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Stay hydrated all semester with an insulated water bottle

Much like sleep, water is a magical elixir that can cure an awful lot of what ails you. Hydration properties aside, water helps you keep a clear head, no matter how stressful your schoolday gets. Insulated water bottles maintain water temperatures so you can concentrate on more important things. These are the best-insulated water bottles for your money this year.

Top in its class Hydro Flask

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Get ready for next semester with Amazon’s new Off-to-College store

A new semester.

Finishing your exams? Taking some time off? Enjoying your summer? Well, time to start thinking about the next semester! Amazon has launched an “Off-to-College” store to help students stock up on everything they need.

Yay School! Amazon’s Off-to-College Store

Amazon’s hitting the back-to-school stuff early this year with a new store dedicated to collegiate wear, dorm essentials, electronics, and more.

Various Prices

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