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How to use Game Tools on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Game Tools makes gaming easier on your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an outstanding phone, and our pick for the best phone for gamers.

Besides the outstanding hardware, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge rise above the rest due to some tools designed specifically for gamers that you can activate from your phone’s settings.

Here’s some info about what Game Tools and Game Launcher offer, and how to activate and use these  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 cases video leak compares them to the Galaxy S7, Note7

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated flagship phones expected to arrive in the first part of 2017. As the Galaxy S8 launch is getting near, we’ve seen the lots and lots Galaxy S8-centric leaks allegedly showing us bits and parts of the upcoming phone. Well today our friends from Mobile Fun have

Video: Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks + rumors

A new Samsung flagship is inevitably one of the biggest Android launches of the year — and that’s especially true this year, as Samsung looks to move on from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle with an all-new flagship. Although we’re not expecting the Galaxy S8 to hit until some time after Mobile World Congress, there’s already plenty of unconfirmed info floating around online, including valuable clues about what the GS8 will look like and the technology lurking within.

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Samsung expects AI and flexible displays to drive smartphone growth in 2017

Samsung made over $ 45 billion in revenue last quarter, and that was without the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung’s mobile division, despite the ignominious death of the Galaxy Note 7, performed well enough in the fourth quarter to buoy the company’s results to its best in over three years.

While much of the $ 7.92 billion USD equivalent in profit (9.22 trillion KRW) was due to success of Samsung’s less public divisions, such as V-NAND memory and OLED displays,  [Read More…]

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8 exists, but Galaxy S8 will skip MWC

Galaxy S8 launch hinted for ‘next 90 days’ — but not in Barcelona in late February.

In separate interviews, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh has revealed the first on-the-record information about firm’s next two major smartphone launches. The Galaxy S8 will skip Mobile World Congress at the end of February, as widely rumored, while the Galaxy Note 8 will arrive later this year. The latter point should nip in the bud speculation that Samsung would kill off  [Read More…]

Samsung is committed to user safety, intros 8-step battery safety check

In the wake of the Galaxy Note7 disaster, Samsung is upgrading security battery testing protocols and today following its investigation results announcement, the Korean tech giant just introduced the 8-step battery safety check. With the Galaxy S8 incoming, we’re certainly glad to be given some reassurance that the new flagship won’t be plagued by similar

Samsung officially reveals why the Galaxy Note7 caught fire

A few days ago a report revealed the results of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 investigation, before the Korean tech giant had the chance to do it itself. But today, the official report finally came in as scheduled. Although previously we weren’t offered too many details, this week we’re finally given a clear explanation of what went

Samsung checked 200,000 Galaxy Note 7s to figure out cause of battery fires

The information is in, and we know why the Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire.

Samsung has announced the official results of its Galaxy Note 7 fire investigation and, as expected — since the recalls in September and October, respectively — the phone’s battery was to blame.

The company compiled 200,000 phones and 30,000 separate batteries, employing 700 people dedicated to the cause, and found that neither the phone’s fast charging feature, nor its waterproofing, had any correlation  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear VR vs Google Daydream View: Which should you buy?

Which is better, Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream View?

Discovering that your phone can act as the brain for a VR headset is pretty great. You drop the phone into a headset, strap that headset to your face, and suddenly you have access to hundreds of apps and videos all uniquely built for virtual reality. Transforming your phone into a pocket theater on the Moon, an arcade full of unique games, and a portal to see  [Read More…]

Samsung will reveal Galaxy Note 7 investigation findings on Jan 23

We will finally get a definitive statement from Samsung on the Note 7.

Samsung has announced that it will hold a press conference on January 23 in Seoul to reveal its findings after concluding an investigation into the Galaxy Note 7’s failure and recall. The findings will be a culmination of Samsung’s investigation over the past few months, as well as information from external organizations.

Not only will we learn what actually happened inside the Note  [Read More…]