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Google shelves feature that would let Chromebooks dual-boot Windows 10

Google has poured water on “Project Campfire,” a feature that would have allowed Chromebooks to dual-boot Windows 10.

What you need to know Google has deprecated “Project Campfire,” according to comments and code removals in Chromium. The feature, which was first spotted in development last year, would have allowed Chromebooks to dual-boot Windows 10. Google was previously spotted working on getting Windows 10 certification for its flagship Pixelbook.

Google appears to have ended work on “Project Campfire,”  [Read More…]

Best Buy accidentally puts the Pixel 3a XL on store shelves

The Pixel 3a XL isn’t official yet, but it’s already being displayed at a Best Buy in Ohio.

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL are launching on May 3, but it looks like a Best Buy store in Springfield, Ohio wasn’t willing to wait any longer. The store in question inadvertently put a few units of the Pixel 3a XL on store shelves for all customers to see, which is how the photo made its way to  [Read More…]

Custom Fortnite Monopoly board game will hit store shelves in October

Collect 2HP when you pass go.

Fortnite is taking over the world. No, seriously. These days it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about Fortnite, and soon not even your family game nights will be safe. A newly skinned version of Monopoly, titled Fortnite Monopoly, will be making its way into stores beginning October 1. Custom versions of Monopoly are nothing new, we’ve seen tons of them through the years, but this one will surely be a hit this  [Read More…]

Nokia 6 hits UK shelves SIM free for £200

If you’re British and you’ve a hankering for a SIM free Nokia 6 then you’ll want to stop by Carphone Warehouse where you’ll now find one for sale for £200.

Besides that legendary logo you’re getting a solid phone that’s built like a tank, a fairly vanilla Android 7.1 experience and of course, that attractive price. If you go on pay-as-you-go terms you’ll pay even less, £189.99 to be precise for the privilege of taking a carrier SIM  [Read More…]

Sayonara Project Ara: Google reportedly shelves modular phones

Google has hung up on the notion of modular smartphones, at least for now. Indeed, Project Ara has been halted, according to sources cited by Reuters. Project Ara, which has been kicking around for a few years now, was a concept which would allow for users to purchase modules for their phone based on needs or

Force Awakens edition of Droid Turbo 2 hits shelves today

Verizon has always had a close relationship with Lucasfilm – the name of their famed DROID series of smartphones has been licensed from them since the original Motorola DROID was unveiled in 2009. Later came the DROID R2D2 edition of the DROID 2 and the rest, as they say, is history. Today Verizon and Lucasfilm (Read: Disney) unveil another Star Wars themed DROID smartphone, the special edition Force Awakens DROID Turbo 2 (Say that five times fast).

What this actually means is  [Read More…]

LG Urbane 2nd Edition smartwatch pulled off shelves due to screen issues

The LG Urbane 2nd Edition smartwatch gained fame because it was the first Android Wear device to arrive with LTE connectivity. Prior to the second generation Urbane, all Android Wear devices required a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or WiFi to fully utilize the features. It was the first Android Wear device that could make calls and send texts directly from the watch independant of a smartphone.


And then LG gained  [Read More…]

Sony’s ultra-thin 4K Android TVs hitting store shelves in July

After missing their May launch window, Sony’s 4K Android-powered TVs will be making their way to stores in the month of July.

The 55-inch model in the 4.7mm thick X900C series will cost $ 2,499, with the 65-inch variant in the same series retailing for $ 3,999. The 75-inch X910C is slated to hit shelves sometime over the summer for $ 5,400. The TVs will be available at Sony’s online and retail stores, Best Buy and  [Read More…]

LG shelves G Pro line to focus on flagships, reports indicate


LG may have cancelled future plans for its G Pro line of smartphones in an effort focus more tightly on flagship G series. According to Korean reports cited by G for Games, LG has opted to put the plus-sized family of phones on the back-burner for the time being. The main reason? Allegedly it relates to the increased size of the G2 and G3 and  [Read More…]

LTE-enabled Galaxy Ace 4 hitting UK shelves on October 17

After an official announcement earlier this year, Samsung is bringing its entry-level LTE-enabled Galaxy Ace 4 to the UK on October 17. The device will be available from Samsung stores across the country along with select high street retailers, like EE.