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Samsung predicts it’ll break its own profit records in Q1 2017

Samsung forecasts record-breaking profits in Q1 2017.

As the largest Android manufacturer, Samsung records more profits than the rest of the field put together. And it now looks like the company is set to post its highest-ever profits in the first quarter of a year, culminating in its second-best quarter ever.

In its Q1 2017 earnings guidance, Samsung forecast an operating profit of $ 8.8 billion (9.9 trillion won) over revenues of $ 44 billion (50 trillion won), falling  [Read More…]

Nine awesome tech bundles you can buy for less than a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

How do you decide to spend how much money you spend on tech? Is owning the most up to date, expensive phone out there a priority for you? Do you want a phone that does everything you need or do you want to be seen with the latest technology? Everyone has their own priorities, and […]

S Health gets re-branded as Samsung Health, offers online doctor appointments

If you own a Samsung handset, then you’re probably familiar with the S Health app – a service developed by Samsung itself which allows users to track steps, the exact amount of minutes they spent moving, track heart rate, oxygen saturation levels and many other things. Well if you have looked at your Samsung device […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. OnePlus 3T (Smartphone Showdown)

This week, Samsung announced its newest line of Galaxy devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. As is my way, I’ve taken it upon myself to compare the former of those two with my current love, the OnePlus 3T. For the most part these comparisons will rely on specifications rather than individual experiences, in order […]

6 ways to make the Samsung Galaxy S8 work with Windows 10

If you’re getting a new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, these tips and tricks can help make the device work for you alongside your Windows 10 PC.

More than most Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is quite attractive to Microsoft fans.

The Galaxy S8 has plenty of Microsoft support built right in by way of preloaded apps and the Continuum-like DeX system. Aside from all that, here are some of the ways you’ll be able to use  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S6: It’s time to upgrade

Two years on, it’s a great time to consider moving to the newest Galaxy S.

Holding over from the days of two-year phone contracts, most people choose to upgrade their phone on the same path today, even though financing plans have made it even simpler to move on to the latest devices every 12 months. The Galaxy S6 just had its second birthday, and while its hardware actually still feels quite modern, there are many parts of  [Read More…]

How does the Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner work?

Samsung wants the Galaxy S8 to be a super safe device. With that purpose in mind, the company bundled the phone with several systems meant to ensure your personal information stays safely locked away from prying eyes. Apart from the traditional PIN, pattern or password unlock options, the Galaxy S8 also offers a fingerprint scanner […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 ‘Microsoft Edition:’ Everything you need to know

What exactly is the “Microsoft Edition” of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (GS8)? How is it different than the regular version? And why would you want to buy an Android phone from Microsoft?

Last week, Microsoft quietly (and somewhat curiously) said that it will sell a version of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone in its U.S. retail stores. The phone, The GS8 “Microsoft Edition,” immediately grabbed online headlines, and in the process created some confusion.

Microsoft  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs. Galaxy S7 edge: Should you upgrade?

Do you really need all the latest and greatest Galaxy S8+? Or will last year’s model suffice?

It’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung and so has Samsung unearthed its new flagship smartphones. This year, the Galaxy S8+ was announced as the larger sibling of the Galaxy S8 for those who like to wield bigger smartphones. It’s also the follow-up to last year’s Galaxy S7 edge.

You might be wondering: Is it worth upgrading to  [Read More…]

What Windows users need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the most attractive Android phone yet for Microsoft fans and Windows users at large. Here’s what you need to know.

This year, the Galaxy S8 is particularly interesting for Microsoft fans for a variety of reasons. Microsoft is increasingly pulling away from Windows 10 Mobile, and is now tying itself closer than ever to Samsung’s hardware to push its software.

Here’s what you need to know about the Galaxy S8 and  [Read More…]