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Command & Conquer: Rivals: Everything you need to know

Command your troops and conquer your enemies!

One of the most contentious games announced at this year’s E3 was EA revealing that a new Command & Conquer game was coming our way. Yes, the cherished real-time strategy franchise would be back in 2018 with Command & Conquer: Rivals — a brand new game designed for mobile. All you need to do is check the reactions on the official reveal trailer on YouTube (2.3K thumbs up to 55K  [Read More…]

Command and Conquer Rivals: Everything you need to know!

The Command & Conquer series returns, this time on mobile!

Command & Conquer Rivals was announced at EA Play 2018 and is a free-to-play mobile game on its way to Android. Though it borrows many elements (including the name) from the original RTS Command & Conquer series, Command & Conquer Rivals brings a convenient, handheld spin to keep matches fast-paced.

I went hands-on with Command & Conquer Rivals at EA Play, and though the initial interface made  [Read More…]

Star Wars: Rivals is a PvP shooter coming soon to Android

Available now for pre-registration on the Play Store.

Ever since The Force Awakens came out in 2015 and kicked off yearly movie releases, the Star Wars hype has been in full “force.” This has resulted in a heap of Star Wars titles flooding the Play Store, and the latest to enter the ring is Star Wars: Rivals.

Star Wars: Rivals is being marketed as “the first real-time Star Wars competitive action shooter for mobile devices,”  [Read More…]

T-Mobile promises a stronger LTE network as it continues to trounce rivals in net additions

T-Mobile impressed by beating estimates in Q2, which is usually its weakest quarter.

T-Mobile has no chill. Even as it continues to outpace the rest of the industry in almost every metric, from net user additions to year-over-year revenue growth, it can’t help but take shots at its biggest competitors, Verizon and AT&T.

After claiming, based on independent speeds tests, that Verizon fell to third place in national rankings for LTE download speeds, T-Mobile CEO John Legere  [Read More…]

OnePlus 3 vs. Moto G4 Plus: What’s $100 between rivals?

The ultimate low-cost Android phone showdown is here!

How much difference does $ 200 make in the smartphone market? What about $ 100? At some point, these figures become both fundamental and meaningless to a person’s buying decision, especially when tacked on to phones categorized “mid-range” or “entry-level”.

It is with this lens that I approached a comparison I was initially reticent to do: the OnePlus 3 and the Moto G4 Plus. Why would it be  [Read More…]

Crush your rivals in Clash Royale, now available worldwide

Clash Royale is now available on the Google Play Store. Launching worldwide, this latest game from the same company that brought us Clash of Clans is a mix of multiple genres, including card collection, tower defence, and even MOBA “laning”. What’s more is if you don’t need to be a Clash of Clans fan to enjoy this latest title from Supercell.

The aim of the game is to duel others in real-time, attempting to destroy  [Read More…]

Following its rivals, Verizon brings more data to More Everything plans

Following the lead of AT&T and Sprint, Verizon Wireless will now be giving subscribers of its More Everything plans even more data, though you’ll have to sign up this month to qualify. More data begins with the 12 GB plan, which will now net you a 15 GB data bucket each month, and goes all the way up to the 50 GB data plan, which through the promotion will double your data to a whopping 100  [Read More…]

Sprint will pay rivals’ termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan

Sprint is getting a little “uncarrier” themselves with a new promotion that offers to pay your early termination fees if you’re willing to switch to them. You can get up to $ 350 for every line terminated when making the switch; just snap a picture of your last bill, send it to Sprint, and they’ll send you a Visa card with the cash on it. There are a few terms and conditions here and there, but  [Read More…]

Android owns half of U.S. smartphone market, but phones don’t last as long as rivals

NPD Group has joined the chorus of research firms stating the obvious: Android leads the pack in the smartphone OS wars. Though to be fair, it’s not much of a war in the U.S. anymore. Android grew to a 53 percent market share between January and October 2011. It’s closest competition, Apple’s iOS, grew to 29 percent. So it’s really more of a smartphone  [Read More…]