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Trivia Search: A simple puzzler with lots to do (Review)

Overview Trivia Search is a fun, simple puzzle/word search game that will keep you playing for hours. Developer: BigBelly Productions LLC Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions Trivia Search is essentially a combination of a word search puzzle and a trivia game. It has a very simple concept, and it’s easy to lose track of time

Google Now on Tap update lets you manually select text, search images

Google is rolling out some changes to Google Now on Tap that should make the feature much more useful. With the latest updates, you’ll be able to manually tap to select which portion of the screen you’d like more information on.

Says Google:

If you use Now on Tap in an app, email, chat, or news article with a lot of text, sometimes the results aren’t as precise as you’d like. Starting today, you can give Google  [Read More…]

Periscope to add topic search, let you keep your broadcasts forever

Periscope, Twitter’s app that lets you broadcast video live, has announced some additions that will be arriving soon. These include searching for broadcasts by title or topic and saving videos beyond 24 hours.

While previously Periscope broadcasts could only be stored for 24 hours, your videos will soon be saved indefinitely by default. From Periscope:

Our goal is to give you full control of your broadcasts. Soon, your broadcasts will be automatically saved  [Read More…]

Machine learning, AI, post-mobile search lead 2016 Google Founders’ Letter

Alphabet CEO gives Google’s chief a huge megaphone, as he lays the current and future vision of both companies.

The Founders Letter is a powerful statement for Google. Start with the original “Don’t be evil” mission of 2004, to last year’s opus that formed Alphabet and marked a major restructuring of Google. Today, in a 2016 Founders’ Letter, Alphabet CEO Larry Page hands the virtual pen to Google CEO Sundar Pichai for an update.

“I wanted to give  [Read More…]

Live TV listings are headed to Google search results

Google has revealed that you’ll soon be able to quickly check live TV listings inside of Google Search. While there’s no timeline on when to expect the feature to pop up, Google says you’ll be able to check air times and channels for any given TV show with a simple search. From Google:

Today, I’m excited to announce that, coming soon, Google Search will have live TV listings. So now when you’re looking for The Big Bang  [Read More…]

You can now play your favorite podcasts directly in Google Search for Android

The Google Search app for Android is getting an update that will allow users to play podcast directly from search results.

Google says:

To try it out, search for a podcast and you’ll see three recent episodes, a play button for each, and an option to see more episodes. Podcasts are available globally in English. With controls at the bottom of your screen to play/pause, rewind or fast-forward, you’ll be free to browse  [Read More…]

Google Photos adds manual backup and emoji search

Users of Google Photos have a new update headed their way, and this one includes a couple interesting features. The first, and arguably most important, new few feature is the ability to manually back up photos. In the past, Google Photos has only allowed users to automatically back up photos, making it all or nothing. Not everyone wants to back up all of their photos, so Google is allowing users to now manually backup individual photos.

To utilize this, users  [Read More…]

Yahoo Mail now lets you search for GIFs, add attachments from Google Drive

Yahoo Mail has received a new update, adding the ability to easily find and attach a GIF from Tumblr to an email. The app can now also add attachments directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Here’s what you’ll get with Yahoo Mail 5.4.3:

Express yourself with an animated GIF – Animated GIFs help you say hello, offer congrats, or share a laugh, all without typing a message. Connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts – Access  [Read More…]

Emoji search comes to Google Photos in time for April Fools’ Day

If you’ve ever been eager to search your photo collection with nothing but emojis, Google Photos will now let you do just that. Okay, so maybe this is just an April Fools’ Day joke from the folks at Mountain View … but it actually works.

As you can see in the video above, there’s no longer any need to mess around with pesky words. You can simply drop an emoji of what you’re looking for and Google will do  [Read More…]

You can now search for all the things in our Android apps!

Our Android apps just got a whole lot better — and we’re not done yet!

We’ve reached a pretty major milestone in the life of the Android Central app — you can now search for stories. And for forum threads. And for individual posts. Basically you can search for all the things.

And if it seems like this has been a long time coming, well, it has. When you’re working with custom apps and custom back-ends  [Read More…]