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Folding phones are saving us from several years of boring slabs

I’m sick of the specs race. Make my phone fun.

A history of the folding phone Galaxy Z Flip vs. Moto RAZR Why your next phone should be a foldable Why your next phone shouldn’t be a foldable Our phones are our most important fashion accessory The clamshell foldable is the new ‘small’ phone Foldables aren’t the ‘small’ phone you want (yet) All the differences between foldable devices Should you buy a foldable phone  [Read More…]

A British woman credits a Huawei phone for saving her life

The phone’s battery lasted for three whole days.

What you need to know Beth McDermott of Lancaster said she was alive only because of her Huawei phone. The 42-year-old fell from the stairs and was knocked out. Thankfully, she was able to contact emergency services when she woke up because her phone’s battery lasted the whole time.

Having a solid battery life on your smartphone isn’t just a luxury. As a 42-year-old from Lancaster recently found out,  [Read More…]

Amazon’s ‘Happy HoliDeals’ promo is in full swing, start saving right now

One of the best parts about Black Friday is that the sales literally take place all over, from online retail giants to little mom and pop shops in your local town. Years ago, everyone went to retail stores and spent the day bouncing from one place to the next to try and finish their holiday lists, but now you can do all the same shopping online.

With one-day shipping on millions of items, huge discounts, Lightning deals, and more, Amazon  [Read More…]

Saving money is great, but can you do that with Disney+?

Best answer: No, as of now, there are no promo codes for Disney+. However, some great deals are going on right now that can get you discounts on a subscription.

Welcome to the kingdom: Disney+ (From $ 7/mo at Disney+) Disney at a discount

With so many streaming services out there and each one having content unique to their service, it’s not hard to find yourself with a few different subscriptions — and that means the dollars  [Read More…]

New battery saving modes will come to older Fossil watches

The feature was first introduced on the new Fossil Gen 5 watch.

What you need to know The Fossil Gen 5 watch launched on August 5, 2019. Along with a new design and an updated processor, it also includes new battery saving modes. In a tweet, Fossil has confirmed the new battery saving modes will come to previous generations of watches via a software upgrade.

Fossil makes some of the best smartwatches on the market, and in  [Read More…]

Amex credit cards are your best bet for saving on groceries

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network

Groceries are obviously one of the most essential things we buy on a regular basis, and if you are interested in finding out how you can earn rewards for something you need to buy to survive, there is one credit card company that is focused on just that.  [Read More…]

Android Things is the smart home’s saving grace and it can’t come soon enough

Android Things could be what it takes to make all these smart things be simple things, too.

In an article gushing over my Logitech Harmony remote I mentioned that I had a horrible mish-mash of smart “stuff” in my house and tying it all together was a pain. That prompted a conversation where someone reached out to me with a really great question that I had a tough time answering: Where should I start if I want  [Read More…]

Will my phone adjust to Daylight Saving Time automatically?

Let’s do the timewarp again …

Twice a year the clocks change (for most of us). We “spring forward” and “fall back,” and depending on where we live that happens on a different day. It’s all sort of convoluted. And this inevitably leads to folks wondering what they have to do to their Android phone so things work right after the switch. If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news:

You don’t have to do anything.

  [Read More…]

The Secret To Saving Money On Cell Phones and Service

You can save money on your phone and plan if you do a bit of homework before you buy.

It’s never fun to pay more than you need to. And that includes your phone and plan you use with it.

Like most things, you can find a balance where you pay for what you actually use and need rather than pay what someone else thinks you need. That’s the real secret to saving money on your phone  [Read More…]

TPO: Why Saving Money on Cellular Service Never Felt so Good

An introduction to TPO (The People’s Operator), an MVNO that saves you money on cellular plans and helps you initiate change.

The People’s Operator, or TPO, is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) based in the UK that has been servicing the US since 2015. It’s mission is to save you money on your monthly cellular bill, while bringing about social change via charitable donations to various causes.

If you’d like to help out folks in need with your  [Read More…]