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Xiaomi IPO falls far short of $100 billion goal but it’s still worth a buttload of money

On Monday, Xiaomi joined the Hong Kong Hang Seng index with a $ 54 billion debut. This is far less than the estimated $ 100 billion number that was floated months ago, with it closing on Monday at HK$ 17 per share. Tuesday saw it rise up to HK$ 19 per share but still puts it at far less than the original Xiaomi IPO estimate.

However, $ 54 billion is nothing to sneeze at; it still positions Xiaomi as one of  [Read More…]

XGIMI CC Aurora review: Android smart projector that falls short in important places

The XGIMI CC Aurora is a smart projector that shows the future but still lives in the present and past. The lack of accessories and the absence of Google Play integration are real obstacles to the CC Aurora’s success in the smart projector market.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 second opinion review: A battery short of perfection

Samsung once again nails the one-size-fits-all flagship, but mediocre battery life holds it back from an A+.

There’s rarely a more consumer-facing phone than the latest Samsung flagship. Say what you will about the Pixel 2 having cleaner software or the LG V30 being better for filmmaking, but the fact is that the Galaxy S9 is the phone plastered on every billboard, every web ad, and every subway station. For the vast majority of consumers, it’s the  [Read More…]

House of Marley Uplift 2 review: Striking and well-designed, but falls short in performance

House of Marley’s Uplift 2 Wireless Headset provides a beautiful aesthetic and solid sound quality, but at $ 79.99, is it worth the price tag?

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Monument Valley: A short but sweet masterpiece (Review)

Every now and then, a developer comes out with a game so good that it gains critical acclaim by the industry and shapes it moving forward. Remember Flappy Bird? It wasn’t a complicated game at all (from a technical point of view) but it gained so much traction in the industry that even the developer […]

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Where today’s best voice assistants fall short

Tell me about the things Amazon Echo and Google Home don’t do.

We talk a lot about the cool things Amazon and Google have pulled off with the Echo and Home speakers, but the one big thing these speakers have in common is room to grow. Neither system is perfect, and the things these speakers get wrong or just plain can’t do are an important metric of what the teams working on these gadgets see as a  [Read More…]

Geometry Dash World: A short but exquisite musical adventure (Review)

I don’t know why, but every day, there’s more and more games popping up on the Play Store with excruciating difficulty. Why do Android users like to torture themselves? Anyways, if you’re among the millions of people who are looking for a game that will test your patience, then I have great news for you. […]

Best Live Wallpapers: An ambitious claim that comes up short (Review)

Overview: Best Live Wallpapers is a wallpaper library app that advertises futuristic live wallpapers that can make your phone come to life. In practice, it isn’t anything too special. Developer: Yogesh Dama Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions: Best Live Wallpapers is definitely nice looking, it has some nice Material Design looks and a simple interface […]

Google’s Daydream performance promises are falling short

Not all Daydream-ready phones are created equal.

News that Google had cleared Lenovo’s Moto Z and Moto Z Force for Daydream was cause for celebration. Users who had already purchased a great phone were being granted access to Google’s new VR platform without needed to buy new hardware, and the existence of MotoMods meant you could strap a massive battery to the back of your Moto phone and enjoy Daydream for much longer than any other  [Read More…]

Some Galaxy Note 7 colors will be in short supply at launch

Some customers of the popular Galaxy Note 7 may have to wait several weeks for their unit — particularly those who ordered the unique and eye-catching Blue Coral version.

Customers in the U.S. and Canada who ordered the Blue Coral and Silver may have to wait upwards of three weeks for their units, according to sources who didn’t want to be named. Samsung underestimated the demand for pre-orders, said these people, and were shocked at the number of Blue Coral  [Read More…]