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Leaked Motorola RAZR foldable images show the phone from nearly every angle

The foldable phone is rumored to be priced around $ 1,500 in the U.S.

What you need to know Evan Blass has shared a few new images showing Motorola’s upcoming foldable RAZR smartphone. The images confirm the upcoming foldable smartphone will look very similar to the original RAZR. It is set to go official at a global launch event in Los Angeles on November 13.

Yesterday, we got our very first look at Motorola’s upcoming foldable RAZR  [Read More…]

See the Mandalorian in action in latest trailer for Disney+ show

“Mandalorian, look outside. They’re waiting for you.”

The Mandalorian is ready to kick some butt and actually say some lines in the latest trailer for the Disney+ show, released Monday.

We could’ve guessed that the titular Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) was going to be a fighter, but this new trailer shows off some of his moves. Werner Herzog’s character hopes that he’s talking to one of the best bounty hunters “in the parsec,” and if the new  [Read More…]

Artists can now pay Spotify to show you their new music

The updates will only come from artists you usually listen to.

What you need to know Spotify is adding a new way for artists to tell you about their new music. Artists can pay the streaming service to sponsor notifications for their latest album. The company says the recommendations will still be based on your music tastes and only pertain to artists you like.

Spotify has begun testing a new means for artists to showcase their latest  [Read More…]

What’s the best mid-sized smart screen? Echo Show 8 or Nest Hub?

These smart screen devices from Amazon and Google/Nest aim to address that middle section of the lineup that is not too big and not too small. But which one is just right for you? Let’s find out!

Echo Show 8

Just right

$ 130 at Amazon

Pros Physical camera shutter and mute switch Certified for Humans program for easy setup Similar specs to its bigger sibling Alexa integration Cons No Dolby audio Amazon Photos integration  [Read More…]

Can you use Ring products with the new Amazon Echo Show 8?

Best answer: Yes, Ring products pair perfectly with the Echo Show 8, allowing you to monitor and control your smart home security from this latest Amazon touch screen smart speaker.

Multiuse monitor: Echo Show 8 ($ 130 at Amazon) Keep an eye out: Ring Stick Up Cam ($ 100 at Amazon) Amazon and Ring relationship

Amazon was among the first large companies to see the value in smart home devices and smart home automation, and early on  [Read More…]

Which big smart screen is right for you? Nest Hub Max or Amazon Echo Show

The Nest Hub Max takes all that was great about the Nest Hub and scales it up. Amazon has taken a similar approach with its Echo Show line. We’ll talk through the pros and cons of each to help you decide which you should get.

Nest Hub Max

Nest to the MAX

$ 230 at B&H

Pros Face Match feature is cool Physical mic and camera cover switch Google Photos integration for a smart frame  [Read More…]

We’ll show you which Echo Show to get!

New Show in Town Echo Show 8

$ 130 at Amazon

Pros The Goldilocks of Echo Show devices Disable camera and microphones with one switch/cover Significantly cheaper than larger Echo Show Uses “Certified with Humans” Cons Can’t adjust viewing angles without a stand No Dolby processing built-in

Fast on the heels of the popular Echo Show 5, the Echo Show 8 fits right in the middle of this expanding product line. It brings a higher resolution  [Read More…]

VOLTA street football steals the show in FIFA 20

Another year, another FIFA, but this one’s a little more street.

It’s that time of year again. Across the globe, folks are getting ready to hunker down and avoid direct sunlight for weeks at a time. The yearly FIFA update is upon us.

In the space of digital football (that’s soccer, for you Americans), there have always been two camps: You’re either FIFA or PES, rarely both. As one gets better, the other has to up its  [Read More…]

New trailer and gameplay for Death Stranding shown at Tokyo Game Show 2019

There’s a new Briefing trailer which sets up the story in Death Stranding, as well as 50 minutes of gameplay showing off some of the different mechanics.

What you need to know Some new footage and trailers were released for Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019. There’s a new Briefing story trailer, as well as around 50 minutes of gameplay showing different mechanics. Death Stranding is currently scheduled to be available on November 8, 2019. You  [Read More…]

Nioh 2 has a new Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer and early 2020 release window

There’s a new trailer for Nioh 2, released for Tokyo Game Show 2019. In it, players get a glimpse at a few of the difficult bosses they’ll have to face.

What you need to know Nioh 2 was first announced at E3 2018 and is being developed Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo. A Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer for the game was briefly uploaded on the PlayStation YouTube channel. The trailer has been pulled but  [Read More…]