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Huawei CEO speaks on P10 memory + screen issues

Richard Yu blames supply chain issues for slower memory in some P10s, and static electricity for smudgy screens.

Storage speed in phones often isn’t heavily promoted, even in flagship handsets, but it’s something which can affect how fast a device feels. As Engadget’s Richard Lai reports, some Chinese Huawei P10 owners noticed slower flash memory performance in their devices — speeds in line with the older eMMC 5.1 spec, not the newer UFS 2.0/2.1. Unlucky devices with  [Read More…]

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Moto Z Droid

These are the Droid screen protectors you’re looking for.

The most important part of any phone nowadays is its screen, so you’ll want to protect it with a high-quality screen protector. The best material for screen protectors is tempered glass, which won’t shatter into sharp, scratchy shards if it happens to break.

To protect your Moto Z Droid’s screen, check out these awesome tempered glass screen protectors.

Supershieldz Dmax Armor Omoton Spigen


This  [Read More…]

Evie Launcher review: A zippy home screen experience that capitalizes on current trends

In the vast world of third-party Android launchers, it’s hard to cut through the pack and make an impression.

Evie Launcher, at first glance, looks like another easy-to-use launcher for those who just want to zip through their home screens and app drawer. Below that simple surface are a few features to help spice things up — but not every trick is perfectly pulled off.

Evie Launcher’s default setup is breathtakingly simple,  [Read More…]

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for LG G6

The taller the phone, the longer the screen — protect it! {,intro}

Your LG G6‘s screen is extra long, so there’s more to get scratched and scuffed. A tempered glass screen protector is the perfect way to keep the most important part of your phone safe and blemish-free. Here are the best you can buy.

Yootech Omoton Spigen Supershieldz


Yootech’s two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors is a great value for around $ 8.  [Read More…]

How to use gestures to become an Android home screen expert

Gestures have been an iconic piece of the mobile computing experience since the beginning — even without an icon.

Slide-to-unlock. Pinch-to-zoom. Double-tap-to-wake. Gestures that work well are invaluable to a user’s experience, and Android phone manufacturers are bringing these gestures to the home screen in deceptively simple and astonishingly successful ways.

Case in point: both the Samsung Galaxy S8 — and the Google Pixel before it — are eschewing the app drawer button and instead using a  [Read More…]

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for the Moto G5 Plus

What are the best tempered glass screen protectors for the Moto G5 Plus?

The new Moto G5 Plus is an awesome budget phone with a 5.2-inch LCD screen that’s sure to impress — but only if you keep it safe from scratches and cracks.

Your best bet? Buy a tempered glass screen protector.

Sparin tempered glass screen protectors (two-pack) Yootech tempered glass screen protectors (two-pack) Supershieldz tempered glass screen protectors (three-pack) LK tempered glass screen protectors (three-pack)  [Read More…]

How to share your Daydream adventures on a second screen

Sharing your experiences in VR to a second screen is easy with Daydream.

Adventuring through VR with Daydream is a blast. From games that have you trying to figure out puzzles, to immersive videos that can bring you to exciting new locales. Trying to get your friends to try out VR can be pesky though, and if you have a few friends over, you might be tempted to share what you’re seeing, to a larger screen that  [Read More…]

How to customize your Chrome startup screen

How do I customize the Chrome startup screen?

Chrome is the Google browser that so many of us use to wander the internet. Setting up your startup page is a small bit of customization that could really save you time in the long run.

How to set Chrome so a new tab opens How to set Chrome so it opens the last pages you had open How to set Chrome so it opens sites How to set  [Read More…]

Home screen layouts and how to theme them

Making your home screen look pretty is not a requirement. Putting things on it is.

Even if you don’t actively theme your phone, you do actively lay out your home screen. Layouts are the way you arrange the apps and widgets on your home screen. We don’t talk about them nearly as much when theming as we should. In fact, I try to avoid specific layouts in my themes so they are more accessible to users of  [Read More…]

Will you be using a Galaxy S8 screen protector?

It’s a new year with a new Samsung flagship — and another curved screen to try and protect.

As we patiently wait for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’ve already started thinking ahead to all the awesome accessories that will help keep your new phone protected and looking stylish.

One key accessory that some folks absolutely swear by is a tempered glass screen protector. If you’ve spent any time in the Galaxy S7 forums this  [Read More…]