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Now that you have a shiny new Amazon Echo, here’s what you need to do

Now that your Echo is out of the box, we’re here to help you set it up properly.

It’s that most wonderful time of the year! Families are getting together, meals are being shared, and presents are being exchanged. If you were one of the millions of fortunate folks who happened to be gifted an Amazon Echo smart speaker or a smart screened device, then congratulations! You’re surely excited to set it up, put it through its  [Read More…]

Got a shiny new Android phone? Kit it out with these accessories!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Android! We hope you greatly enjoy your new phone and the new ecosystem around it. If this is your first time on our side of the Apple/Google divide, there are a few items out there you’ll probably want to consider picking up for your new phone. From headphones to use for listening to chargers and cables to keep your phone alive on those rotten days that just will not end, you can upgrade your  [Read More…]

Moto E6 Play gets a shiny upgrade in new renders

Motorola’s most budget-friendly line is looking a lot prettier this year thanks to a great new form factor.

Who says an inexpensive phone has to look cheap? Motorola certainly seems to disagree with this sentiment if these new renders of the yet-to-be-announced Moto E6 Play have anything to say about it. Mobielkopen got their hands on renders of an unannounced Motorola phone and, judging by the visual information present, the likelihood is that this look belongs to  [Read More…]

Protect your shiny new OnePlus 7T with a shiny new case

OnePlus includes a case in the box for the OnePlus 7T, but let’s face it: it’s thin and kind of bland. It’s great to ensure you have protection from the moment you take the case out of the box, but chances are you’ll want to upgrade to a case with a little more style or substance before long. The case market for the 7T is limited at the moment, but here’s a good group of cases to get you started.

  [Read More…]

Pokemon Go gets Lunar New Year update with shiny Spoink

It’s the year of the pig. Niantic today announced a new limited-time Lunar New Year event for Pokemon Go, bringing with it the chance to catch a new shiny Spoink. Why? Because it’s a pig-type, of course.

Starting immediately, and running through February 13, Pokemon Go players should be on the look for increased spawns for the following Pokemon:

Rattata Ekans Mankey Ponyta Electabuzz Dratini Mareep Miltank Torchic Poochyena Spoink Buneary

As you can tell, each of those listed here  [Read More…]

Pokemon Go Halloween Event ushers in Giratina, Spiritomb, shiny Drifloom, and more Pokemon

A Halloween Event has started in Pokemon Go, bringing about new Pokemon, research tasks, and more. If you’re on the quest to round out your Pokedex, the next few days will prove to be quite fun. It’s Pokemon Go Halloween Event time!

Starting immediately, and running through November 1, you’ll find more Dark-type and Ghost-type Pokemon spawning in the wild. Chief among them will be those originally found in the Sinnoh region (Gen. 4). This includes Stunky and Drifloom, with  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Olympic Games Edition Note 8 is shiny in all the right places

No matter how you place in the Games this year, Samsung is sending Olympians home with gold.

Just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games to get started in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Samsung offered me a look at the special version of the Note 8 being handed out to the participants this year. Take a quick look!

For those who already own a Note 8, the big things you’re missing out on here are the  [Read More…]

HTC’s big, shiny U Ultra is finally shipping

HTC’s oversized phablet took two months from pre-order to shipment, but it’s here. Is it worth buying?

HTC waited until a few days after CES this year to announce the enormous, shiny U Ultra, but since that January day we haven’t heard much about it. Now, the device is finally shipping to Americans who pre-ordered the 5.7-inch flagship for $ 749 when it first went up for pre-order.

Now, we know that this likely isn’t HTC’s only flagship  [Read More…]

The LG G6 looks shiny and tall in this leaked shot

Will there be anything left to show of the LG G6 when it’s announced later this month?

The LG G6 hasn’t been shy in showing itself before its official announcement later this month at MWC. We’ve seen how the phone will be made of metal and have very slim bezels, and we’re heard that it will be water resistant and eschew modularity.

Now we’re seeing a live shot of the phone from the rear, exposing its familiar dual  [Read More…]

Tronsmart’s new media box will support your shiny new 4K television

Tronsmart has announced the Orion R28, a sweet new media hub running Android 4.4 KitKat and powered by a Cortex-A17 processor. As the product name suggests, the R28 is based on and around the Rockchip RK3288, a quad-core processor, accompanied by the ARM Mali-T764 GPU. This combination enables the device to handle 4K H.264 and 10bit H.265 video for some stunning images on today’s TV sets. Overall, it’s a handy little product for enthusiasts.

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