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Call Screen on Pixel phones can now record call audio

Rolling out to Pixel 4 users now.

What you need to know Automatic Call Screen is now rolling out to Pixel 4 users. Call Screen is also gaining a new feature to record call audio. The new automatic Call Screen feature should come to older Pixel phones running Android 10 in the coming weeks.

One of the biggest highlights of the first Pixel feature drop on December 9, was the update to Call Screen. With the update,  [Read More…]

All Pixel phones running Android 10 will get automatic screen calling

“Over the coming weeks.”

What you need to know On December 9, Google introduced new features for the Pixel smartphones, including automatic screen calling exclusively for the Pixel 4. Later, Google revealed to Business Insider that automatic screen calling would be coming to previous Pixel smartphones running Android 10 “over the coming weeks.” Like the original Call Screen feature, automatic screen calling is expected to be exclusive to the U.S.

On December 9, Google had a Pixel  [Read More…]

Protect your Galaxy Watch Active 2 with one of these screen protectors

If you’re the proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or you’re planning to get one soon, you should invest in a screen protector while you’re at it. They’re reasonably priced, and they’ll prevent unsightly scratches from ruining your beautiful screen. We’ve gathered some of our favorites to help you choose.

Maximum flexibility L K Screen Protector (40mm) 6-pack

Staff pick

The L K screen protectors for the 40mm Galaxy Watch Active 2  [Read More…]

Looks like the Pixel 4 once again has a terrible oleophobic screen coating

History seems to be repeating itself.

This is one of those “is it this way for everyone, or just me?” problems that I didn’t think was a thing until I asked around. Our own Harish Jonnalagadda noticed that his Pixel 4 XL’s oleophobic coating was all but gone in the bottom third of the screen with just a couple weeks of light use. I felt vindicated because I’d been observing my own Pixel 4 XL‘s screen retaining  [Read More…]

The best screen protectors for your TicWatch S

Protecting your TicWatch S and its screen is a big deal. A good screen protector will prevent damage to your watch by being scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and more. Looking after your watch doesn’t just protect your product, but it also extend its life. The longer your watch lasts, the longer it will be before you have to reach into your pocket and buy a brand new one.

The shield you need Supershieldz TicWatch S Screen Protector

Staff pick

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Does the Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor work with screen protectors?

Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy S10’s under-screen fingerprint sensor should work with any plastic screen protector (occasionally too well…), but if you want to use a tempered glass protector, you should aim to buy one that’s certified by Samsung or verified to work with in-display fingerprint scanners.

Year’s best phone: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($ 899 at Amazon) For tempered glass: Clearview Liquid Glass ($ 31 at Amazon) Flexible film: LK HD Film Screen Protectors (3-pack) ($ 8  [Read More…]

These are the best screen protectors for the TicWatch Pro

Sometimes things don’t look so professional when they’re scratched to oblivion. That’s especially true for your Mobvoi TicWatch Pro. Having a screen protector will help make your watch more durable and prolong its lifespan. Considering how much these beauties cost, you’ll definitely want protection. We’ve rounded up the best options.

Simple installation Orzero TicWatch Pro Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Staff pick

This ultra-thin glass screen protector feels just like the original screen of your watch, allowing for  [Read More…]

New Alcatel 3V offers up gigantic screen and battery

Alcatel on Friday announced its latest smartphone, the 3V, is on its way to Metro in the coming weeks. The Alcatel 3V features entry-level performance paired with a massive display and generous battery.

Alcatel is the fourth-largest phone maker in North America and often makes low-cost alternatives to Samsung, LG, and others. Its phones are typically paired with prepaid and MVNO carriers.

The Alcatel 3V runs Android 9 Pie with Google Assistant baked into the experience. In terms of power,  [Read More…]

Fortnite: Where to find the hidden ‘N’ in Dockyard Deal Loading Screen

With a brand new season of Fortnite comes brand new challenges, and Chapter 2 has once again changed up the way players will be taking them on. For the recent The Lowdown set of missions, one of the challenges for this week will have you scouring one of the games new loading screens for a hidden letter, and making your way to it in the game. This one can be tough if you don’t know where to look,  [Read More…]

Google says a fix for the Pixel 4’s screen refresh rate issue is on its way

The Pixel 4’s display lowers down to 60Hz in certain situations to help extend battery life.

What you need to know Google has promised that it will soon roll out a software update for the Pixel 4 to enable 90Hz in “more brightness conditions.” The company says the “Smooth Display” on the Pixel 4 switches down to 60Hz in order to help extend battery life. It is expected to release the software update in the “coming weeks.”  [Read More…]