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Xiaomi shows off the Mi 10’s zooming prowess with new camera samples

That’s a lot of zoom.

What you need to know Xiaomi’s Lu Weibing took to Weibo today to tease one of the company’s upcoming phones. In particular, he showcased the incredible zooming capabilities of the phone. He didn’t name the phone, but it’s likely to be one of the Mi 10 models, set to launch later this month.

Having been the harbinger of crushed hopes for the last few weeks, Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing finally shared some  [Read More…]

Microsoft shows Google some love, ports Edge feature to Chrome

The ability to move multiple tabs to a new window is being ported from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome.

What you need to know Microsoft isn’t only taking Google’s browser tech for its own. The company is also contributing to the Chromium project. A feature found in Microsoft Edge is being ported over to Chromium and Chrome.

While Microsoft may have thrown up its arms and submitted to Google’s dominance in the browser space by porting Edge  [Read More…]

Google is rethinking how it shows favicons on desktop search

Google is responding to a crescendo of criticism.

What you need to know Google tested a more colorful design for desktop Search, inspired by a similar mobile UI. The new design was criticized for the use of favicons which dulled the distinction between ads and content. Google has now stripped favicons from the design in response and plans to iterate on the UI a little more.

Last week, Google started rolling out a new, more colorful Search  [Read More…]

TiVo Stream 4K with Android TV shows up at CES 2020

Availability is slated for April 2020 with a $ 49.99 launch price.

What you need to know The TiVo Stream 4K is an HDMI dongle with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR built-in. It will have access to 5000+ Google Play Android TV apps since it runs a modified version of the streaming platform. Sling TV will be the preferred source for subscription TV through the TiVo Stream 4K.

While TiVo is no stranger to streaming television,  [Read More…]

LIFX shows off new filament style bulbs, switches, and more at CES 2020

These new products are due to arrive in Spring 2020.

What you need to know The filament-style bulbs, also known as Edison bulbs, will come in three glass versions — smokey, amber, and clear. LIFX Switch is a four-way switch that will be able to control both dumb and smart bulbs. There are two new Z range LED strips — the 360 designed to go all around the back of your TV and a smaller kit for  [Read More…]

Disney wants to expand Star Wars storytelling with new movies, TV shows

Disney is trying to avoid viewer fatigue while still delivering regular, new content

What you need to know Disney wants to deliver new and exciting stories while avoiding market fatigue. Disney CEO Bob Iger hints that we could see movies for big events with certain TV characters. He also suggests that expanded visions of character and timeline stories from the films could make their way onto Disney+ as new series.

When Disney bought Star Wars from Lucasfilm  [Read More…]

Google Search’s new ‘watchlist’ helps you keep track of movies and shows

Like YouTube’s Watch Later but for the entire web

What you need to know Google is rolling out a new watchlist feature for searches revolving around movies and TV shows. The feature lets you bookmark movies to a search collection for faster access later. It’s rolling out now on mobile devices both on the web and Google’s Search app.

Google Search has always been good at suggesting collections for searches that lend themselves to bookmarking, and now  [Read More…]

A new PlayStation controller patent shows back buttons

More patents are showing up.

What you need to know A new patent filed by Sony shows some sort of revised controller. The patent images also show two back buttons or paddles on the controller. The design in these images seemingly contradicts another patent that had previously shown up.

As we wait for more official next-generation information, new patents keep showing glimpses of what could be coming in the future. Today, a new patent surfaced that was  [Read More…]

Galaxy Buds+ render leaks out and shows no change in design

The newest wireless buds from Samsung were seen in the code for its smart home app SmartThings.

What you need to know The update to the Galaxy Buds doesn’t appear to have any physical changes in design. Galaxy Buds+ will likely launch when Samsung announces the new Galaxy S11 devices. One of the most exciting updates for these buds is the potential for active noise canceling.

The Galaxy Buds from Samsung were first announced with the Galaxy  [Read More…]

Disney+ needs to get these films and shows right now

There’s plenty to watch now, but there could always be more.

I’ve been watching an absolutely ungodly amount of cartoons and movies and specials and series over the last few weeks since Disney Plus (Disney+) launched. Looking around you’d think, sure, it’s got everything. However, when I go looking for even more to watch, I always find myself wanting more. There are hundreds of shows and series already on Disney+, but there are still hundreds more that  [Read More…]