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Pokémon Home is officially out! Here’s how to sign up

Pokémon HOME is finally here!

Pokémon HOME is now officially out. After getting used to the ridiculous new Professor Oak, players are beginning to dive in and learn the basics of how the storage and cloud service works. Signing up for Pokémon HOME is free, but there is a Premium subscription available for players who want it. The premium subscription includes the ability to transfer Pokémon from your Pokémon Bank account into your HOME account and expands  [Read More…]

Sign, edit and mark up virtually any document with PDF Expert

Computers and phones makes it easy to open and read PDF files, but they don’t let you do much more beyond that — at least when it comes to that particular format. If you want to do anything else with that sort of document, you need a more advanced PDF client. And that’s exactly what PDF Expert is.

Right now you can snag a full PDF Expert lifetime license for Mac for just $ 29.99 from the AndroidGuys Deals Store.  [Read More…]

Here’s how to sign up for game betas in the Google Play Store

Get the chance to play the game early and provide feedback.

Beta testing is a beneficial process for both gamers and developers alike. Beta testers feel like the special chosen ones who get the inside scoop on a new game before the rest of the public, while developers get free help testing out their unreleased games and earning valuable feedback and bug reports. We’ll break down the different ways you can gain early access to Android games  [Read More…]

You can no longer sign up for Facebook Messenger with just a phone number

Facebook says existing Messenger users will not be affected.

What you need to know Facebook will no longer allow new users to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account. The company says users who already use Messenger without a Facebook account can continue using it without having to do anything. Facebook had introduced the ability to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account in 2015.

Facebook is removing the ability to sign up for Messenger  [Read More…]

How to sign up for Disney Plus with a subscription card

After the long wait, Disney Plus (Disney+) is finally here. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet, or you’re looking to give somebody the magical gift of Disney streaming, there’s an easy way to do it, especially if you live near a Disney run establishment. You can now purchase 12-month subscription cards. If you have one or want to get one, we can help you use it so you can start streaming as soon as  [Read More…]

Get a $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up for Arcadia Power

Using clean energy to power every home in America seemed like a distant promise not too long ago, but with wind and solar farms on the rise, a sustainable future isn’t as far-fetched as we think. In fact, if you sign up for Arcadia Power, you can power your home with clean energy today without having to buy expensive solar panels or switching utility companies. Did we mention you might even save money on your power bill by  [Read More…]

How to sign up for Visible

Visible has quickly proven to be one of the most exciting options in the carrier space. For just $ 40/month with no extra taxes or fees, you get access to Verizon’s LTE network with unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot usage. If you like the sound of that and want to get signed up for Visible ASAP, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Products used in this guide Digital carrier: Visible ($ 40/month at Visible)  [Read More…]

How to sign in to the Modern Warfare Beta on PlayStation 4

The first weekend of the open beta for Modern Warfare starts on Septemeber 12, 2019 and is exclusive to PlayStation 4 players. If you have pre-ordered the game then you are eligible to play the beta on Thursday and Friday, everyone else is able to play on Saturday or Sunday. There are a few different steps if you have ordered the physical copy, rather than the digital so we shall show you how it all works.

Products used  [Read More…]

You can now sign up to get tickets for the first OnePlus music festival

The first OnePlus Music Festival kicks off in Mumbai on November 16.

What you need to know You can now sign up to get early access to tickets to the OnePlus Music Festival. The event is set to kick off on November 16 in Mumbai, India. Artist lineup for the music festival will be announced soon.

OnePlus had announced its plans of launching the first OnePlus Music Festival last month. The company today announced registrations for early  [Read More…]