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Tip: Android Market website now sorts reviews by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness

Android Market reviews can often be a crapshoot in relevance and being resourceful, so we welcome any attempt to improve the way that they are displayed. The Android Market Website was recently updated to highlight more relevant comments and filter according to certain categories.

Artem at AndroidPolice notes that market.android.com entries now allow users to sort by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness. Users can get  [Read More…]

Google Wallet: When you use it, strangers will call it pimpin’ [App Reviews]

It’s no secret that Google Wallet has been hyped up since the beginning of the year, to then only be amplified with the release of the Nexus S 4G. Well, I am here to tell you Google Wallet is worth every bit of the hype its garnished so far. I’m going to try my best to illustrate my experience with the mobile payment service  [Read More…]

Rock Paper Scissors Combat brings strategic fun to a classic game [Video Game Reviews]


Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! It’s one of the most simplest games you can play to cure boredom or settle disputes, and it’s also the basis for an inventive new Android game.

Rock Paper Scissors Combat is a combination of chess and the rock, paper, scissors pastime. The object of the game is to capture an opponents flag,  [Read More…]

ChannelCaster organizers all your interests for easy reading and watching [App Reviews]


Millions of photos, videos, tweets, and articles are posted to the web each day. Channelcaster aims to organize them all into one neat little package perfect for your Android phone or tablet. Developed by OneLouder, the same folks who brought you Tweetcaster and Friendcaster, Channelcaster is one part social media tracker, one part news and weather seeker,  [Read More…]

Smartr Contacts makes sense of your massive contacts list, adds fast search and social profile data [App Reviews]


Let’s face it: contact management on Android can be a mess. There are often duplicates, it can be tough to only sync certain people depending on your phone model, and – like any contact system – finding information on the right people could definitely be easier.

That’s where Xobni comes in. Today, the people who seek to  [Read More…]

Zynga’s Hanging With Friends offers multiplayer Hangman gaming [Game Reviews]


Hangman was a rite of passage in many elementary schools. It was a way to increase a child’s vocabulary while building puzzle-solving skills, two assets that you may have since neglected. Put them both to the test using Hanging With Friends, a new app from Zynga that brings the classic word game to Android.

It’s easy to  [Read More…]

Photo Days Gallery groups your photos according to date instead of folders [App Reviews]

The prevailing way to organize photos in most Android apps is to group them according to folder. For people who want their images organized according to a specific timeline, Photo Days Gallery is worth a look. Abandoning the folder-centric view, Photos Days Gallery groups pictures based on the day, month, or year that the image was created.

Photo Days Gallery is not always ideal.  [Read More…]

8pen never caught on as an alternative Android keyboard. The gesture-based keyboard market was rich with alternatives like Swype and SlideIt, all of which were much easier to use than the gestures required for text entry in 8pen. The app disappeared before popping back up last week as a $ 1.37 app.

Trying to encourage adoption the second time around, 8pen has found a  [Read More…]

Will Reviews 3 Free Android Apps

Click here to view the embedded video.

As the title and video suggest, I’ve done a quick review of Zedge, Mystic Halo, and QuickPic (which I did a written review of earlier this week). The video also contains a bit of Android news. If you’d like to try any of these apps for yourself, you can download them using their respective boxes below.

Does anyone else use Zedge, QuickPic, or Mystic Halo? Leave a comment after the break!

conversione applicazioni iphone  [Read More…]

Google Maps updated, lets you see places you’ve rated 4 and 5 star and attach photos to your reviews

Google Maps update

Big G has updated Google Maps to version 5.10.0, and with the update comes two features that users might just love — the ability to see places you’ve rated 4 or 5 stars right on your map view, and the ability to attach a photo to a place review.

Some of us just use maps for the awesome turn-by-turn navigation, or to find that little seafood place your brother-in-law  [Read More…]