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Instagram’s latest update allows you to send live videos in direct messages

With a few days to go before the kickstart of Christmas celebrations, Instagram announced a new update which allows users to share live videos in Direct Messages. This new tool is meant to easily encourage people to watch your live videos and make it easier to share cool videos you’re watching with your friends. Now […]

How to send messages with WhatsApp for Android

Using WhatsApp to send messages over Wi-Fi while at home or travelling can save you money on your phone bill!

You’re backpacking through Europe and have a mobile signal everywhere you go, but texting while roaming can make for an astronomical phone bill at the end of the month. That’s where WhatsApp comes in!

Send messages between WhatsApp users for free and save that extra money for waffles in Belgium or something. Just switched from your usual  [Read More…]

You can now send money through PayPal in Skype chats

Skype this week announced it was adding PayPal integration to its Android and iOS mobile apps. The partnership will allow users to simply send money to each other while chatting on Skype on their smartphone. The new “Send Money” feature is available only for personal use, so you won’t be able to employ it to […]

Skype now lets you send money to friends via PayPal on Android

Skype has teamed with PayPal in hopes to be your go-to app for paying back friends.

Skype has added the ability to send money to your friends on Android and iOS as part of a new partnership with PayPal, the company announced today. Available in 22 countries at launch, the Send Money feature allows you to pay a friend from at any point from the conversation window.

Using the feature  [Read More…]

How to send a voice message with Amazon Alexa

You can now send messages through Alexa using just your voice, but there are some caveats.

Messaging with Alexa is one of those features you either don’t know how you managed without or you’re completely uninterested in. For those falling into the former category, there are a few quick tricks for getting the most out of this new Alexa-based messaging system. Here’s what you need to know!

How Alexa Voice Messaging works

It’s a fairly  [Read More…]

Google Allo is the best way to send love notes without even trying

This one quick trick made possible by Assistant is a great reminder of the inherent power that exists in Google’s little messaging app.

Admittedly, it was a bummer that Google failed to make any mention in the I/O keynote of what else Allo might have in store for it. There wasn’t even a tease for the much anticipated desktop app coming to fruition, nor was there much hope that SMS integration would come and take the chat  [Read More…]

How to set up the Galaxy S8 to send Bluetooth audio to two devices at once

Sharing audio from one device to two headphones has always been a pain.

From headphone splitters that almost never work when you need them to spltting earbuds and staying uncomfortably within inches of each other for an in-flight movie, it’s just sucked. Well, rejoice, music and movie sharers! The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ sport an awesome new feature called Dual Audio, which will broadcast Bluetooth media audio to two Bluetooth devices at once. It’s easy to  [Read More…]

You can now send disappearing photos/videos in Instagram Direct messages

Instagram is slowly turning into a Snapchat twin. With the latest update, the Facebook-owned image-centric app is adding the option of sending disappearing photos and videos in Direct messages. Instagram is looking to unite permanent and ephemeral messaging which is now present inside the permanent chat threads. So far, ephemeral photos and videos were displayed […]

Encrypt your family: How to send safer, smarter messages

I just wanted my family’s messaging habits to be a little more secure. And the move was easier than I expected.

Nothing scares a parent more than letting their kid roam free — even just a little bit — online. I’m under no illusions that my daughters won’t run into something nefarious at some point, be it adult content, or a phishing scheme, or cyber-bullying. For the most part that’s all part of growing up. It’s just digital now, wherein  [Read More…]

You can now send Android APKs to your friends via Allo

It’s not full-featured SMS support, but the new file sharing features could help tide over Allo users for a little while longer.

Allo users, I know you’re feeling it — any time Google announces a new feature for the nascent chat app, you’re jumping around, hoping it’s that one feature you’ve been waiting for a while now.

Unfortunately, today is not that day. There is still no word about the  [Read More…]