, but those days are long behind us. While we still have big names like LG and Huawei building watches for the masses, it’s the fashion brands like Fossil, Tag Heuer, Movado — even Louis Vuitton — that have picked up the mantle. Oh, and Michael Kors, which is far more associated with high-end bags,  [Read More…]

Mint SIM review: The AC community weighs in

Four Android Central community members give their thoughts on the value-first alternative carrier, Mint SIM.

We know that our readers are pretty savvy folks, and want the best deal for mobile data they can find. Mint SIM, which you’ve seen mentioned a lot on the site in recent months, is an alternative carrier that promises great LTE speeds and coverage for less than any other carrier.

But people were skeptical — what’s the catch? Why is it so cheap?  [Read More…]

The Xiaomi Mi 6 review: A true budget flagship phone

If you’re subscribed to any of the big tech YouTube channels or pay attention to phone reviews, you probably already know how good the Xiaomi Mi 6 is. It’s been the darling of the tech community since its release earlier this year. But, if you’re a casual consumer, do you even know it exists? The […]

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium review: Wireless headphones you can wear everwhere

The Aftershokz Titanium headphones are excellent for workouts and let you hear your surroundings.

While I’ve been quick to lament the disappearance of the 3.5mm headphone jack from some smartphones, I converted to Bluetooth audio a few years ago with my first pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X. Charging them every few days was inconvenient, but it was well worth it to have a wireless pair of headphones for running or weight lifting.

Before this, I had an  [Read More…]