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Hooked filters Android Market to find the games best for you [App Reviews]

There are thousands upon thousands of apps in the Android Market. Despite much discussion about which app store has the most apps, people rarely stop to think that the average consumer will only use a fraction of those apps and games. How does someone decide which titles make it to their Android device?

Hooked wants to lend a helping hand. Or at least a  [Read More…]

Blood & Glory unleashes your inner Spartacus for a fee [Game Reviews]

Still waiting on the third season of Starz’s awesome gladiator drama Spartacus? Well, quench your bloodlust with Blood & Glory, a new game from Glu Mobile that takes players into the arena where the only possible outcomes are victory, death, or shameful surrender.

Blood & Glory is a stationary fighting game in the same vein as Infinity Blade, though with graphics that are good  [Read More…]

Gumdrop DTS case protects your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or ASUS Transformer [Accessory Reviews]

Cases often present a strange trade-off between form and function. Either the case is protective and ridiculously bulky or it is stylish and slim but short on absorption power. The Gumdrop Drop Tech Series is the latest accessory that tries to be protective and pretty at the same time. Is it successful on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

The Drop Tech Series (DTS) case  [Read More…]

Video: WIMM One Android watch reviews show up; not awesome, but promising


WIMM’s attempt to make us look like detectives has kept us on the lookout since we first heard about its smart watch last August. What differentiated this smart watch was that it is meant to be a stand alone product. Competing products are inextricably tied to smartphones. Hell, the Sony Ericsson LiveView can’t even tell you the time without being connected to your phone.

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TabbedOut tracks bar or restaurant tab, pays for it at the end of the night [Android App Reviews]


It’s a busy Friday night at your local watering hole, and you don’t want to constantly reach for your wallet every time you get a drink. You also may want to avoid wading through the crowded bar area to settle up at the end of the night and argue with your bartender that your tab doesn’t seem very accurate.

  [Read More…]

Shadowgun brings Gears of War style gaming and supreme shooting to Android. [Game Reviews]

Since NVIDIA burst onto the mobile scene early this year with its Tegra II dual-core processor, we’ve seen Android take a big leap in terms of graphics and overall gameplay. Few games illustrate those advancements as well as Madfinger Game’s Shadowgun. ($ 4.99 USD, optimized for Tegra II devices.)

Shadowgun is an action adventure game set in a world where mercenaries act on behalf  [Read More…]

Drunk Man: Helping a drunk walk is harder then you think [Game Reviews]


How can such a simple game be somewhat hard to play? Well, this is what you get with the game Drunk Man. The object of the game is to control the main character David. As the story goes David gets himself plastered on his wife’s birthday and now she’s mad at him. His wife tells him to buy a  [Read More…]

Trover is like Pool Party reincarnated for travelers [App Reviews]

Everyday the world around you is becoming more and more reliant on how we as people socialize on the Web. A social networking app is the quickest and most efficient way for us to share information to both our friends in the physical and on the internet. Recently, I reviewed a social app called Trover, a new smartphone-based social network that lets you share discoveries with  [Read More…]

Doodle Physics is puzzle gaming with imagination [Android Game Reviews]

The typical physics game presents a target and object, then tells the player to get the two together. There’s usually only one or two ways to do that effectively and earn a lot of points, but Doodle Physics is a game where there is no set way to hit the target. Instead of asking players to recognize a pattern to solve a puzzle, this  [Read More…]

Marvel Comics Android app makes your phone or tablet a superhero [App Reviews]

Comic books have been a popular pastime for generations of young people. They have also continued to be a source of pleasure – and feverish criticism for plotline breaks and quality – well into adulthood. Marvel Comics, one of the most storied publishing houses in the genre, has brought its library to Android through an official app just released to the Android Market.

If  [Read More…]