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Best Robot Vacuum Black Friday Deals 2019 That Suck

Black Friday 2019 is a great time to find deals on robot vacuum cleaners at various price points. These machines can perform various jobs to clean up your family’s dust and debris.

The following deals are hot and won’t last long.

Best Black Friday deals on robot vacuums Shark IQ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum ($ 350 at Amazon) iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum ($ 200 at Amazon) Ecovacs Deebot 500 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($ 200 at Amazon) Neato Botvac D4  [Read More…]

Here’s how to tell which Roborock robot vacuum will fit your needs best

Roborock impressive range of entry-level to high-end robot vacuums fits a variety of needs.

So you want to get a reliable robot vacuum, but you don’t know where to start. It’s understandable given that there are so many options out there. As someone who’s tested dozens of these cleaning devices, I can say that Roborock is an amazing company to go with. They offer several different vacuums, that are all reliable and powerful cleaners. We’ve split these  [Read More…]

Tips for finding a robot vacuum that’s actually good

There are seriously way too many robot vacuums on the market. Here are some tips to help you find one that’s actually good on Black Friday.

Whether you’ve never purchased a robot vacuum before or if it’s been a while, it can be a daunting task choosing from the hundreds of options on the market. With Black Friday around the corner, you’re going to see a ton of these things on sale for what seems like incredible  [Read More…]

Win an intelligent robot vacuum from Roborock & Android Central!

These days, having a robot vacuum isn’t so much a luxury as it is a necessity. We’re all busy people, and having the ability to automize some of your home tasks can be life changing! Roborock vacuums are exceptionally good robot vacuums that perform just as well as other brands on the market, but without the hefty pricetag that some other brands bring with them. They offer powerful suction, offer a range of smart abilities, and seriously just  [Read More…]

Roborock is the best line of robot vacuums out there

Save yourself the hassle and get a robot vacuum that actually does an amazing job of keeping your house clean whether it’s sucking up dust, debris, or pet hair.

Let’s get real here folks. I’ve been hearing people talk about Roomba robot vacuums since I was a little kid. Like how Kleenex is synonymous with tissue paper, Roomba has equally become the household name for any robot vacuum. But should it be? I’m not against Roomba, they  [Read More…]

Why Roborock is the best robot vacuum maker you’ve never heard of

Roborock vacuums pack intelligence, more features, and powerful, seamless cleaning in your home.

When you think of a robot vacuum, what’s the first name that comes to mind? While Roborock might not immediately be the first on your list, you may want to take a minute or two to understand why it should, in fact, be the name to remember when it comes to buying a robot vacuum.

So why is it that you may not have  [Read More…]

You can get this ECOVACS robot vacuum for 50% off the usual price today

The robot vacuum revolution has made life infinitely easier for countless home owners, but the most celebrated robot vacs on the market tend to be obscenely expensive.

This ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 Robotic Vacuum-Cleaner gets the job done for a fraction of what you’d pay for a more well-known brand, and it’s currently available for 50% off at just $ 249.

The DEEBOT smart vacuum automatically scans and maps your home, allowing it to keep your floors clean with next-level efficiency  [Read More…]

Here are the best robot vacuums on the market right now

When you live in a busy household, keeping everything clean isn’t the easiest task. That’s why having a reliable robot vacuum like the iRobot Roomba 690 is so appealing. You’ll be able to focus on other tasks or simply allow yourself to relax for a moment while the vacuum does work for you. We’ve done the research and have gathered the best robot vacuums on the market to fit a variety of homes. See which one works for  [Read More…]

Robot vacuums that actually suck up pet hair

When you live in a home with pets, it’s not uncommon to find tumbleweeds of fur collecting in different areas of the house. Cats and dogs never seem to stop shedding, which makes cleaning up a bit of a hassle. The best way to keep your home clean is with a reliable robot vacuum like the iRobot Roomba i7+ that takes care of the furry mess every day. We’ve done our research and gathered a list of the  [Read More…]

What a fight! Fortnite’s giant monster and robot fight in latest event.

An epic fight!

What you need to know Fortnite’s giant has finally awoken, and was ready to destroy the world of Fortnite as we know it. After teasing the completion of a gigantic pink robot, the mech woke up and engaged in a brutal fight, coming out victorious over the monster. With the fight over, Season 9 of Fortnite is all but over, with Season 10 starting up on August 1.

After teasing the completion of its  [Read More…]