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Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx available for free at Sprint (with 2-year plan)

If you’re looking for a middle-range device to buy this spring, Sprint has just the thing for you. The carrier is now offering the new Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) under the name Galaxy J7 Perx. The same device was so far available as the Galaxy J7 V with Verizon. Now at Sprint the Perx can […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 might get Android 7.1 Nougat treatment soon

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ launched with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, albeit Android 7.1 being available at the time. However, given the fact that the two phones are yet to start shipping, their software status could change until they get officially launched. Sam Mobile uncovered evidence pinpointing to the Galaxy […]

What did Samsung miss with the Galaxy S8?

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ a few weeks ago and while they are both spectacular devices, there are a few things that Samsung could have done to make the phones a lot better (at least in our opinion). In this article we explore what could have been, had Samsung made a few […]

Samsung Pay in India: Everything you need to know

Samsung Pay offers an incredibly convenient way to pay for your purchases.

Samsung Pay is now live in India, and the digital payments service works at millions of retail stores across the country. With the current uptick in mobile wallets and digital payments, Samsung timed the launch of Samsung Pay in India to perfection and has partnered with leading banks and card issuers to facilitate support for millions of payment cards. Here’s what you need to know  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) initial review: Improvements all around

As early hardware and unfinished software goes, this is actually pretty good.

Samsung stopped in the middle of its big Galaxy S8 unveil to hand out a new Gear 360 to the crowd. With that camera came instructions to have fun capturing the world around us in a new way, and while 360-degree cameras aren’t new to me it’s still exciting to see what Samsung has in store for the next Gear 360. Here’s what I have  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel XL (Smartphone Showdown)

Google’s next-gen Pixel 2 will be out in a few months and if the rumors are true the phone will probably come equipped with a curved display just like the recently released Galaxy S8. But while we wait for the Pixel 2 to become reality, we thought we’d show you how the new Samsung flagship […]

Best Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8

What are the best clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

It’s the same debate with the release of every new phone: Do you show it off or protect it with a durable case?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a brilliant new design that you’ll definitely want to flaunt, but you’ll also want to keep all that glass unscathed, right? Split the difference with a clear case and show off your new phone while keeping it protected  [Read More…]

Samsung DeX: What is it and what’s it good for?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a host of improvements and new feats, but one of the most interesting is brought about by an accessory called the DeX dock. Much like Microsoft’s Continuum, the dock allows owners of the Galaxy S8 to hook up their Android smartphone to an external monitor in order to get […]

Want a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S8+? Here’s where in the world it’s coming

Samsung’s bigger S8 is getting a bigger storage option… but only in South Korea and China.

Everywhere else in the world will see only 64GB models at this time, but a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM is being prepared for a bundle in South Korea and China, according to a listing on Samsung’s Korean site found by ETVNews. While 64GB internal will be enough for most folks, I admit I wouldn’t turn my  [Read More…]

Samsung predicts it’ll break its own profit records in Q1 2017

Samsung forecasts record-breaking profits in Q1 2017.

As the largest Android manufacturer, Samsung records more profits than the rest of the field put together. And it now looks like the company is set to post its highest-ever profits in the first quarter of a year, culminating in its second-best quarter ever.

In its Q1 2017 earnings guidance, Samsung forecast an operating profit of $ 8.8 billion (9.9 trillion won) over revenues of $ 44 billion (50 trillion won), falling  [Read More…]