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Samsung announces new ‘unbreakable’ display that survives punishing UL certification

This is the direction the industry is heading.

Samsung Display has announced that it has developed a truly “unbreakable” display panel, after receiving certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to verify the claim. The base feature of the panel is that it’s made of flexible OLED, like many of Samsung’s modern phones, but in this case it has a substrate that’s been designed to not give out with repeated impact.

Rather than go with a super-hard glass, Samsung  [Read More…]

Best Buy shaves $200 off a Samsung Chromebook if you buy the Galaxy S9 or S9+

Been saving up to buy the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+? If so, now’s the perfect time to make the purchase, as Best Buy is offering a pretty sweet deal when you buy one of the two flagships.

To take advantage of the promotion, you are required to visit the offer page and add one of the unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9+ models to your cart.

Once you’ve done that, scroll down to the bottom of the page and add  [Read More…]

Get a free Chromebook and microSD with an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+

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Through August 13, Samsung is offering a free 11.6″ Chromebook 3 with purchases of unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices. You could also elect to receive a $ 200 discount off any Samsung Chromebook with your purchase instead. Prices on the Samsung Galaxy S9 start at $ 720 for the 64GB device, while the S9+ starts at $ 840.

The Chromebook isn’t the only freebie you’ll pick up with your new phone though. Samsung  [Read More…]

Ringke Fusion Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: Latch onto this grippy clear case

Ringke lets you show off every inch of the Galaxy S9+’s graceful figure with a case that’s clear as glass.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a phone that has been refined and resculpted to glassy brilliance, and while we want to keep that fine mirror-finish from scratching or shattering, hiding it away inside a vault of an Otterbox seems like a waste, no matter how vibrant or stylish the case might seem.

There are plenty of clear  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy A6+ review: One step forward, two steps back

The Galaxy A6+ is a phone without an identity.

Samsung launched the Galaxy A series back in 2014 as a way of bridging the gap between the flagship Galaxy S line and the budget-focused Galaxy J series. From the onset, the Galaxy A series was targeted at a younger audience, with Samsung focusing on design and camera as the two main differentiators.

Over the last two years, Samsung introduced water resistance as well as Samsung Pay to  [Read More…]

Some Samsung users can’t edit app permission alerts for Facebook apps

Affected apps include Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

In Android Oreo on Samsung’s Galaxy phones, one of the new features included with the update is something called “App Permission Monitor.” With this, you can choose to get a notification when applications in the background are using certain permissions (like your microphone, camera, etc.) that you may not be aware of otherwise.

It’s a great tool and can be genuinely useful at times, but for whatever reason, some  [Read More…]

Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: Mesmerizing mid-range protection

Caseology’s hybrid case brings depth, drama, and drops of sweat to your Galaxy S9+.

Lightweight cases like the Ringke Air Prism and Spigen Liquid Crystal are great for showing off the Samsung Galaxy S9’s gorgeous glass back, but lightweight cases also mean light protection, and sometimes we just need more durability than that. Caseology’s Parallax Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ offers dual-layer protection without sacrificing style, covering its dark TPU back with a shallow triangular texture  [Read More…]

Here’s how Samsung can make the S Pen a standout feature again with the Note 9

It’s the one true differentiator of the Note line, and there’s room for improvement.

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines have converged over the past three generations, to the point where very little differentiates the two lines. The one true standout feature of the Note line is the S Pen, which really has no competition in the market — but even still, it hasn’t fundamentally changed since the Galaxy Note 5, leaving even Note fans clamoring  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy On6 review: Old wine, new bottle

Samsung’s latest budget phone is underwhelming to say the least.

The one constant in the Indian handset segment over the years has been Samsung. The last five years saw local manufacturers like Micromax, Intex, and Lava fade into obscurity as they failed to meet the challenge put forth by their Chinese rivals, but Samsung has weathered the storm unscathed.

Sure, the South Korean manufacturer is no longer India’s top smartphone brand, but its market share is still  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy X rumor roundup

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy smartphone has been in the rumor mill for ages. The idea itself dates back to 2011 when the Korean tech giant launched a concept video of a fully bendable and transparent mobile device. During the same year, the Galaxy-maker created a new touch AMOLED display prototype that could be folded up to 100,000 times.

Samsung has been experimenting with the concept ever since. In mid-2015, word surfaced that the company was hard at work on an upcoming  [Read More…]