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Microsoft breaks down how it’s improving search in Outlook mobile

Outlook is gaining support for several features from Microsoft Search to help you find your content.

What you need to know Outlook on iOS and Android will gain several new features to improve the search experience. The features center around Microsoft Search, which helps find contextual content based on your queries. The new Search experience will start rolling out in April 2020.

Microsoft is rolling out a new search experience to help people find content within Outlook  [Read More…]

Kodi removed from Google Search over seemingly false copyright claim

The copyright claim also targeted VLC Media Player.

What you need to know Both Kodi and VLC Media Player were recently targeted by a seemingly erroneous copyright claim. The requests pertaining to the latter were denied. Kodi, however, was sanctioned, and its downloads page was removed from Google’s search results.

Two of the most popular media players, Kodi and VLC, were in for a surprise this week, as a Turkish media company, beIN Media Group, issued takedown  [Read More…]

Don’t miss any of this year’s search for the next American Idol

The search for the next American Idol is back on as the series has returned for its third season on ABC and 18th season overall. The format is essentially the same though and once again the show’s judges will discover talented voices from all over the country to see who can become America’s next singing sensation.

Singers Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will all be returning for their third season as judges and radio personality and comedian Bobby  [Read More…]

‘Profile Cards’ will let you customise what Google Search shows about you

The profiles act as a virtual business card, letting you choose what information people see when they search for you.

What you need to know Google is currently testing a feature called ‘Profile Cards’ for its search engine. These show up a small widget that appear at the top of the results page whenever someone searches for your name. You can also customize it to show only the information you want.

Google is seemingly working on a  [Read More…]

Don’t miss a moment of airline pilot Peter Weber’s search for lasting love

One of reality TV’s most guilty pleasures, The Bachelor is back for another weekly dose of emotional turbulence.

The Bachelor franchise has kept loved-up viewers entertained for nearly two decades, leaving a trail of tear-filled limo exits while also being responsible for several televised weddings. Now in its 24th season, the lucky man dishing out the roses this time out is Delta Airlines pilot Peter Weber, who will be trying his best to find THE ONE from 30 hopeful  [Read More…]

Google is testing search results with lots of pictures and almost no words

Taking visual search to a whole new level.

What you need to know Google appears to be testing a radically different search results page with lots of visual imagery. These search results are only appearing on Google searches performed on a desktop browser, not mobile devices. While it’s light on text, the visual distinction between search results and ads is incredibly stark.

Google is testing a new page design for desktop search results, and it’s a rather  [Read More…]

Google is rethinking how it shows favicons on desktop search

Google is responding to a crescendo of criticism.

What you need to know Google tested a more colorful design for desktop Search, inspired by a similar mobile UI. The new design was criticized for the use of favicons which dulled the distinction between ads and content. Google has now stripped favicons from the design in response and plans to iterate on the UI a little more.

Last week, Google started rolling out a new, more colorful Search  [Read More…]

Google is de-cluttering Featured Snippets in search results

Featured Snippets will also count toward the ten results shown on a page.

What you need to know Webpages that Google believes provide the best answer to a question are often highlighted at the top of the page. Google will no longer repeat these “Featured Snippets” down the page. The company is aiming to declutter search results.

If you’ve ever asked Google a question, you may have seen the search engine try and answer it for you  [Read More…]

Google search results on the desktop now include favicons

The design was rolled out to mobile devices almost a year ago.

What you need to know Google is making some changes to the way search results are shown on the desktop. Starting this week, search results will be displayed alongside icons for the websites they link to. The redesign was propagated to mobile devices last year.

Google is redesigning desktop search results to put greater emphasis on website branding. This, the company argues, can both help  [Read More…]

Google Assistant gears up to replace Chrome’s Voice Search

It’s a move that makes a lot of sense.

What you need to know Google plans to replace the built-in Chrome for Android Voice Search with Assistant. The upcoming change was spotted in a Chromium commit. It’s expected to debut in Chrome 85, scheduled for September.

Google is making a common-sense decision to simplify its voice offerings on mobile. Courtesy of comments made on a Chromium commit, it has become clear that the firm is planning to  [Read More…]