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How to turn off screen overlay on Samsung Galaxy S8

It’s an odd warning message, but it’s fixable.

There’s an interesting issue that crops up now and then on Samsung Galaxy phones pertaining to “screen overlay” settings preventing you from using some apps. It’s an issue most people aren’t used to seeing all that often, and to be fair the settings for screen overlay are deep and not explained very well.

The issue has been mitigated some in the last year, it seems, but the settings remain in the  [Read More…]

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Google Pixel

As usual, the curved screen of the Google Pixel makes finding a tempered glass screen protector that much harder.

Looking to keep your Pixel’s screen in pristine condition? A tempered glass screen protector is your best bet. The problem is, like so many newer phones these days, the Pixel has a slightly curved screen around the edges which is less than ideal and can result in the dreaded halo effect.

It’s been a point of discussion in  [Read More…]

To those who think you don’t need a screen protector on the Galaxy S8

It’s one of the oldest questions in smartphones.

Phone screens have gotten larger, and at the same time quickly lost all protection from the bumps and scrapes of daily life. The Galaxy S8 is probably the best example of just how vulnerable a piece of glass can be — with curved edges and no real bezels to protect.

Sure there’s Gorilla Glass 5 on front, which is supposed to provide some scratch protection, but that doesn’t mean  [Read More…]

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet

Protect your new Amazon Fire 7 tablet with a tempered glass screen protector.

Amazon has refreshed its line of Fire tablets, delivering a lighter and thinner tablet than its predecessor with Alexa built right into the OS. It’s a compelling option at $ 50, and that means you should have some money left over to spend on accessories to keep your new device protected.

Here’re your best bets for tempered glass screen protectors for the 7-inch Amazon  [Read More…]

Review: Invisible Defender Full Coverage Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

As I sit here staring at my beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, I’m a bit worried. You see, this thing is all glass. Well, maybe not entirely glass, but enough to worry me. We’ve already been treated to the news that the S8 and S8 Plus are the most fragile phones on the market. […]

Galaxy S8 bundle: A case, screen protector, and two mounts for just $21.99

The first thing we tend to do when buying a new phone is pick up a handful of accessories. If you’re smart, you’re adding a protective case. When it comes to convenience and functionality, it makes sense to have a car mount or dock for placing the device. Why not go all in and pick […]

Best Case-friendly Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8

Which screen protectors work best with cases for Galaxy S8?

Update May 31: The Whitestone Dome Glass is once again available on Amazon. Check it out!

To protect or not to protect? That is the question many of us are asking as we debate whether or not to buy screen protectors and cases for the beautifully designed Samsung Galaxy S8

In the forums, there’s been a pretty great discussion on the merits of using a screen  [Read More…]

Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Gear Fit 2

What’s the best screen protector for Gear Fit 2?

The Samsung Geart Fit 2 is a smart fitness tracker with a long display that can get scuffed and marked while you work out. If you’d like to keep your wearable’s screen blemish-free, pick up one of these screen protectors.

RinoGear Spectre Shield Illumi AquaShield


RinoGear’s Shield screen protector for the Gear Fit 2 is as clear as they come, highly rated on Amazon,  [Read More…]

More Android phones are using encryption and lock screen security than ever before

An increasing number of people are making the right decisions.

We like to harp on security here from time to time, but it’s for good reason. Many often have a false sense of just how secure their private data is on their devices — that is, if they’re thinking about it at all. Your average smartphone user just wants to access the apps and people they care about, and not worry about security.

That’s why it was  [Read More…]

Knight your home screen with these Medieval wallpapers

Hail, Lloyd, Knight of Order of Android! HAIL!

I, for one, have no interest in going back to the dark ages, but it’s important to remember its history and lessons so we never repeat them. There’s also a certain romanticism from that age, of knights and dragons and wizards and big, honkin’ swords… and princesses locked in towers wearing amazing silken gowns. Trust me, this princess can rescue herself, but she wouldn’t mind wearing a crown and  [Read More…]