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Huawei has a new Android tablet, but you probably shouldn’t buy it

A premium tablet for kids, more or less.

Sharing a tablet with young kids sucks most of the time, and not just because their fingers are inexplicably sticky no matter how many times you clean them. It’s important to lock down the software so kids aren’t getting into apps they shouldn’t but doing so in a way that isn’t overly complicated or restrictive for you as the parent isn’t always easy on an Android tablet.

Huawei’s new MediaPad  [Read More…]

Cheap Android phones shouldn’t be disposable

Cheap phones deserve to be supported, and so do the people who are buying them.

We all know someone who has whatever phone was cheapest — or, let’s face it, free — from their carrier. Not everyone is into smartphones and sometimes I envy people who can let go when it comes to pocket-sized tech. There’s a good chance that person was also happy with it when they got it and as long as it still works  [Read More…]

6 reasons why you should consider a Ring Doorbell (and 3 reasons you shouldn’t)

I have a lot of connected tech in my home. Maybe too much. But a smart doorbell — the Ring Pro, specifically — is one of the keepers.

A $ 200 doorbell is a little exorbitant. Let’s just get that out of the way now. But as I’ve said time and time again, the Ring Doorbell has quickly become one of those crazy pieces of tech that just works, and that has become damned near indispensable for me and  [Read More…]

Here’s why you shouldn’t be quick to judge Google Play Music in India

You’ll eventually find the music you’re looking for on Play Music.

Google Play Music All Access went live in India earlier this month, offering unlimited streaming and offline downloads for just ₹89 ($ 1.40) a month. With access to over 40 million songs, there’s certainly a lot to explore in All Access.

That said, the main problem with the service is discovery. You’ll have to put in a few hours’ worth of effort to get everything  [Read More…]

Barnes & Noble removes malware from $50 Nook tablet, but you still shouldn’t buy it

The update may remove the part where your data goes back to China, but everything else is bad and unchanged.

About that $ 50 Barnes & Noble tablet. You might have heard that researchers working with Linux Journal found that the BNTV450 shipped from the factory with the same malware that phones from Blu and other companies that use a MediaTek processor had. It’s called ADUPS and it was configured to literally harvest your personal data  [Read More…]

Top Chinese Android OEMs that shouldn’t be ignored in 2017

The US smartphone market is a highly competitive battle ground, with top players the industry constantly striving to attract more customers than the competition. But in recent years, Chinese smartphones have started drawing more and more attention upon themselves, while household names like LG and HTC are fading quietly into the background. Products made in

Why you shouldn’t download paid Android apps for free

Everyone likes free stuff. I love free stuff. But nothing in life is really free.

We’re not your mom, and we’re not going to get into the middle of a morals debate on software piracy and if it’s really stealing. But we can give you a couple of really good reasons not to download a pirated copy of a paid app.

It’s a good way to get malware

Yup. Malware. Most of what  [Read More…]

You can use the Nexus 6P in Daydream, but you really shouldn’t

You’re going to have a bad time, but it’s there if you want it.

Google has not been at all shy about whether the Nexus 6P is a good phone to use in their new Daydream headset. The big warning on the side of the Google Developers site letting you know this phone is only useful as a development model for future Daydream products should be enough. On the other hand, if all you have is  [Read More…]

Moto Z Droid Edition second opinion — Mods shouldn’t make the phone

I have a tiny suitcase full of amazing accessories in desperate need of a great phone.

Motorola has an amazing ability, something no other smartphone company has ever accomplished before —to execute on ideas that blow away the competition in ways that frequently takes one full smartphone generation to catch up. Look back at the Moto X, and how long it has taken every other company — including Google — to recreate ideas like Moto Display,  [Read More…]

Canadian court ruling on SMS privacy means you shouldn’t be using SMS

Having nothing to hide doesn’t mean you should ignore your privacy. Especially when keeping messages secure and private is so easy.

An Ontario Court of Appeals has ruled that your SMS messages are not private and once “sent to the ether” are no longer under your control. Vice has a full write up about the decision that interested parties should read, but the short version is this: SMS messages are like email and not subject to  [Read More…]