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Samsung keeps updating the Galaxy Note7, wants users to be safe

After the Galaxy Note7 was eradicated from existence, Samsung expressly asked users to return the phablet and take advantage of the available ailments. But the thing is, a lot of users don’t seem too keen on following Samsung’s guideline. We recently told you it is estimated that more than 1 million customers are still holding

Daily Briefing: Samsung takes a $4 billion hit, Allo (kinda) comes to the desktop

Here’s what happened in the world of Android today.

The week started off heavy, and today just added to it. It was earnings day for all of the major companies, which means we got to see just how hard the Note 7 fiasco hit Samsung ($ 4 billion, ouch). But we also got to see Alphabet pass the $ 5 billion income mark for the quarter, and also remind ourselves that LG’s mobile business is still  [Read More…]

Samsung, LG and HTC’s mobile divisions all losing money, but why?

The use of smartphones has been rapidly and steadily increasing over the past few years. Today smartphones can be considered ubiquitous and everyone, from your work colleagues to your mother seems to be owning one. You might think that given the prolific trend, the world’s biggest smartphones manufacturer like Samsung and LG are making profits

70% of Galaxy Note7 owners will continue to buy Samsung phones, research firm says

This year will probably go down in history as the most challenging for Samsung. The Korean tech giant had to resort to drastic measures in order to ensure its customers were being kept safe. In an unprecedented move, the company stopped production of the Galaxy Note7 and proceeded to ask Note7 owners to return the

Samsung posts lowest profits in two years as mobile division feels the burn

Samsung posted its Q3 2016 results, and as the company forecast last week, the discontinuation of the Note 7 had a noticeable impact on its bottom line.

Overall revenue was down 7.5% to $ 42.01 billion (47.82 trillion Won), a decrease of $ 3.4 billion (3.87 trillion Won) from the same period last year. Operating profit was down by 30% to $ 4.56 billion (5.20 trillion Won), its lowest in two years.

The mobile division took  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay to reportedly launch in Canada first week of November

Samsung Pay may launch in Canada in the coming days, according to a customer support screenshot shared with Android Central.

Twitter user Saifali Maknojiya reportedly posed a question to a Samsung customer service representative through its built-in app and received a response that Samsung Pay, the company’s competitor to Android Pay and Apple Pay, would launch in Canada in the first week of November.

According to the representative, the service will first launch with CIBC Visa cards,  [Read More…]

Wednesday’s best tech deals and discount codes: Samsung Fast Qi charger, Honor 8, Pixel cases

Happy Wednesday! I’ve finally found time to hook up the two extra Amazon Echo Dots I preordered a month ago as well as the Philips Hue lighting system. I grabbed the combo on sale for $ 99, but that sale has passed now. Smart lights paired with the Dot are pretty cool, but more importantly they

Samsung Pay now offers new payment options, expands to new countries

Samsung’s mobile payment service launched last year to offer users an intuitive and secure way to virtually pay anywhere physical credit cards were accepted. This week, the Korean tech giant has announced Samsung Pay has been updated to include a suite of new features. Samsung is also expanding its availability to a few new territories.

No lasting damage: Samsung users stay loyal after Note 7 recall [Infographic]

How did Samsung handle the Note 7 recall? Pretty darn well, according to you.

Earlier this month, Android Central asked you, our readers, to take a survey about how Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall affected you and your perception of the company and its products. The response was impressive, with over 8,300 people taking part in the survey.

The results were also surprising. Of course, Android Central has a very specific audience, one that hews closely  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay adds online and in-app purchases, expands to new countries

A year after launching, Samsung Pay makes a big expansion to new countries and platforms.

After growing its base of compatible banks and credit unions to over 500, Samsung is now targeting an expansion of Samsung Pay starting with the addition of Malaysia, Russia and Thailand — bringing the service to 10 countries in total. Further, Samsung has inked a deal with Mastercard to integrate Samsung Pay with its Masterpass online payment service.

This new  [Read More…]