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SoftBank reportedly seeking Sprint merger with T-Mobile

When it comes to merger rumors, one of the hallmark cases goes to Sprint and T-Mobile, which has been put on the table more than a few times over the years.

Now, Reuters reports that SoftBank, the company that owns 83 percent of Sprint, is preparing to start negotiations with Deutsche Telekom, all in hopes of merging Sprint and T-Mobile. According to the information, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son is frustrated with the lack of growth from Sprint would cede control  [Read More…]

Samsung seeking ways to limit Galaxy Note7 environmental impact

After the Galaxy Note7 fiasco, Samsung embarked on a quest to recapture consumer trust. But the Korean tech giant isn’t concerned only about its image, it also cares about the environment. So this week, Samsung announced it’s in the process of reviewing options in order to limit the negative environmental impact brought about by the

Google is seeking beta testers for an upcoming travel app

Google is emailing selected people to sign up and take a survey so they could possibly be picked to beta test an upcoming travel assistance app.

The email itself is being sent to members of Google’s “Local Guides” program. To potentially participate in the beta program, they have to take a short survey about their use of Gmail or Inbox and their future travel plans. Details surrounding the app are currently unknown, though the Local Guides  [Read More…]

Samsung is seeking Galaxy S6 Marshmallow testers in the UK

If you happen to live in the UK and own one of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphones, you may want to sign up now for a chance to beta test the upcoming Marshmallow update. On Twitter, the official Samsung Mobile UK account posted an invitation to sign up to become a tester, and the process is simple.

OUYA reportedly seeking a buyer amid financial woes

According to a new report, OUYA, the maker of the Android-based gaming console bearing the same name, is searching for a buyer.

In a memo reportedly leaked to Fortune, OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman is looking for potential buyers to express interest by the end of April as the company seeks to repay venture debt to investment firm TriplePoint Capital.

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Google seeking the best of Sprint and T-Mobile

For some time now, it has been announced Google is looking to launch their own mobile service through a mobile virtual network (MVNO). An MVNO that will be running on Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks although Google would be offering its own voice and mobile data plans. While an MVNO is certainly not a new concept, there are dozens of other MVNOs that already resell wireless services of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Google will just be added  [Read More…]

HTC Nexus 9 appears at the FCC seeking approval

The rumors of HTC planning to unveil a new tablet have been heavy for many months now but with HTC’s Double Exposure event being held on October 8th in New York, we might be closer to finally seeing it released. Earlier, NVIDIA was forced to unveil details of the tablet as part of its lawsuit filed against Samsung and Qualcomm and now, the FCC has dropped some small but still relevant details as well.

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The LG G3 shortcut buttons: Desperately seeking options

This was going to start out as a post telling you how to change the LG G3 button shortcuts to work with other apps and features when the phone’s sleeping. Only you can’t actually do that. The phone is locked to launching the camera by holding volume-down button, or Quick Memo if you hold volume-up.

Thing is, that’s all you can do. There are no other options. And that’s disappointing.

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Console OS seeking Kickstarter funds to bring Android to PCs

A new Kickstarter campaign has begun to raise funds for Console OS, a fork of Android that’s designed to run on Intel-based PCs that normally use Windows.

Motorola seeking out beta testers for a Motorola Electrify update

Motorola Electrify

For those of you on U.S. Cellular with a Motorola Electrify, now is possibly your chance to get in on some beta testing of the next software update for the device. Motorola is seeking out 200 U.S. Cellular customers with an Electirfy as noted on the Motorola Owners Forums:

Motorola and US Celluar are happy to announce a future pre-release* opportunity for MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY, before it is officially released to all customers.  [Read More…]