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OnePlus 3T on OxygenOS beta was sending clipboard data to Alibaba servers

Thankfully, this ‘feature’ will be removed soon.

There’s no such thing as a perfect company, and that’s something OnePlus learned firsthand throughout 2017. During just the last few months of the year, it was discovered that certain OnePlus phones had a root backdoor and that the company was collecting an exorbitant amount of user data without giving customers a clear way to opt out of it.

In the latest entry of this saga, a user on the  [Read More…]

Pokémon Go developer reveals why it is banning third-parties from accessing its servers

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs has offered an explanation on why it has decided to ban third-party apps and services from accessing its servers.

Many developers have tried to access that data ever since the popular augmented reality game launched in July. Some of those apps were made for cheating in Pokémon Go. In a blog post, Niantic says those efforts actually delayed the launch of the game in Central and South America  [Read More…]

Next-generation Pebble smartwatch with color screen found on company’s servers

This might just be what the next-generation Pebble smartwatch will look like. The render of the smartwatch was found on the company’s servers, hidden away with its wider design and color screen. Pebble is expected to officially announce the device Tuesday, February 24, at 10 am Eastern time, which is when the current countdown on their website reaches “zero”.

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Facebook acquires PrivateCore, aims to better secure your data on its servers

Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, is buying online security company PrivateCore for an undisclosed amount of money. It’s almost certainly not Instagram or Oculus levels of cash, never mind the tens of billions thrown at Whatsapp, but it will, apparently, help Facebook secure all of the data — the personal, private social data that all of us who use Facebook choose to share with them — on its servers.

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WhatsApp servers are down — it’s not just you!

WhatsApp, the incredibly popular instant messaging service recently purchased by Facebook for almost $ 20 bilion, is offline at the moment. So, yeah, it’s not just you. It’s the WhatsApp servers. There’s no word yet on how long the outage will last, so let us know in the comments whether it’s working for you yet, and if not, when it starts working again!

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CyanogenMod 11.0 M5 Release hits servers, ready for download


CyanogenMod 11.0 M5 has begun hitting the community distribution channel ready for download bringing a whole bunch of features.

M5 releases aren’t nightlies, or even stable releases pursue, more like semi-stable releases of CM11 for select devices, offeirng the perfect blend for those users who like to be on the cutting edge of technology but haven’t got the time to flash a new build of  [Read More…]

CyanogenMod 11 M5 pushing out to download servers

M5 builds of CM 11 are getting trickling out to servers over at CyanogenMod, Inc according to a blog post from the folks over at CyanogenMod. They give a little insight on why some Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 devices were left out (spoiler: one release won’t work well on every phone) but we’re told not to worry. Click through for the mini-changelog.

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Cerebus servers have a data leak, users advised to change password

Users of the popular phone security app Cerebus are reporting a slightly disturbing email coming from the developers today. While Cerebus assures that no passwords were compromised — they are encrypted, of course — attackers did gain access to some usernames and passwords. If you’re using Cerebus, you’ll want to change out your password even if you don’t get a letter. The full text follows after the break.

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Google adds HTTPS encryption to Gmail between their servers

Google has always had HTTPS for Gmail since 2010, a secure web protocol which employs certificates to ensure the authenticity of the source of the webpage you are viewing, but it didn’t stop eyes from seeing what was being backed up and sent between the internal servers for Gmail.

The new security introduced recently from Google will prevent this from happening, as Gmail is now fully encrypted as it’s backed up between servers and data centres in the Google infrastructure.  [Read More…]

Get a free upgrade to JuiceSSH Pro this weekend, monitor your servers with advanced features

If you’re running servers at home or work and need a way to monitor them from either your Android smartphone or tablet, look no further than JuiceSSH.

Sonelli, maker of JuiceSSH, just announced that it hit 500,000 users so from now until Tuesday, it’s giving away free updates to the ‘pro’ version of its app.


For those unfamilair, SSH or secure shell, is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged  [Read More…]