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Save $16 on this car charger with USB hub today!

Long trips in the car can be difficult for keeping all the gadgets in there charged up. If you want an easy way to help the people in both the front and back seat stay charged, you’ll want to check out Cellet’s USB car charger with USB hub for a great way to let everyone have power. Right now you can pick one up for just $ 14, a savings of $ 16.

Save $20 on this protective Pixel XL case today!

Want a case to protect your Google Pixel XL that doesn’t add a ton of bulk or make it ugly? If so, check out Seidio’s Presidio grip case for a hard case that doesn’t make the phone much bigger than it was without it. Right now you can pick one up for $ 25, a savings of $ 20.

Save 15% on any accessory or case from Otterbox right now!

Right now you can save 15% on any single item at Otterbox with coupon MN15OFFOB, making it even more affordable to add some great protection to your phone or tablet. Otterbox has been around for a few years and is well-known for its protective cases for phones like the Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S7, and many others. Recently the company started offering some more stylish, thinner options, like the Symmetry line and even offers tempered glass screen protectors for  [Read More…]

Save 25% on select Anker accessories for a limited time only!

Anker is currently offering 25% off a variety of its products for a short period of time. The 48-hour sale can save you on charging cables, portable batteries, and even a Bluetooth speaker. Anker makes a number of different types of products, most of which have great reviews on Amazon, so you are looking at high-quality accessories here. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or something for a friend, you won’t want to miss out on the  [Read More…]

Save $15 on Samsung’s 2A adaptive fast car charger today!

If you spend any portion of your day in a car, you should have a charger in it in case of an emergency. Samsung’s 2A adaptive fast car charger is a great option to keep in the car so you can get a speedy charge while on the road. Right now you can pick one up for just $ 20, a savings of $ 15.

Save big on these great smartphones from BLUBOO and get a free smartwatch

Between now and February 5th, BLUBOO is offering some great deals on its lineup of smartphones while giving customers the chance to get one for free and another chance to get one for just $ 10.

Save 50% on Scrivener for Windows for a limited time!

Ever try creating a really long document in Microsoft Word or an online notepad? It’s not ideal, and odds are it isn’t something you will want to do more than once. There has to be a better way to do it right? One with more features aimed at those writing in longer form? Well, there is.

Meet Scrivener for Windows, the great long-form writing app that comes packed with features. It allows you to view and edit different sections by  [Read More…]

Level up your organizational skills with lifetime access to EasilyDo and save 90% (Deal of the Day)

Face it, you’re doing a terrible job keeping up with all of your work, family, and social interactions. Whether its a few emails that slip through the cracks, a forgotten call to a friend, or not remembering to set the trash out on the curb, you’ve already dropped the ball enough in 2017. Bro, you

Save $30 on a Daydream View at Verizon right now!

Right now you can pick up a Daydream View for just $ 50 at Verizon, a savings of $ 30 from its regular price. The carrier is offering all three colors at the discount, so you can pick between slate, snow, and crimson. The Daydream View allows you to experience tons of great VR content right from your phone wherever you are, and doesn’t have a huge initial startup cost. If you’re looking to dabble into the world of Virtual  [Read More…]

How to save your Vine videos before they disappear

Vine is going away. Here’s how to download all of your loops in video format!

Twitter is doing some housecleaning, and is [getting rid of its Vine social network in the process](http://www.androidcentral.com/twitter-shutting-down-vine-video-sharing-app. On January 17, the app will no longer allow users to upload new Vines, and is purging its extensive database of 6-second masterpieces.

If you’re looking to hold onto your Vines, here’s how to download them, or get them emailed to you, in video format.

  [Read More…]