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Create your own media server with Netgear’s $160 ReadyNAS 2-bay device

You’ll need one of these for all your data.

Amazon has the Netgear ReadyNAS RN212 2-bay diskless Personal Cloud NAS for $ 159.99, which is a price drop around $ 200. The $ 200 price had been the lowest ever for this NAS, so we’re looking at an all new low here.

A network-attached storage device is like a computer that only connects to your network and is always online. You don’t use a keyboard and mouse  [Read More…]

The $100 WD Red 4TB internal drive is perfect for your new media server

More and more and more space.

The WD Red 4TB internal hard drive is down to $ 99.99 on Amazon. It normally sells for around $ 135 and has never gone lower than $ 125 before. This price is cheaper than the 3TB drive. You could buy two of these and still have money left over compared to the price of the 8TB version. Basically, what I’m saying is, it’s a good deal.

The WD Red hard  [Read More…]

Score this MCSA SQL Server Certification training bundle for only $19

The Microsoft SQL Server environment is one of the most common and preferred data management systems companies a whole array of industries. To that end, Certified administrators are often have pretty enviable salaries. Our current promotion, the MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle,  is here to help you prep for the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-764 which validates that you are able to administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 server.

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Become proficient in Windows Server, Cisco, and CompTIA with this $39 bundle

CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry. As a non-profit trade association, it advances the global interests of IT professionals and IT channel organizations. Moreover, it enables them to be more successful with industry-leading IT certifications and IT business credentials, IT education, resources. and the ability to connect with like-minded, leading IT industry experts.

That’s a lot of words to say “It’s the way to do IT”.

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Score this MCSA SQL Server Certification training bundle for only $19

A lucrative Microsoft Server Management career begins with this 53-hour bundle that offers more than 200 lectures. Save 96% on the kit and kick-start your new career!

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Get MCSA-certified with the Lifetime MCSA Windows Server 2016 Bundle

If you’re someone interested in Information Technology (IT), web development, and everything in-between, there comes a time when your interest becomes a love that motivates you into a lifetime career. And yet, as you well know, you can’t make it in the web sector without certification. Today’s Deal of the Day is designed to get […]

This is the time to start your own media server with Synology DiskStations dropping in price

Synology is discounting at least four different models of very popular DiskStations.

A whole bunch of Synology network-attached storage devices are on sale right now, and there’s a wide range of features and prices based on what you need to start your own media server.

Synology DiskStation DS216j 2-bay network-attached storage device is down to $ 149.99 on Amazon. That’s a $ 20 drop from its regular price and a match for its lowest price on Amazon. Synology DiskStation  [Read More…]

How to set up Plex Media Server on your NVIDIA Shield TV

Turn your Shield TV into a Plex Server is both easy and convenient!

When it comes to the centralization of your media in one place, nothing does it better than Plex. It’s a very versatile and user-friendly application that lets you stream all your media to any device with the Plex app installed.

Best of all, it comes preinstalled on all NVIDIA Shield TVs, making the Shield a natural choice to set up as your Plex Media  [Read More…]

Kodi or Plex: Which media server is best for Android users?

Kodi and Plex may seem similar at a glance, but they offer entirely unique experiences and services.

Feature-rich media centers, like Kodi and Plex, are making it easier for more people to make the decision to cut cable out of their lives. The benefits are clear and plentiful: you get full control to watch what you want to watch, on whichever device you choose, with no ads or interruptions.

Android users are in an especially good position,  [Read More…]

Three situations when a VPS Server should be used for your website

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that runs its copy of an operating system and allows users to have administrator access to that operating system. This means that users can install software running on the operating system. To put this into perspective for web developers, it means that a hosting company can, on