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Should you buy the all new Amazon Fire 7?

Is Amazon’s newest budget tablet worth your $ 50?

The online giant is calling it the “all new Fire 7,” which is perhaps more a marketing thing than actual hard truth when it comes to the tablet in question. It is new, and it is improved, but marketing hype is still marketing hype.

So, let’s actually break down what is new and whether this latest budget tablet is worth your time.

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What’s actually  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap vs. Show: Which should you buy?

Control your music and way more with Amazon’s line of Echo smart speakers.

Updated May 2017: Added Modern Dad’s take, a note on Tap’s hands-free capabilities, and information on Echo Show.

The world of the connected home is still very much a disconnected mess. As Apple and Google each compete with their own standards — and other companies doing the same with their own — Amazon has quietly snuck in the side door with its smart, attractive, and  [Read More…]

Google Lens is Google Goggles on steroids — and everything Bixby Vision should have been

Google’s big data advantage might help it surpass the Galaxy S8’s fledgling Bixby feature.

Google Lens was one of the major announcements of the I/O 2017 keynote, as Google revealed the latest step in its visual search journey. This is an endeavor which can be traced back to Google Image Search years ago, and which is a close relative of the AI powering Google Photos’ object and scene recognition.

As a part of Google Assistant, Google Lens  [Read More…]

You can now buy an unlocked LG G6 in the U.S., but should you?

An unlocked model of the LG G6 is now on sale in the U.S. But should you buy one?

I have to admit something: even though I’ve had a Galaxy S8 in my pocket for a couple weeks now, I keep thinking of going back to the LG G6. It’s not just that the fingerprint sensor is in a better position, or that it’s a little easier to use with one hand, but because the dual camera setup is  [Read More…]

Apex Launcher is back and better than ever, but you should wait a while before switching

Apex Launcher isn’t back just yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from saying that it is.

Apex Launcher announced its comeback weeks ago with a May arrival date. Lo, it is May, and and Apex Launcher beta has pushed out for the testers to enjoy. But I’d hold off for a little while.

Hey, I’m as ready for another customization-heavy launcher to join the ranks of Nova Launcher and Action Launcher as anyone else, but after playing  [Read More…]

For or against, this is the one net neutrality video you should probably watch

Three years ago, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight made an impassioned plea for people to throw their support behind a movement that would eventually enshrine U.S. net neutrality rules under so-called Title II protections, which would classify internet service providers as public utilities and regulate them accordingly.

Now that Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the FCC, has made clear his own intention to repeal Title II and roll back many of the protections afforded consumers from ISP malfeasance,  [Read More…]

Why you should care about Android malware and the importance of security patches

Android is secure, but your phone probably isn’t. 3.5 million pieces of malware in 2017 means that matters.

When you’re king of the hill you are a target for everyone and everything. Sometimes that’s great — LG’s G6 is an awesome phone that wants to compete with the Galaxy S8 because the GS8 will be the king of the Android hill. Other times it’s not, and security company G Data takes a look at one of those  [Read More…]

Should you use a tempered glass screen protector for your Galaxy S8?

Choosing the right screen protector for you can be a difficult call.

At this point, just about everyone has done some kind of damage to their phone screen inadvertently, whether by dropping your phone and cracking the screen or dropping something onto your phone that caused issues from the impact. This problem becomes larger with the Samsung Galaxy S8 because you have a much larger screen. That’s why we’re taking a hands-on look at a tempered glass  [Read More…]

Samsung Chromebook Plus vs. Pro: The differences, and which should you buy?

Samsung’s 2017 Chromebook lineup offers something for everyone with two equally great models.

Samsung introduced a pair of great Chromebooks with the unveiling of the Pro and the Plus. In addition of the Chrome OS features we’ve been using like built-in security and the best web browsing experience you can get anywhere, Samsung and Google have introduced pressure sensitive drawing using a familiar Samsung Pen. And everything is wrapped up in an awesome package no matter which  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 security: Which unlocking method should you use?

The Galaxy S8 comes with several different ways to lock your phone. But they aren’t all equal when it comes to keeping snooping eyes out of your stuff.

We think everyone should lock their phone and be sure to enable a find my phone feature that can erase it if it gets lost or stolen. This is the best way to make sure someone can’t just pick it up and rifle through all your stuff. The Galaxy  [Read More…]