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SCUF Vantage vs. Razer Raiju Ultimate: Which PS4 controller should you buy?

We’re a bunch of nerds and avid PlayStation lovers. A good controller can make or break your gaming experience, and we’ve tested out some of the very best.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Familiar territory

€200 at Razer

Pros Quick control panel App support Chroma lighting strip 500 customized profiles saved in the Cloud Cons No faceplate customization Heavier

If you prefer ease-of-use combined with app control, the Razer Raiju is for you.

SCUF Vantage (wireless) [Read More…]

Google Pixel Slate vs. iPad Pro 12.9: Which should you buy?

I’ve been using Chromebooks since the original Google CR48 and waited in line for the first iPhone. I love tech regardless of which company makes the product and have a house filled with gadgets from all manufacturers.

Google Pixel Slate

Google’s pro tablet

$ 999 at Amazon

Pros Excellent display Desktop web browser Fingerprint sensor Multiple configurations Cons Keyboard and Pen sold separately Software not fully touch optimized Android apps not fully optimized

The Pixel  [Read More…]

Xbox One X vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: Which should you buy?

We’re a bunch of nerds and avid video game lovers. Console wars aside, we love both Xbox and PlayStation, and we want to show you what makes each so great.

Xbox One X

Most powerful console on the market

$ 500 at Best Buy

Pros More powerful Xbox Game Pass cheaper than PlayStation Now Xbox Live services are faster and more reliable than PlayStation Network Backward compatibility using discs Smaller Cons More expensive Fewer exclusive games  [Read More…]

Should you upgrade to the Razer Phone 2?

Razer’s entry into the Android smartphone market began when they acquired the Nextbit back in 2016. Now with two smartphones under its belt, we’re here to explain which Razer phone is better — and whether you should upgrade to Razer’s latest phone.

Razer Phone 2

Glowing bright

$ 800 at Amazon

Pros A brighter display with an insane 120Hz refresh rate Top specs for gaming and media Front-facing speakers powered by Dolby Atmos Customizable Chroma logo  [Read More…]

Lumos Smart Helmet vs Livall MT1: Which should you buy?

We love testing new technology products and look at a lot of devices each year to see which ones are the best. So-called smart bike helmets are our newest tech obsession.

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

Stylish and practical

$ 180 at Amazon

Pros Turn signals and LED on both the front and rear Water-resistant Includes handlebar remote Compatible with Apple Health and Strava Cons Pricey Less battery life between charges

Well-received on Amazon and elsewhere,  [Read More…]

First 10 things you should do with your new OnePlus 6T

Got yourself a new and shiny OnePlus 6T? The company’s latest flagship is one of the best smartphones you can get under $ 550 right now, so you’ve made a great choice.

Now what? You need to get started with your new device. In this article, we’re going to explore the top ten things to do with your OnePlus 6T after you’ve unboxed it and popped in your SIM.

Snap a case on it

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Should you buy the Google Pixel Slate?

Best answer: If you are familiar with Chrome OS and looking for a tablet or two-in-one, the Pixel Slate is the most expensive and powerful of the bunch. But it has its problems and isn’t for most people. The HP Chromebook X2 is a cheaper, more capable Chrome 2-in-1 that may be better for your particular needs.

Best Buy: Pixel Slate ($ 799) Best Buy: HP Chromebook X2 How much is too much?

Google’s Pixel brand of  [Read More…]

Samsung SmartThings Outlet vs. Wemo Mini Smart Plug: Which should you buy?

With the right plugs, you can make any dumb home into a smart one. We test as many connected products as possible to give you the best recommendations for making your home smarter, safer, and more convenient!

Samsung SmartThings Outlet

Expensive and expansive

$ 32 at Amazon

Pros Integrates with other SmartThings devices Can be scheduled to turn of/off Alerts you if accidentally left on ZigBee range extender Cons Requires a SmartThings Hub More expensive [Read More…]

Google Pixel Slate vs. Google Pixelbook: Which should you buy?

Android may be our main passion here at AC, but we’re just as excited by all things Chrome OS. From tips and tricks to buying advice, we’re here to help you find the Chromebook that’s right for you!

Google Pixelbook

Our pick

$ 999 at B&H

Pros Modern design Fantastic keyboard Solid specs Great display Better value Cons Thicker bezels No fingerprint sensor

Despite being over a year old, the Pixelbook is still one of  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) vs Lenovo Smart Display: Which should you buy?

Smart home tech is getting more exciting with every single day that passes. We’ve got all the info you need to stay in the know and help you buy the gadgets that are right for you.

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Multimedia champ

$ 230 at Amazon

Pros Gorgeous 10.1-inch HD screen Impressive sound quality Zigbee range extender All the power of Alexa Cons Most expensive of the two Only available in one size

For  [Read More…]