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The Galaxy S20 series will ship with the right fast charger in the box

The S20 Ultra will have a 45W charger.

What you need to know Samsung shipped the Galaxy Note 10+ last year with only a 25W charger, even though it was capable of 45W charging. This year, Samsung is packaging the S20 series with the best charger that each phone is compatible with. The Galaxy S20 and S20+ will both get a 25W charger, while the S20 Ultra will boast a 45W charger.

Last year, Samsung pulled a  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on T-Mobile will ship with Android 10 out of the box

The standard Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are slated to receive the Android 10 update next month.

What you need to know T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G will ship with Android 10-based One UI 2.0 right out of the box. The 5G-enabled smartphone is now available for pre-order via T-Mobile and is expected to begin shipping on December 6. You can get a Galaxy Note 10+ 5G free if you buy another Note 10+ 5G  [Read More…]

Qualcomm says 450 million 5G phones will ship in 2021

750 million will ship a year later in 2022.

What you need to know Qualcomm held its Analyst Day 2019 on November 19. During the event, the company predicted that 450 million 5G smartphones will ship in 2021. Then, in 2022, Qualcomm expects 750 million more 5G phones to ship.

On November 19, Qualcomm held its Qualcomm Analyst Day 2019 in which the company’s executives get together with “investment professionals” in New York for a day-long event.  [Read More…]

Samsung may ship its first under-display camera in 2020

The camera tech may debut with the S11 or the Galaxy Fold 2.

What you need to know Samsung has started manufacturing the new display modules at one of its factories. The company is facing some challenges with image distortion as the light passes through the display. The Galaxy S11 or Galaxy Fold 2 may feature the new camera tech.

Samsung has reportedly started testing for large-scale manufacturing of its under-the-display camera tech at one of its  [Read More…]

Why do new phones ship with older versions of Android?

New phones shipping with outdated versions of Android isn’t too surprising. The reasons? Release cycles, and Benjamin Franklin.

No matter when you look, you’ll see phones — expensive phones — on sale that are running “old” versions of Android. Brand new phones that cost hundreds of dollars and are often the best models available in their segment. They will be on shelves beside other brand new phones that also have “old” software. And not just models that  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo Spot now available for $129.99, won’t ship in time for Christmas

Introduced back in September, the Amazon Echo Spot – a tiny smart speaker with a circular 2.5-inch display – is finally available for purchase. Customers can now place an order for the Black or White version for $ 129.99 a pop on Amazon. The mini speaker actually appeared on the Amazon website around Thanksgiving, but it […]

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus could see January 2018 unveiling, display panels ship in November

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have had four good months of market celebration, but the Galaxy Note 8 brings Samsung’s dual camera setup that may have some Galaxy S8 owners envious of their Galaxy Note-toting buddies. According to a new report, Galaxy Note 8 owners may have only four months to rock their new […]

The Essential Phone will finally ship next week

After a long delay since the Essential Phone was originally announced, it seems that it will finally be ready to ship next week. Essential is now sending out emails to those who have registered interest in the device stating that their unit will ship in 7 days. Great news, your phone has been built! We […]

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is ready to ship in seven days

The Essential Phone is finally ready to go out to customers.

Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup Essential announced last week that it secured $ 300 million in funding from the likes of Amazon and Tencent Holdings. The company also said that it would reveal the release date for the device, and Essential is now sending out emails to customers that have registered interest in the device, stating that their unit will ship in seven days:

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Lenovo’s future smartphones will ship with stock Android instead of Vibe Pure UI

Lenovo used to be one of those Android OEMs who shipped its smartphones with its own Android-based custom UI onboard. But according to recent information shared by Lenovo’s India head of marketing, Anuj Sharma, the company is looking to phase out its Vibe Pure UI in favor of near-stock Android. Lenovo has taken a hint […]