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How to remap the Bixby button on your Samsung phone

Samsung recently released an update to the Bixby Home app adding one of the most requested features to its phones. Instantly, the once otherwise useless Bixby button on your phone gained the ability to open something other than the Bixby digital assistant.

For all the Samsung users out there, including myself, this was an awakening. And a long time coming, too. We now had control over this once useless button without the need of any third party apps.

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Samsung is holding ‘a Galaxy event’ on April 10

Galaxy A90 announcement? More Galaxy Fold details? Who knows.

About two months after holding its big Unpacked press conference to announce the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s announced it’s going to be hosting another event on April 10.

Right now, it’s unclear what will be unveiled. The Tweet announcing this simply says that it’s a “Galaxy event” and that it’s where we’ll “enter the era of live.”

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Samsung Galaxy A50 review: The new budget champion

It took several years, but Samsung finally launched a budget phone that you should care about.

If there’s one thing clear about Samsung’s strategy in 2019, it’s that the company is going aggressive to reclaim market share. The Galaxy M series showcased that Samsung knew how to make a great budget phone if it set its mind to the task, and it is now going on the offensive once again with the 2019 Galaxy A series.

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Top things to do when setting up a Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the pinnacle of the Galaxy line. You get the most screen, RAM, and a stylus S-Pen that’s always just a step above the Galaxy S lineup. It’s a great flagship device and we wanted to take a brief moment to help walk you through some of the more important features you may want to check out when first getting a Note 9.

Check for updates

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First five things to do with your Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy lineup has become one of the best options in mobile for your smartphones, tablets, and even watches. One of Samsung’s latest watches is aptly named the Samsung Galaxy Watch. So maybe you just picked one up, but you’re not really sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Here are the first five things to do with your new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Sync to the Companion App

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These are the best gamepads for the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung doesn’t spend too much time talking gaming during its phone launch events, but for both the Note 8 and the S10, Samsung announced it partnered with Epic Games for exclusive Fortnite content because Samsung’s the most popular Android phone and Fortnite is still one of the most popular games in 2019 — and better than ever on mobile with a physical controller in your hands. We’ve rounded up the best gamepads to pair with your Galaxy S10 and get  [Read More…]

Samsung wins in all areas but the most important: the camera

The best display, the fastest processor, and a camera that’s great but not the best — that’s how you can describe the past few Galaxy S phones.

Samsung’s Galaxy S phones are always among the best money can buy. Year after year, with very few exceptions, the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note has the best display, the best processor, the features most buyers want, and above all the availability that builds a recipe for success. The line’s  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with six months of free Spotify Premium

The new Galaxy S10 line of phones, rolling out now, come with Spotify as the default music streaming app and service. What’s more, the handsets also include six months of free Spotify Premium.

Samsung and Spotify have a pretty cozy relationship now and figures to only get tighter. The two entered into a partnership back in August 2018 which is starting to play out on Samsung’s latest devices.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e vs. OnePlus 6T: Which should you buy?

In recent years we’ve seen a wave of ‘affordable’ flagships — phones that offer top-tier hardware for less than the cost of traditional flagships. We’ve used all the options in this space and are here to help you choose the right one.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Solid all-rounder

$ 750 at Samsung

Pros Exquisite design Class-leading hardware Outstanding cameras IP68 dust and water resistance Small form factor Cons Costly

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What’s the difference between Google Pay and Samsung Pay?

Over 80% of Americans now own a smartphone with the number continuing to grow. With this trend towards mobile computing, carrying our entire lives inside a single, pocketable device is also becoming the norm. Something that’s inherently affected by this is how we pay for things. There’s been a race between the big 3 mobile giants to dominate that market as well as the handset you carry.

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