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Win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 (Giveaway)

Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S10, and its counterparts, the Galaxy S10+ and S10e are finally out. We’re sure you’ve run into someone who couldn’t wait to show it off and brag about it. And why not? It’s a killer device and will undoubtedly be a best-seller this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a big, beautiful phone that’s garnering plenty of praise. What with its 6.1-inch display, 128GB storage capacity, and incredible camera experience, it’s the talk of the  [Read More…]

Samsung and Huawei settle their protracted (and costly) patent dispute beef

What you need to know Smartphone venders Samsung and Huawei reached a settlement. They’d reportedly lobbed more than 40 lawsuits back and forth since 2016. Companies likely will turn focus to global slowdown in smartphone demand.

Another one of the smartphone world’s biggest cases was settled today: the three-year patent battle between Samsung and Huawei. Media in reported Tuesday that the two companies reached the settlement after receiving reconciliation with the Guangdong High People’s Court in southern China,  [Read More…]

Is the Samsung SmartThings Wifi a better buy than Google Wifi?

At Android Central, we love new networking tech and have been following both of these products so we can find out which one is the best base for your network.

More speed and features Samsung SmartThings Wifi

$ 118 at Amazon

Pros AC1300 MU-MIMO Small size SmartThings Hub Cons Requires 2 apps for full control Only 2 Ethernet ports

Samsung SmartThings Wifi is a mouthful of a name but it has the features to back  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G now available at Verizon

Verizon on Thursday began offering its 5G-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Available in Majestic Black and Crown Silver options, the phone packs a 6.7-inch display and runs Android 9 Pie. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G comes in two storage options: 256GB and 512GB. As a refresher, this version of the device does not have a microSD expansion card slot.

The phone costs a pretty penny, to be sure, with prices starting at $ 1,300. And, when you  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Misfit Vapor 2: Which should you buy?

Here at Android Central, our favorite computers don’t just live in our pockets; they also live on our wrists. With years of experience with dozens of smartwatches, we’re here to offer you our picks for the best you can get today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Our Pick

From $ 280 at Amazon

Pros Fantastic display Great battery life Rotating bezel design is just plain cool Easy to swap watchbands Cons Little on the thick side The watch  [Read More…]

Samsung will start canceling Galaxy Fold pre-orders on May 31

Customers need to confirm their pre-order to avoid cancelation.

The launch of Galaxy Fold from Samsung, which was supposed to redefine what a mobile device is, has been quite the roller coaster so far. It started out with mostly positive impressions and sold out in a matter of hours.

Then, it took a turn as devices sent out for review began to fail one after the other. Eventually resulting in Samsung having to do a full recall  [Read More…]

Samsung sees smartwatch growth of 127% in Q1 2019, but Apple is still king

Fitness-focused smartwatches are among the most popular.

The latest numbers are out for smartwatches in the first quarter of 2019, and it shows very good news for Apple. In year-on-year growth, Apple saw a growth rate of a whopping 48% in the first quarter, giving it 35.8% of the overall smartwatch market.

Sales were driven by the Apple Watch Series 4 and its continued focus on health-related features. According to a survey, the ECG capability was the  [Read More…]

The best Samsung TVs you should check out

When it comes to pushing the limits of what a TV is capable of, Samsung is leading the pack with its array of options. There are some that just offer 4K playback, others upscale content to look better than they should, and there’s even a TV that looks just like a picture frame. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is an option for every situation that you can think of. Samsung is an industry leader in displays, and  [Read More…]

Three new Samsung tablets now widely available to consumers

Samsung on Friday began selling three tablets to consumers, including two that were previously unannounced. The third, for its part, only recently hit the news cycle by way of a teaser video.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab A 10.1, and Galaxy View2 are now available to purchase with starting prices of $ 400, $ 230, and $ 740, respectively.

Galaxy Tab S5e

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S5e is the thinnest and lightest tablet ever at just  [Read More…]

Verizon now taking orders for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Verizon on Thursday began accepting pre-orders for the 5G-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be available in store starting from May 16 and will offered in an exclusive Majestic Black color as well as Crown Silver.

The Galaxy S10 5G will retail for $ 1,300 with the device having 256GB internal storage. A 512GB variant will also be sold with a $ 1,400 price tag. As a refresher, this version does not include a  [Read More…]