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Want more bass or treble? Here’s how to change your Google Home EQ settings

Google Assistant-powered speakers — such as the Google Home and Nest Mini — are excellent additions to any smart home. They look great, can be genuinely helpful for getting you through your day, and are perfect little devices for casual music listening. The out-of-the-box sound you get from the speakers is great, but with just a few taps, you can dive into their EQ settings for a more personalized experience.

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Here are four Instagram privacy settings every user should know about

You can take steps to protect your privacy on Instagram without taking your account private.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms that continues to expand and evolve since it first launched as a relatively simplistic photo sharing app nearly a decade ago.

In 2019, it’s not uncommon for one person to juggle multiple Insta accounts; one for personal posts and second or third for your work, your pets, your favorite hobby, or  [Read More…]

How to change the touch control settings on your Echo Buds

The Amazon Echo buds provide an easy way for you to interact with Alexa hands-free, but they also feature touch controls for things like changing from Active Noise Reduction mode to sound Passthrough Mode. However, did you know that you can also change the default settings and customize what the various taps/touches do on the buds? It’s easy, and we’ll show you how below.

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Microsoft Launcher beta now supports system theme settings

Microsoft Launcher beta now works with your Android device’s system theme.

What you need to know Microsoft Launcher beta can now follow your system’s theme setting. Microsoft Launcher already had a dark theme, but it can now match your devices’ theme. Android devices need to run Android 9 or later to use the new feature.

Microsoft Launcher beta has a small update that makes it easier to use the app’s dark mode (via Neowin). The update brings  [Read More…]

What are the Visible APN settings for Android?

Best answer: Most of the time these settings will be automatically filled in during the setup process with the Visible app, but if you need to enter them manually confirm those details.

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The Nest Hub Max’s ‘Face Match’ is popping up in Assistant’s settings

Nest Hub is scheduled to launch on September 9.

What you need to know Face Match is showing up in the Assistant settings menu for some users ahead of the Nest Hub Max launch. The new feature will be similar to voice match but will use facial recognition to recognize up to six users to deliver personalized results. The Nest Hub Max is rumored to have a release date of September 9.

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New gesture settings and animations are coming to Android Q Beta 5

There will be a back sensitivity setting as well as a new animation for launching Google Assistant.

What you need to know A Reddit user in the soak test has given us a sneak peek at a new setting and animation in Android Q Beta 5. The new setting pertains to the back gesture sensitivity and the new animation involves the launching of Google Assistant. It is still unknown when Google will start rolling out Android Q  [Read More…]

How to adjust privacy settings on Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest has arrived, delivering the next step in untethered play. However, if you don’t want everyone on the platform to be able to access when you’re playing, or who you are, you’ll want to adjust your privacy settings. This doesn’t take long, and it’s doable from right inside the Oculus app.

How to adjust privacy settings on Oculus Quest Open the Oculus app on your phone. Open the Settings menu. It’s located at the bottom right  [Read More…]

Nova Launcher 6.0 adds settings search, folder customization, and more

After six months on beta, Nova 6.0 is pushing out to all.

Nova Launcher, one of the most popular Android launchers on the Google Play Store, is getting a boatload of new features today as part of the stable Nova Launcher 6.0 update. After six months on the beta channel, the update is rolling out to all users.

v6.0 adds a search bar for your Nova Settings so that you can find a specific setting or toggle  [Read More…]

How to change the quick settings in your notification drawer on Android Pie

Make your quick settings shortcuts even more convenient by having what you want in place.

Everyone loves the quick settings feature on their smartphone. There will always be a short list of things we’ll want or need to change often enough that digging into the device settings to do them becomes a chore so the “one tap” solution of a quick setting toggle is a lifesaver. Since everyone has different things they need and different ways to  [Read More…]