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Amazon now sells Pixel 3a and 3a XL — finally!

You can get the Pixel 3a XL with a $ 100 Amazon gift cards for a limited time, too

What you need to know First time Amazon is directly selling Google’s Pixel phones. The Pixel 3a XL comes with a $ 100 Amazon gift card for a limited time! From $ 399 at Amazon – Google Pixel 3a From $ 479 at Amazon – Google Pixel 3a XL

For the first time ever, you can now buy  [Read More…]

DJI now sells replacement phone adapters for the Osmo Pocket

Best answer: Right now if you lose your smartphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket you’ll need to head to the DJI Store for a replacement.

DJI: Osmo Pocket Lightning adapter ($ 19) DJI: Osmo Pocket USB-C adapter ($ 15) DJI now offers replacement adapters

The Osmo Pocket handheld camera has become more easily available, so DJI has increased the amount of accessories you can buy for it. Most importantly — at least for the purposes of this  [Read More…]

Xiaomi wants to be the brand that sells everything

Xiaomi is setting itself up as more than just a phone brand.

2017 has been an incredibly rewarding year for Xiaomi: the brand now leads the online space in India and is the second-largest vendor overall, and is making advances into other Asian markets like Indonesia.

The uptick in fortunes is attributable to a strong phone portfolio: Xiaomi has three great value-for-money phones in the Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, and the Redmi 4A, and the brand  [Read More…]

UMIDIGI G is an iPhone 7 lookalike that sells for only $79.99

Chinese smartphone manufacturer UMIDIGI is targeting iPhone 7 fans with a dirty cheap clone of the iconic device. The product called UMIDIGI G perfectly nails the iPhone aesthetic by employing a polycarbonate polishing technique that recreates the metallic matte black back of the iPhone 7. While UMIDIGI G might look like the iPhone 7 on […]

Huawei sells 5 million Mate 9s in four months

Sales up 36% from Mate 8, manufacturer says.

Huawei’s big-screened Mate 9 was well received by critics, with overhauled software, a gigantic battery and a new dual-camera system. And it looks like the company’s best “phablet” yet has apparently translated that into strong sales. Gizchina reports that at a Chinese press conference, Huawei noted that 5 million Mate 9s had been sold in the first four months of availability, up 36% from its predecessor, the Mate 8,  [Read More…]

Google Store now sells replacement facepads for your Daydream View

If you spend a lot of time playing VR, you’re going to have to deal with sweaty facepads.

Google’s Daydream View was released alongside the Google Pixel last year and if you purchased one and use it regularly, you will have had to handwash the facepad at least once or twice so far. Made from breathable mesh fabric, the facepad is a magnet for the sweat, grease, dirt, or makeup on our faces. If you’re in need of some  [Read More…]

Xiaomi sells 250,000 units of Redmi Note 4 in 10 minutes, Nougat beta now available

First flash sale crosses 250,000 sales, Nougat beta ROM based on MIUI 8 now available.

During the launch of the Indian variant of the Redmi Note 4, Xiaomi announced that it will roll out a MIUI build based on Nougat shortly. The company is now making the preview build available for those interested in getting an early look at Nougat.

The news comes on the heels of today’s announcement that Xiaomi sold 250,000 units of the  [Read More…]

This OnePlus 3T alternative sells at almost half the price, see how it compares

OnePlus is one of the better known Chinese smartphone makers which managed to break into the international market. The company has recently unveiled the OnePlus 3T handset, a ramped up version of its OnePlus 3 model which was released a few months prior. Well other Chinese manufacturers are trying to challenge OnePlus by offering phones

Google is slowly restocking the Pixel, so get it before it sells out again

Finally. Seriously, Google.

What’s better than a new smartphone under the tree? A really blue Pixel XL. The phone is back in stock at the Google Store after missing for a few weeks. It’s available in all three color variants, along with the 5-inch Google Pixel.

If you’ve been thinking of playing Santa with the gift of a Pixel or Pixel XL, there are plenty of reasons why. The Google Pixel is equipped with one of  [Read More…]

Xiaomi sells out of the Mi Note 2 in just 50 seconds in China

Xiaomi’s highly anticipated Mi Note 2 went on sale in China for the first time, and as expected, the flash sale lasted just 50 seconds. Xiaomi initially makes smaller batches of units available to customers, ramping up production later on in the product’s lifecycle. Xiaomi didn’t mention how many units of the Mi Note 2 were made available, but customers are now eligible to register for the second flash sale, which is slated for November 8.

  [Read More…]