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Nuu Mobile G3 review: Sexy, with a side of substance

As we hit the middle of 2018, one of the most common words used to describe a phone is “premium”. But, what exactly does that mean, though? A few years back it was used to signal the difference between a plastic, polycarbonate phone from one that was built with a combination of glass and metal.

Replaceable batteries went the way of the dodo bird as phones closed up tightly and incorporated waterproof protection. Indeed, the high end devices of 2015  [Read More…]

Nokia 8 Sirocco hands-on: Android One goes sexy and expensive

The most expensive Android One phone yet, and a darn good looking one at that.

Nokia is riding a solid hype machine with tens of millions of phones sold in 2017 and a resurgence of affinity for the brand name. But it’s all been on the back of very affordable phones, ranging from $ 200-400 where it’s all about value and not necessarily getting a combination of the best possible specs, design and materials.

The Nokia 8  [Read More…]

HTC brings sexy back with Desire 10 Pro, Desire 10 Lifestyle

HTC today revealed its latest smartphones in the Desire series in the form of the Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Liefstyle. Looking sharp and sleek in a variety of colors, the two are flagship devices with premium metal designs. Although the differences between the two are somewhat indistinguishable, one is more powerful and robust than the

Bell’s Samsung Galaxy S II looks sexy in white; and it’s coming in time for the holidays

Samsung Galaxy S II in white

I know some of you out there are like me, and are a sucker for a white phone — especially when it’s a powerhouse like the Samsung Galaxy S II.  And if you’re a Bell Canada subscriber, you’ll soon have a chance to get a hold of one.  According to Mobilesyrup, Bell plans to release the above pictured white Galaxy S II “way before the holiday rush”, which  [Read More…]