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These Android apps can secretly suck up your prepaid data

Take a few minutes and tame those unruly apps — you’ll save some data!

Your phone needs an internet connection to do just about anything. That could be a Wi-Fi connection where how much data you’re using isn’t a concern for most — but you could also be sucking up those vital megabytes of cellular data.

This is exactly why you bought a data plan, so you could do just about everything with your phone. But some apps can  [Read More…]

Vizio fined $2.2 million by the FTC for secretly collecting and selling owner information

Vizio did everything wrong when it comes to data collection.

Vizio has been fined $ 2.2 million by the Federal Trade Commission for “surreptitiously collecting details on viewers’ watching habits.” The company also agreed to delete all the data collected before March 1, 2016, and to get specific consent from users with a new privacy program.

Vizio’s Smart Interactivity technology isn’t much different from what other smart TV manufacturers use to find out exactly what you watch  [Read More…]

BLU’s cheap phones found to be secretly sending sensitive user info to China

When looking to acquire a budget smartphone, most of us probably look towards Chinese manufacturers. But there are some US-based companies that also offer handsets at a bargain. Like BLU. The handset maker is relatively well known for its affordable products which rarely exceed $ 200. The phones seem like a good deal for those don’t

Xperia Z4 and Galaxy S6 supposedly ‘secretly’ demoed at CES 2015

xperia z4

According to a known leaker, Sony and Samsung had some tricks up their sleeves when it came to their unreleased flagship devices at CES 2015 this year. Apparently both companies were holding secret showings of the Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z4 to stakeholders behind closed doors.

As i twit 19 dec,no SONY mobiles showed to public..but in the secret room something's happens…same things of  [Read More…]

Is LG secretly working on a “Galaxy S II killer”?


Earlier this month I received an interesting tip that LG was going to reveal a “Galaxy S II killer” sometime next week. Those were some strong words, and we haven’t seen many LG leaks recently. So, it really got me thinking. What could LG possibly be working on that would make Android fans forget about the Samsung Galaxy S II?

Today the guys at GSMArena uncovered a Korean promo site for  [Read More…]

Nasty Android Malware Secretly Records and Saves Your Calls [Report]

artwork by Andrew Champ • http://bit.ly/mQ4Htl

Apple’s main mobile competitor, Android, isn’t exactly known for being the most secure platform. While Google’s ‘open’ mentality has proven beneficial in many ways for the Android OS, a non-curated system often leads to compromises in security.

We’ve already seen numerous malware programs surface on the Android OS, and the latest one is particularly villainous.

CA Technologies has discovered a new piece of Android malware that disguises itself as a normal  [Read More…]