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Manage, backup, & safely delete your computer’s precious information — This software suite just $19.99

Managing files on a Windows computer can be pretty tedious or difficult process if you’re going about it manually. However, if you have the right tools, there are ways to automate things, freeing your time and brain up for other things. Our Deal of the Day is a 4-part bundle designed to manage files, create backups, […]

Torrent safely with a lifetime license to Streamza, right now 89% off

The torrent protocol is a convenient way to download large files quickly, and while it is often associated with piracy, you can find plenty of legal uses, like receiving Linux distributables, finding copyright-free music and media, and downloading libraries worth of free e-books. The only problem is that your PC can become vulnerable while you’re torrenting.

Torrent safely with a lifetime Streamza license for only $ 50 Learn more

To stay safe while torrenting, you need an app  [Read More…]

Keep your Galaxy S5 safely secured to your hip for just $4.95 today!

Looking for a new way to protect your Galaxy S5 while making it easier to carry around? Amzer’s Shellster case offers a nice hard case with a built-in kickstand to keep your phone protected, as well as a holster to keep it secured to your hip. Today, you can pick up the combo for just $ 4.95.

The Chromebook Help app: Why you can safely give your parent a Chromebook

Chromebooks are supposed to be ‘made for everyone’, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take adjusting to.

Just as there’s some adjustment to using any new computer — even one with the same operating system — Chromebooks take a little fresh thinking and a little time to get the hang of for most users. While it may not seem like much of a difference to you, if you’re getting ready to  [Read More…]

Safely unroot your Droid Bionic with Pete’s Motorola Root Tools

Droid Bionic

For many of us, half the fun of getting a new Android phone is digging in and trying to break it make it our own.  The Droid Bionic is no exception of course, and folks are having a blast getting methods all sorted to root and customize the Bionic, unlocking it’s full potential.  I love it when new phones come out, this is the kind of stuff an Android geek lives  [Read More…]