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Samsung devises truly strange way to troll the iMessage blue bubbles

What you need to know Samsung is back to trolling Apple, this time focusing on the iMessage blue bubbles. It created a collection of GIFs on Giphy making fun of the blue bubbles while celebrating green bubbles. Sadly, the joke isn’t really that funny and just ends up looking sad.

Even by Samsung standards, this is pretty weird.

Samsung is no stranger to trolling Apple, but its latest troll job might be its most cringey yet. To  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: Our first impressions after 24 hours

Here’s where our heads are at after 24 hours with Samsung’s latest.

Our full Galaxy Note 10+ review is underway, but that doesn’t mean we need to hold back our thoughts as we go. We’ll have a complete and comprehensive Note 10+ review in due time, but until it’s finished, we want to give you a peek into what our thoughts are on the phone at various milestones.

To kick things off, here are our first impressions  [Read More…]

Should you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Fit or Galaxy Watch Active 2?

A truly smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

$ 280 at Samsung

Pros LTE capability Two size options Rotating touch bezel Cons No activity tracking updates LTE version likely to drain battery

Six months after the release of the Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung is spoiling us with a second edition and it’s mighty fine. You’ll enjoy built-in GPS, NFC payments, a rotating bezel, and improved sensors for optimal tracking.

Ideal activity companion Samsung  [Read More…]

Samsung sees massive smartwatch growth in Q2 while Wear OS barely holds on

Apple still holds the top spot.

What you need to know The North American wearables market grew by 38% YoY in Q2 2019. Samsung saw a massive annual growth of 121% for a total market share of 24.1%. Wear OS is barely on the map, with Fossil Group having a 4.1% market share. Apple continues to dominate with 32% annual growth and 37.9% market share.

Research firm Canalys has released its numbers for the smart wearables market  [Read More…]

Breaking down the Microsoft and Samsung partnership

Microsoft’s and Samsung’s partnership is a big deal. Let’s break it all down and see what we’ve got in store for the future.

Last week, Microsoft announced big news alongside Samsung; a partnership that will see the two companies work closely together on future products, starting with the Galaxy Note 10. This is a huge deal for Microsoft and a big step back into the mobile game. But this partnership isn’t just about mobile; it’s about Windows  [Read More…]

Should you by the Samsung Galaxy Fit or the Fitbit Charge 3?

When it comes to casual fitness tracking, you still want to find a device you can rely on for accurate data and convenient features. We’ve tested them all, which includes the Samsung Galaxy Fit and the Fitbit Charge 3

Affordable fitness tracker Samsung Galaxy Fit

$ 99 at Amazon

Pros Beautiful display Impressive activity tracking Excellent battery life Cons Lacks GPS Realtime OS needs work

The new Samsung Galaxy Fit is an excellent choice for  [Read More…]

The Note 10 runs Android even if Samsung doesn’t want to admit it

Distancing itself from features you won’t see in a year makes sense for Samsung and it’s own Note-worthy feature set. It just seems wrong, somehow.

The Galaxy Note 10 event was a weird one, even by Samsung standards. Most of it was weird in a good way — not rambling on about the CPU model or other specs that most people don’t care about and instead showing off really cool things like S Pen wireless controls is  [Read More…]

How to save big on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and even get a free one

Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10 is up for pre-sale, with general availability slated for late August. To say that’s there are plenty of places to purchase the phone is an understatement as all major carriers and a host of retailers are lined up to offer the device.

If you’re on the hunt for a new phone, and are considering the Galaxy Note 10, you’re in luck. There are a bunch of different ways to save money on the  [Read More…]

How to stop those annoying Galaxy Store notifications on Samsung phones

The notification shade is for useful information, not your terrible ads.

Having the Galaxy Store installed on your Galaxy phone alongside the Play Store isn’t ideal, but it’s the only way to update some of your phone’s core services. What isn’t necessary at all are its notifications, which can be useful sometimes but are often just promotional pushes you may not care about. You can turn off the notifications for the app entirely, though, and it only  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs. Huawei P30 Pro: Which should you buy?

The P30 Pro continues to be a great choice in the latter half of 2019, and Samsung is now rolling out its offering aimed at power users in the Galaxy Note 10+. Unable to choose between the two? We’re here to lend a hand.

Galaxy Note 10+

Best of Samsung

$ 1,100 at Samsung

Pros Stunning AMOLED display 45W fast charging with 4300mAh battery S Pen gets even better Top-notch hardware MicroSD slot Cons Expensive No  [Read More…]