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Samsung Gear S3 will make its debut in India in January

Gear S3 is coming soon to India.

If you’re like me and are eagerly waiting for the Gear S3 to make its debut in India, you’ll be glad to know that the smartwatch will be launching in the country next month. That’s according to the folks at SamMobile, who managed to wrangle the information out of Samsung India. There’s no mention of a specific launch date (or how much it’ll cost), but Samsung will bring both  [Read More…]

The Samsung Gear S3: The watch that does everything

The Samsung Gear S3 is a monster of a smartwatch that might just do everything you need — if you can fit it under your shirtsleeve. It provides notifications for email, Twitter, Facebook and most other apps; it monitors your health, sleep and steps; it even completes payments on older-model magnetic card readers using Samsung’s Magnetic Secure Technology. Paying for your groceries is now as easy as punching the air by the card reader. (Just don’t hit the bag  [Read More…]

Samsung will soon block the Note7 from Australia’s networks

Still holding on to a Galaxy Note7 phablet and living in Australia? Then we have some bad news for you. Samsung just announced it working with Aussie telecommunication networks to discontinue all services for the Galaxy Note7 that are still in use in the country. The shutdown starts on December 15 and Galaxy Note7 owners

Samsung works with Australian carriers to block the Note 7

Note 7 will be cut off from accessing mobile networks in Australia.

At this point, I thought we were done with the Note 7 saga. Turns out that isn’t the case, as Samsung is now announcing that it is working with Australian carriers to disable services for Note 7 units in the country. Samsung did the same with New Zealand carriers last month, so it isn’t surprising to see the company resort to the same measures  [Read More…]

Grab the Samsung Galaxy S7 with 50% off from Cricket Wireless

Still haven’t had enough of deals and steals? Cricket Wireless is still up to offer a sweet deal as part of their Cyber Week Offer packages. For Black Friday, Cricket offered tempted users with the ZTE Grand X 4 which was available for only $ 49.99 a pop. However, if you’re tastes lie with a more

Samsung Pay isn’t coming to the UK until 2017

Hold on a little longer.

Samsung announced that it would bring Samsung Pay to the UK this year, but it now looks like the launch will be pushed back to sometime next year. According to The Telegraph, the delay is due to ongoing negotiations between Samsung and local banks.

A Samsung spokesperson revealed to the publication that the service will debut next year:

Following successful launches of Samsung Pay around the world, we are planning  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 not available for Pixel users

A few days ago we told you that Samsung Pay will work Gear S3 smartwatches which aren’t paired with Galaxy smartphones. In a Tweet, Samsung (Pay) said that Gear S3 users will be able to make payments with Samsung Pay if they have an Android 4.4 KitKat or older connected device. Well it turns out,

Samsung opens up Galaxy S7 Nougat beta program to more users

A second chance to test Nougat on the GS7.

It appears Samsung has opened up the Galaxy Beta program to more users in Europe, following the initial rollout earlier this month. This gives Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners a second change to try pre-release versions of Nougat for the phones, after the first wave of places were quickly snapped up.

As before, you just need to download the Galaxy Beta app and hit the “Registration”  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge found to be safest phone among flagships

There’s no doubt smartphones have changed the way we live. We can connect with friends around the world, stream video and music and do just about anything with a couple of taps. But are smartphones all about the benefits of living in an interconnected world? Some don’t think so. Many studies have been published claiming

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG V20 (Smartphone Showdown)

Something a bit different this time around, AndroidGuys – rather than comparing last year’s model to this year’s, I’m going to pit two high-end juggernauts against one another. I’m not gonna lie, I’m biased in this particular Showdown. I think the Edge’s curved screen and edge gestures are over hyped and faddy, like 3DTV and