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1Password two-factor authentication now works with U2F security keys

It’s currently limited to 1Password.com on supported browsers.

What you need to know 1Password now works with U2F security keys for two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication was first added to 1Password in 2018. Keys are currently limited to supported desktop browsers.

1Password, my personal password manager of choice, is getting a big upgrade to make it even more secure than it previously was. After rolling out support for two-factor authentication via authenticator apps in 2018, 1Password now works  [Read More…]

Google says cutting off Huawei could pose national security risk

Google is worried that a Huawei-modified version of Android could be easily hacked.

What you need to know Google is lobbying the U.S. government to get an exemption from the ban. Google says that a Huawei-modified version of Android is more likely to be hacked. Huawei received a 90-day extension last month, allowing its devices to receive updates through August.

Google was one of several American companies that had to cut ties with Huawei to comply with  [Read More…]

A do-it-yourself home security system perfect for the whole family.

When it comes to your home and family, there is nothing more important than feeling safe and protecting those you love most. Home security has come a long way with plenty of DIY kits for you to set up, monitor and control your home security from anywhere you are. The Ring Alarm kit is a family friendly system that will allow your entire family to feel home is safe and secure. Use this how-to guide to help you  [Read More…]

The June 2019 security patches have arrived for Pixel devices

Improvements include better “Ok Google” detection and fixes for Netflix hanging.

What you need to know Updates have rolled out for the Pixel lineup with June security patches and bug fixes. The update includes improved accuracy for the “Ok Google” hot word and a fix that caused Netflix to hang. This is the first update for the Pixel 3a devices.

It’s officially June, and you know what that means — time for Google to roll out the  [Read More…]

Flaw found in Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, Google is replacing them

Keep using your key for now, but grab the free replacement just in case.

What you need to know This only affects the Bluetooth version of the Titan Key. Google is offering a free replacement for every user. The key will stop working with the iOS 12.3 update. The key will stop working with the June 2019 Security Patch for Android.

Google has issued an advisory for users of the Bluetooth version of its Titan Security Key  [Read More…]

Security updates and Android Q access pushed back to June for the Pixel 3a

Manually downloading and flashing the Android Q beta is still possible.

What you need to know Pixel 3a phones are currently on a security patch from March. Security patch updates from April, May, and June are coming in June. Pixel 3a users will be able to opt into Android Q beta again beginning in June.

Google wowed us last week with the launch of the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones at Google I/O 2019. Part  [Read More…]

eufyCam E Security Camera system: wireless security without breaking the bank

Home security doesn’t need to be stuck in the past. Signing up for an expensive home monitoring system through a third-party company has some advantages, but if you’re a DIY’er like me, you want your own solution. Luckily, these products are getting a little cheaper which is perfect for the homeowner on a budget.

Today, we’re looking at the eufyCam E Security System, a two-camera solution that gives me complete control over the interior and exterior of my home, even  [Read More…]

A security mistake provided access to Samsung’s SmartThings app source code

Over 100 of Samsung’s public and private projects were accessible.

Last month, it was discovered that a GitLab instance for Vandev Lab, which is owned by Samsung, had not secured its projects with a password. As such, dozens of internal coding projects for various Samsung apps, services, and projects were set to public, which in turn provided further access to Samsung projects, including its popular smart home ecosystem SmartThings.

Without properly securing the projects with a password,  [Read More…]

Inside Google’s plan to have security patches updated via the Play Store

Google’s next step following the success of Project Treble.

At the beginning of each month, Google updates its monthly Android Security Bulletin and pushes out a security patch to its Pixel phones to ensure they’re as up-to-date and secure as can be. The process is pretty smooth and painless for those Pixel owners, but if you have a phone that’s made by Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc., you can often find yourself waiting a while before the patch  [Read More…]

Do you have the May 2019 security patch?

It’s rolling out to Pixel owners now.

On May 6, Google began pushing out the latest May 2019 security patch for Pixel phones. As we see every month, this brings a new assortment of patches and bug fixes to ensure that Android is as safe and secure as can be.

Taking a gander through the AC forums, it would appear that the update is arriving for at least some people.

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