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Xiaomi is setting up three new smartphone factories in India to meet demand

Xiaomi is furthering its commitment to local manufacturing by setting up three new factories in India.

Xiaomi started assembling phones in India back in 2015 — committing to the government’s Make in India initiative — and now the company is announcing that it is launching three new smartphone manufacturing facilities in the country. Xiaomi made the announcement at its inaugural Supplier Investment Summit, where it is hosting 50 global smartphone component suppliers to educate them about the  [Read More…]

Essential Phone review, four months later: The sun is setting on this experiment

Again, how long do we wait for Essential to figure this out?

With big money and big names involved, Essential was a deserved recipient of intrigue when it launched as a company with the promise of a great Android phone (and so much more). Weeks later, I wrote my original review of the Essential Phone in mid-August, and followed it up after a couple software updates with a definitive review on August 28. Even then, it clearly  [Read More…]

OnePlus 5’s camera shows us the delicate balance of setting and meeting expectations

It’s tough to hype up a phone while also keeping things realistic.

With the launch of the OnePlus 5 this week, we got to see a perfect example of what a delicate balance companies navigate in setting expectations and delivering on promises. OnePlus has always talked a (strategically) big game about many aspects of its phones — this year, it was all about the camera. Even during the launch event, at which point reviewers had been using  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S8’s quick launch camera setting isn’t available globally

The ability to quickly launch the camera with the power button is missing on a few Galaxy S8 units.

Double tapping the home button was the fastest way to launch the camera on the Galaxy S6 and S7. But with the Galaxy S8 eschewing the home button, Samsung had to come up with a new way to quickly launch the camera, and the company turned to the power button. Pressing on the power button twice in quick  [Read More…]

Setting up an Android Spy App is as easy as using it (How to)

There are many firsts in life, for example, first love, first job, first pay, etc. Is it your first time in spying? Suspicion and uncertainty can make you restless. To avoid constant nagging, you need to be sure of certain things in order to make an informed decision about them. Whether it’s your kids, spouses

Setting up PayPal is just as easy as using it [How-To]

If you have purchased anything on the internet in the last 5 years, it is likely that you have seen an icon for PayPal at least once. In case you don’t know, PayPal is an app that allows you to purchase securely online, without having to shell out your credit card information to a number

Did you manually install Pokémon Go? Re-enable this important Android security setting

We don’t recommend installing APKs from outside the Play Store — but if you do, it’s worth unchecking ‘unknown sources’ afterwards.

Maybe you wanted to play Pokémon Go in a country where it’s not officially available yet. Maybe you installed an APK from somewhere that’s not the Google Play Store to do that. We’re not gonna judge you.

In order to install your illicit Pokémon APK, you’ll have had to enable the “Unknown sources” toggle under  [Read More…]

Setting up Google Authenticator is as easy as scanning a QR code

A couple weeks ago I posted the steps to enable Google’s 2-Step Verification for any of your Gmail accounts. This allows us that fuzzy feeling of knowing that even if someone did get ahold of our password, they still can’t get your account. The only problem is that in order to log in, we must be

Google+ helps Communities fight spam with new ‘content controls’ setting

Communities on Google+ will now be able to take a stronger stand against spam thanks to a new content controls setting. Rolling out to existing Communities now, the new setting will allow for more aggressive content filtering to keep spam to a minimum.

From Google Product Manager Frank Rodriguez:

Now we can be more aggressive in identifying inappropriate posts in a Community. When this setting is on, Google+’s content filter is more likely to flag posts that are questionable, so  [Read More…]

T-Mobile fixes what was broken in Binge On, setting a new standard for new streaming services

T-Mobile is now the streaming video gatekeeper, but at least they aren’t guarding a broken system anymore.

As long as you didn’t think too hard about what was happening, T-Mobile’s Binge On service has been fantastic from day one. By doing absolutely nothing, all T-Mobile customers were gifted with the ability to enjoy as much 480p video from Netflix and several other major services as they wanted for free. When looking a little closer, there were  [Read More…]