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What’s the first thing you do on your phone every morning? [Roundtable]

How does your phone tell you good morning?

Our phones are an extension of ourselves. They’re more than just another a tool and we use them for almost everything and reach for them many, many times throughout each day.

For many, our phones are also part of our morning routines. Now we’re not saying this isn’t just a little bit obsessive. We are smartphone and technology enthusiasts from top to bottom. And we’re not ashamed. And when  [Read More…]

What tech gear goes into your bag for a weekend trip? [Roundtable]

Just the necessities.

Whether it’s spent in the city or camping under the stars, Android and all other sorts of Google tech can make a weekend getaway even better.

This week we’re going around the table and sharing what goes inside our travel gear when we’re out of town for a quick trip.

Jerry Hildenbrand

When my wife and I take a weekend getaway, I am the dedicated gadget transportation engineer and charge wrangler. That  [Read More…]

What are you looking forward to with Android O? [Roundtable]

Changes big and small are coming to Android and these are our favorites.

Android O will soon be here, though it will take a while for most of us to see it.

With it comes more of the tweaks under the hood with each release: changes to make batteries last longer, apps run better, and to keep our information safer. But there is also a lot of other cool stuff there! Things that sound small but will  [Read More…]

What makes you choose Android over iOS? [Roundtable]

Android can regrow hair, get you in shape and save you 15% on your car insurance. Not really.

Here at Android Central everyone has something to say. We have different opinions about politics, business and anything else with a side to pick. But one thing we all have in common is that we use Android instead of iOS. We might have an iPhone for one reason or another, but when you call us an Android phone will  [Read More…]

Which phone accessories do you use every day? [Roundtable]

These are the things we need every day.

Gadgets nerds love accessories almost as much as the gadgets they are used with, and we’re no exception. Really. You should see our Amazon order history.

But some of the accessories we use get a little more attention than the others and we really don’t want to go without them. Check out the phone accessories we rely on.

Ara Wagoner

I am a recent convert on the  [Read More…]

Have you ever ruined a phone? [Roundtable]

The Android Central editors take their turn telling you about that one time (or those many times) they ruined a phone.

It’s happened to everyone, and it’s almost always in slow motion — at least that’s how the brain retains it. A slip, a knock, a jolt — whatever verb is appropriate, the end result is the same: a phone, lying on the floor, your heart somewhere in your throat. You pick it up to examine the  [Read More…]

You’re stuck on an island with one app — what is it? [Roundtable]

What’s the one app you can’t live without?

You wipe the sand off your eyelids and slowly open your tired eyes. Your lips are parched and cracked. How long have I been out? You look around and see only the blue of the rolling ocean and the yellow, dirty sand. What’s the last thing I remember? A boat. A crash. And nothing.

You look down and in your hand is a phone. A waterproof phone. You press  [Read More…]

What’s on our home screens! [Roundtable]

Be together. Not the same.

One of the things that people love about Android is how easy it is to customize and personalize. The companies that make the phones we all love have no desire to restrict us to keep the design and style they use, and nobody cares how beautiful or gaudy we make things. Some even provide a theme engine to make it easy to mix things up with one tap.

Everyone does things a  [Read More…]

How do you take and edit pictures with your phone? [Roundtable]

There’s more to taking a great pic that mashing the shutter button. Here’s how we do it.

Having a great camera on your phone is a must in 2017. Even so-called budget models phones have a decent camera, and the high-end devices from every company in the game can all take some awesome pictures.

But there’s usually more involved in taking a great pic than just tapping the shutter button. This week, we’re going around the table  [Read More…]

What Android phone from the past deserves a refresh? [Roundtable]

We play the wishing game and ask for a new version of our old favorites in this week’s roundtable.

Android has come a long way since the beginning. 2008 may not sound like it was forever ago, but in smartphone years it’s ancient history. We’ve seen a lot of Android phones come and go since then, and while some were good and some were bad, a few were absofreakinglutely awesome.

This week the AC staff goes around  [Read More…]