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Eero vs. Plume: Which mesh router solution should you buy?

We’re tech professionals who work remotely and depend on great Wi-Fi every day. We’ve tried almost every product you can imagine and know which are worth recommending, and why.

Eero Home

Dynamic trio

$ 395 at Amazon

Pros Whole-house coverage Easy setup Small satellites Thread support Secure Cons Beacons not Tri-band Short range Beacons have no ports No backhaul channel on beacons

An Eero mesh system is simple to install and set up with beacons  [Read More…]

Keep your Eero router up, up, and away with these super mounts

Your Eero router is the cornerstone of your digital life, and the cornerstone of your connected home devices, and it simply wouldn’t do to have it damaged or dirtied as you go about your life. That’s where wall mounts come in. They keep your router out of sight, out of reach, and out of harm’s way while also boosting your signal range. These Eero mounts will prop up your Eero router like a champ.

Clean and professional Mrount Eero Wall  [Read More…]

Instead of buying an Eero mesh router, check out these six alternatives

Eero is one of the biggest names when it comes to consumer mesh routers. The company’s routers are easy to set-up, connect, and maintain, but Eeero is far from the only brand in this space. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Eero craze, these are your best bets.

So easy to use Google Wifi

In addition to its Pixel phones and Home smart speakers, Google also makes a mesh router system called Google Wifi! Available in  [Read More…]

Grab D-Link’s wireless router on sale for $60 with a free smart plug

Go online and stay there.

The D-Link DIR-867 AC1750 dual-band wireless router is down to $ 59.99 at B&H. Be sure to clip the 33% off on-page coupon to see the discount during checkout. The same router sells for $ 90 regularly including at other retailers like Amazon.

This deal also comes with a free Keewifi Wi-Fi mini smart plug. These normally go for $ 14.95 by themselves at B&H, so that’s a little extra value for  [Read More…]

Should I buy an Eero mesh router for an apartment?

Best answer: A “mesh” Wi-Fi system may feel like overkill for an apartment, but if you have a space larger than a studio you can still benefit from the Eero system with a main Eero router and a Beacon. Even with limited square footage, you will enjoy rock-solid Wi-Fi connectivity and simple device management.

Amazon: Eero + 1 Beacon ($ 299) Amazon: Eero + 2 Beacons ($ 399) Some Eero features are great no matter your square  [Read More…]

Should I buy a Google Wifi router for an apartment?

Best answer: Google Wifi’s features are valuable even if you only have a small apartment. The simplified setup, ease of management, and network monitoring tools are all useful even if you only have a single Google Wifi and not multiple units. Plus, you can add an extra unit at any time to improve coverage and speeds.

Amazon: Google Wifi ($ 99) Amazon: Google Wifi Wall Mount ($ 9) Google Wifi is about more than just the mesh  [Read More…]

Netgear’s Nighthawk R6900P router has a new all-time low price

Plus, you can set it up and manage its settings from your smartphone.

The Netgear Nighthawk R6900P AC1900 Wi-Fi router is down to $ 74.99 right now on Amazon. The router dropped to around $ 100 for Black Friday from its street price around $ 140. It’s currently down to $ 94.99 and there’s also an on-page coupon that takes a further $ 20 off the price, bringing it down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

  [Read More…]

D-Link’s new 5G router is capable of 3Gbps download speeds

Now, we just have to wait for 5G to actually be a thing.

As CES 2019 announcements slowly trickle down ahead of the event, we’re expecting a big focus of this coming week to be on all things 5G. D-Link just announced its new 5G router, and while we’re still a ways away before most people will be able to use the thing, it sounds awfully impressive.

In addition to boosting data speeds on our phones, another  [Read More…]

Does the SmartThings WiFi mesh router include a smart hub?

Best answer: Yes — the SmartThings WiFi mesh router system also doubles as a smart hub that can connect up to 100+ different SmartThings gadgets.

Amazon: Samsung SmartThings WiFi Mesh Router ($ 280)

The SmartThings WiFi mesh router doubles as a smart hub

The SmartThings WiFi mesh router is really two different products in one.

In addition to providing ample Wi-Fi coverage for your home, it also works as a smart hub for all of your  [Read More…]

This $30 travel router has a 10400mAh battery built-in

Keep it around!

Using coupon code ABCD2222, you can drop the price of this wireless travel router down to just $ 29.99. Now, we will be the first to admit that a “wireless travel router” doesn’t sound like an exciting or useful product when you first hear it, but once you find out what it does, you’ll be clicking to buy one. It combines a 10400mAh portable battery pack, wireless router, and media streaming all into one  [Read More…]