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Samsung Bows New Ad for Galaxy S II “The Way We’re Wired”

If you watched the NFL yesterday, chances are pretty good that you saw the following commercial.  Samsung’s new “The Way We’re Wired” campaign centers around the Galaxy S II’s U.S. arrival and touts the company’s desire to be number one.  The minute long clip aired multiple times yesterday and has now landed online.  It’s interesting to see Samsung promote the Galaxy S II class this time around as  [Read More…]

Walmart Offering the Samsung Epic 4G Touch for $99 With new 2-Year Contract

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II is starting to hit the US market and while Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch was supposed to be the first subsidized Galaxy S II, it was beat to the punch by Alaska’s GCI. Since most of us don’t have the pleasure of residing in “The Last Frontier,” we’re still going to have to wait a week until Sprint releases the Epic  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Y headed to Vodafone UK

Android Central

Vodafone UK has updated its “coming soon” page with details of the Samsung Galaxy Y, a new budget device that was unveiled as part of Sammy’s shake-up of its Android device line-up a few weeks ago. The Galaxy Y seems to be an updated version of the Galaxy Mini, which we reviewed earlier in the year. Packed into its tiny 3-inch chassis is an 823MHz CPU, which runs Android 2.3 and TouchWiz  [Read More…]

Apple strikes again; German ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 upheld

Banned Galaxy Tab 630

Samsung seems to be having a rough time and will need some tough lawyers in order to come out of the hole its in. While things went well in the Netherlands last month, Apple has gotten its way in Germany. The German Court has upheld the banning of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 due to the similar design in the front of the tablet.

According  [Read More…]

Court rules in favor of Apple, upholds ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Germany

 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

In another blow for Samsung, a German court has ruled in favor of Apple, upholding its ban on sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country. Samsung had appealed the original Aug. 9 ruling, which ordered the company to remove the German retail edition of the tablet from shelves across the European Union. Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann denied this appeal on grounds of infringement on intellectual property: The Galaxy Tab 10.1’s  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy W Hitting ThreeUK and O2UK This Month

Recently, Samsung introduced a lot of new items to people all over the world and they also announced the Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) which seems to be a very good mid-range Android powered device. It would appear that O2UK is planning to launch the Galaxy W soon, as the device is now showing up at their ‘coming soon’ page. No word yet on the price or release date, but  [Read More…]

Hands-on with Cricket’s Samsung Vitality with Muve Music

Samsung Vitality from Cricket Wireless

We’ve spent some quality time the past few days with the Samsung Vitality from Cricket Communications, and we’ve come away pleasantly surprised. With the Vitality, you’ve got a mid-level Android smartphone that’s light, thin and surprisingly quick. It’s running Android 2.3.4 with the stock user interface, with an 800MHz processor pushing a 3.5-inch display at 320×480 resolution. There’s a 3.2MP camera on the back. A dual-core, high-megapixel, high-end  [Read More…]

Cricket Wireless Announces $199.99 Samsung Vitality

Cricket Wireless unveiled their next Android smart phone today, the Muve Music enabled Samsung Vitality.  Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and powered by a 800MHz processor, the handset will be available next week for the price of $ 199.99 after $ 20 instant rebate.  Details include a 3.5-inch display, 3.2-megapixel camera, and a Muve Music 4GB SanDisk flash memory card (holds up to 3,000 songs and has 1GB set aside  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Finally Lands at Vodafone UK

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung’s first ever 10-inch Honeycomb tablet, has been available in the U.S. for quite some time now. It’s one of the thinnest tablets available in the market with a design that has some tech gurus calling it the best Honeycomb tablet available. It’s no wonder our friends in the UK are dying to get their hands on it. Now we already told you that  [Read More…]

Samsung confirms upcoming Google phone will be named Nexus Prime


Samsung might have just confirmed the next “Google Phone” will be called Nexus Prime. The company has decided to upload the User Agent Profile file of the device with “Nexus Prime” clearly written on it. A name that was actually first brought to light by our very own Taylor way back in May. The page also officially confirms the GT-I9250 device as being the Nexus Prime, something we didn’t know for  [Read More…]