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Google is running customer surveys in the Pixel 2’s settings page

Um, whatcha doing, Google?

Although Google’s been around since the late 90s, Google as a hardware company is still very young. The Pixel and Google Home from 2016 were the first two major hardware releases we saw, and Google followed those up this year with the Pixel 2, Home Mini/Max, Pixelbook, Pixel Buds, and more.

The Pixel 2 is an incredible phone that we’ve raved about more than once, but it looks like Google is feeling a  [Read More…]

How to restore your apps and settings to a new Android phone

Got a new phone? Awesome! Here’s how you can restore your apps and settings from your previous device.

Google has always synced calendar events, contacts, Drive documents, Gmail settings and other account-related information across devices, and since Android 5.0 Lollipop the company started offering the ability to restore apps to a new device. With Marshmallow, the feature was expanded to include app data as well as system settings, with all the information stored in the cloud. Android  [Read More…]

5 settings to change for better battery life on EMUI 5

Huawei’s EMUI 5 is a powerful version of Android. Here’s how to make it even better!

Huawei’s EMUI 5 Android Skin adds a bit of personal flair and functionality to the company’s line of devices while including some additional tools and features aimed directly at helping you get the most out of your device’s battery.

The following tips should help you maximize the battery life of any Huawei device running EMUI 5.0, be it an Honor 6X,  [Read More…]

How to adjust Do Not Disturb settings in Android Oreo

Android Oreo gives you options for your Do Not Disturb settings.

Android Oreo has made a few changes to what you can do with Do Not Disturb mode, and what it looks like. Whether you just want to make sure you don’t get hit with notifications while at the movies, or you want to know that certain notifications will always ping for you, there is a good bit going on here.

That’s why we’ve put together how  [Read More…]

How to reset the Galaxy S8 to factory settings

How do I reset the Galaxy S8 to its factory settings?

The Galaxy S8 is a great phone, but sometimes you’re put in a position where you need to bring it back to the state you found it, be it for performance reasons, bugs, or to sell.

Whatever the cause of the reset, it’s fairly easy to do it. Here’s how:

How to factory reset the Galaxy S8 from inside Android

The easiest way to factory reset  [Read More…]

How to manage the microphone and camera privacy settings on your Chromebook

Because nobody wants to accidentally see you in your underwear.

The WebRTC protocol is a really cool thing. It’s that thing a website can do that lets you use your microphone and camera on any website without installing any extra plugins or using Flash. This is the kind of stuff we need if we want everything on the web to just work everywhere.

But having a microphone and camera active is one of those things that you  [Read More…]

All about Chrome Notifications settings

Cut through the noise and see what’s important by setting up your Chromebook notifications.

Just like Windows or macOS, your Chromebook can get desktop notifications. These can come from web pages, extensions, and apps (including Android apps), and they all live down in the status area where your profile photo is. Managing them is easy once you know where to look!

How to manage global website notification settings Click the Notifications symbol inside the status area. That’s  [Read More…]

How to use the Galaxy S8 app scaling settings

Spoiler: They don’t do much. It’s full screen or bust.

The Galaxy S8 has an intriguing, and tall, screen with a unique 18.5:9 aspect ratio. While most Android apps are able to easily scale up to fill that extra screen height, some are hard-coded to stay at 16:9, leaving black bars between the notification shade and the on-screen navigation keys. These are not only awkward and distracting, but they also don’t have to be there!

Is there  [Read More…]

How to use the page zoom settings in Chrome

You can easily adjust the way your screen looks with Chrome.

Chrome makes surfing the web easier in a variety of different ways from awesome extensions that make your favorite apps accessible, to being able to quickly and easily adjust the settings.

If you’ve ever found yourself squinting while looking at the screen, or thought that the text was way too large, you probably want to adjust the zoom settings on your screen. It’s ridiculously easy with  [Read More…]