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Google says cutting off Huawei could pose national security risk

Google is worried that a Huawei-modified version of Android could be easily hacked.

What you need to know Google is lobbying the U.S. government to get an exemption from the ban. Google says that a Huawei-modified version of Android is more likely to be hacked. Huawei received a 90-day extension last month, allowing its devices to receive updates through August.

Google was one of several American companies that had to cut ties with Huawei to comply with  [Read More…]

Rogers board member says Huawei should be banned from Canada’s 5G network

This would be a big blow for 5G in the Great White North.

What you need to know Philip Lind from Rogers doesn’t like Huawei’s close relationship to the Chinese government. Mike Pence and Justin Trudeau are meeting on May 30 to discuss the Huawei ban. The ban is scheduled to go into effect on August 19.

Huawei’s impending ban from the U.S. government, which goes into effect on August 19, has been creating a lot of  [Read More…]

Huawei says FedEx redirected packages to the U.S. without its authorization

Huawei is reviewing its relationship with FedEx after the courier service diverted packages bound for Asia to the U.S.

What you need to know Huawei says FedEx diverted two packages bound for Asian addresses to the U.S. FedEx attempted to reroute two more parcels to the U.S. The packages consisted solely documents and no Huawei technology.

Huawei is still dealing with the fallout from the trade ban, and it now looks like the Chinese manufacturer will have  [Read More…]

Huawei says its mobile OS won’t actually launch in June

The Huawei-made OS has been ready since January 2018.

What you need to know The new OS that is replacing Android is known as HongMeng internally and is expected to launch next month. Android apps are expected to work with it and will be available through Huawei’s AppGallery. Huawei doesn’t expect the U.S. ban to affect them because of its self-reliance in both hardware and software.

Updated 12:02 PM ET: Following this report, Huawei reached out to  [Read More…]

Trump says ‘very dangerous’ Huawei could be part of U.S.-China trade deal

Huawei is being used as leverage in the U.S.-China trade war.

What you need to know Trump said, ‘Huawei is something that is very dangerous.’ Trump also said that Huawei could be included in ‘some form’ of trade deal. Formal talks between U.S. and China have stalled.

Huawei and its 68 subsidiaries were put on a U.S. trade blacklist last week, prompting the likes of Google to cut ties with the brand. The lack of an Android  [Read More…]

MrMobile says the foldable phone era is just getting started

By now, you’ve seen reports of Galaxy Fold review units breaking within mere days of use, and one of our own here at Mobile Nations eventually succumbed as well. But despite the Fold’s dishearteningly rocky start, MrMobile isn’t dissuaded by foldable phones — in fact, he says they’re the form factor of the future.

The Galaxy Fold is big and a bit awkward to use, especially when trying to use the tiny outer screen, and the massive crease occupying  [Read More…]

The OnePlus 7 Pro display will ‘redefine fast and smooth’ says CEO Pete Lau

It sure does look like the phone will have a 90Hz refresh rate.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had an exclusive talk with The Verge recently, sharing some more details about the OnePlus 7 Pro. The main topic of discussion was the new display that will be featured in the OnePlus 7 Pro model. According to Lau, it will set a new benchmark for mobile displays and will “redefine fast and smooth”.

He elaborated more by saying it  [Read More…]

Facebook says it exposed millions of Instagram user passwords

Affected users are being contacted now.

Back in late March, Facebook came under fire for storing its users’ passwords in a readable format — exposing around 600 million passwords to its employees. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Facebook’s now quietly announced that something similar also happened to Instagram accounts.

Added as a text update to an article on the Facebook Newsroom published four weeks ago, Facebook says the following:

Update on April 18, 2019 at 7AM  [Read More…]

DOJ says T-Mobile and Sprint merger ‘unlikely’ to be approved

The $ 26 billion deal could be in trouble.

We’ve been talking about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger for a while now, and about a year since it was initially announced, it looks like it could be in trouble. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Department of Justice isn’t so keen on the impending merger.

The report reads:

Justice Department staffers have told T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. that their planned merger is unlikely to  [Read More…]

U.S. judge says Qualcomm owes Apple nearly $1 billion in rebate payments

Qualcomm ordered to pay nearly $ 1 billion in patent royalty rebates, but a payment may not be forthcoming.

In a preliminary ruling, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California ruled that Qualcomm owed Apple nearly $ 1 billion in rebate payments that were part of the business cooperation agreement of the two companies. Today’s ruling is unrelated to the patent fight that both companies are embroiled in, but pertains to the matter of  [Read More…]