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‘At least I’m better than Siri,’ says leaked Galaxy Home Mini

It’s even got an IR blaster built-in!

What you need to know Samsung’s long-awaited debut into the smart speaker space is here. A video of the Galaxy Home Mini, along with some of its specs, was leaked over the weekend. The device is expected to launch in South Korea on February 12.

More than a year after Samsung announced its grand plans to conquer the smart home, we’ve yet to see one of its smart speakers, despite  [Read More…]

Want under-display cameras? Sorry to burst your bubble, says Xiaomi

The camera’s quality and the pixel density of the screen are at loggerheads with one another.

What you need to know Despite a lot of excitement surrounding the tech, under-display cameras have not yet made it to market. As Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing explained this week, the technology is just not ready for prime time yet. One of the issues has to do with the extremely high pixel density on most modern phones.

While Nokia is said  [Read More…]

New leak says the Galaxy S20’s display will run at 60Hz by default

You will have to manually change the refresh rate to 120Hz for a smoother experience.

What you need to know A new leak suggests Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 series phones will be set to 60Hz refresh rate by default, instead of 120Hz. It was recently rumored that the Galaxy S20 series phones might not support 120Hz at the highest Quad HD+ resolution. The Galaxy S20 series is set to be announced at Samsung’s next Unpacked event on  [Read More…]

Huawei says it can withstand further U.S. escalation

“The impact on Huawei’s business would not be very significant.”

What you need to know Huawei says it is ready for a U.S. escalation of what it sees as an anti-Huawei “campaign”. The telecoms firm has been under a prolonged siege by U.S authorities as they allege espionage. The firm spent “billions” building out a plan B in preparation and is now preparing to launch its P40 and P40 Pro without Google Play Services.

After being blacklisted  [Read More…]

Galaxy Z Flip will not feature a 108MP main camera, says new leak

The Galaxy Z Flip is expected to have a dual camera setup at the back.

What you need to know Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Z Flip will apparently not feature the same 108MP primary sensor as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The foldable phone is tipped to feature a 12MP main camera instead. Galaxy Z Flip is expected to launch at Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event in San Francisco.

A Korean publication recently reiterated an earlier rumor that had claimed  [Read More…]

LG says its smartphone business will turn profitable by the end of 2021

The company hasn’t shared any specifics on how the turnaround will happen.

What you need to know LG Electronics is hopeful that its struggling smartphone division will turn profitable by the end of next year. The company says it will expand its mobile lineup with new devices with some “wow factors.” In Q3 2019, LG’s smartphone division posted a loss of $ 135 million.

LG’s smartphone business, which has been in the red for quite a long  [Read More…]

Jim Ryan says PS5 has bigger differences from past consoles

More features will be revealed for the PlayStation 5 in the future.

What you need to know In an interview with Business Insider Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan talked about PlayStation 5. Ryan says the PlayStation 5 has bigger differences from past consoles, citing unique elements not yet revealed. The PlayStation 5 is set to release in Holiday 2020.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, held an interview with Business Insider Japan where he  [Read More…]

Google’s former political chief says the company is maybe kinda evil

The “Don’t be evil” motto is being called into question.

What you need to know Google policy head Ross LaJeunesse calls out Google’s hypocrisy in its “Don’t be evil” motto. LaJeunesse is a Democrat running for Senate in Maine against a vulnerable Republican. Cooperation with the Chinese and Saudi Arabian governments most alarmed him.

A former Google Head of International Relations, Ross LaJeunesse, is taking on the company directly as he campaigns for Senate. LaJeunesse specifically calls  [Read More…]

Google’s AI is better at detecting cancer than doctors, says study

False positives fell by up to 5.7%, while false negatives were reduced by as much as 9.4%.

What you need to know A study suggests AI could be poised to radicalize cancer screening. A system designed by Google was found to provide more accurate readings than doctors. The rate of false positives and false negatives were up to 5.7% and 9.4% better compared to human doctors, respectively.

As the scientific community continues to explore the perhaps endless  [Read More…]

Dish chairman says it would be financial suicide not to build a 5G network

Dish claims its wireless service will go live within 30 days of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger deal closing.

What you need to know Dish chairman Charlie Ergen has said that his company’s new wireless service will compete with the largest operators in the U.S. right from day one. He added that it would be suicidal for the company not to build its own 5G network. Dish is set to become the country’s fourth major wireless player after T-Mobile’s  [Read More…]