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How to Measure and Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Does the Wi-Fi in your home suck? Here are some tips for getting better coverage from your wireless router!

Sure, it might be considered a “first-world problem”, but shoddy or unreliable Wi-Fi is absolutely frustrating — especially when it’s your home Wi-Fi network giving you fits.

If your Wi-Fi signal strength seems to be lacking, there are several issues that could be contributing and a number of ways you can diagnose and address the issue.

Common sense  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Security, signal and noise

Another Android security scare, another round of muddled reporting.

Your Android phone might not have all the security updates it claims to. As reported this week, research from SRL (Security Research Labs) has revealed that sometimes there’s a discrepancy between the Android Security Patch date reported by a device, and the patches that are actually installed. So is your phone lying to you?

Like most Android security stories, what’s going on here is complex and nuanced. And,  [Read More…]

Kirin 970’s dual image signal processors make the Galaxy S8 camera look like a blurry mess, Huawei says

It’s definitely an understatement to say that he Samsung Galaxy S8 has a more-than capable camera. From the sensor to the lens to the image signal processing, no one would deny this fact.

Huawei, however, has a few things to say about that.

The Chinese behemoth unveiled its new Kirin 970 processor today at the IFA conference in Berlin. In addition to cramming in 5.5 billion transistors on a 10nm manufacturing process, and putting artificial intelligence directly onto  [Read More…]

This cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ boost signal strength, data speeds

Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are such fragile devices you will most certainly have to pair them with a protective case. But wouldn’t it be nice if that protective case brought along some extra perks? Case manufacturer and antenna technology for wireless devices company, Antenna79 just introduced two special cases for the […]

Open Signal: Verizon and T-Mobile are in a virtual tie for the best network in the U.S.

Verizon is a little bit faster, and T-Mobile’s network is growing like a weed.

Open Signal has released their State of Mobile Networks: USA report and they say Verizon has now tied T-Mobile for the fastest carrier in the United States, and the results are so close between the two that they are virtually tied for the “best.”

Using data collected from 169,683 users, 4,599,231,167 data points were used to measure network speeds on both 4G and  [Read More…]

Android One in the U.S. could signal the rebirth of ‘Nexus’

Glitzier mid-range Android One phones for the U.S. might be ‘Nexuses’ in all but name.

Android One is supposedly coming to the U.S. this summer, according to a report from The Information. On the face of it, that doesn’t seem all too exciting. Android One — the range of low-cost phones from less-known brands, aimed at emerging markets — hasn’t been a huge success. So who cares about a handful of low-specced, plasticky, entirely forgettable telephones arriving  [Read More…]

Encrypted chat app Signal adds domain fronting to bypass censorship in the Middle East

Signal is now routing its traffic through Google’s CDNs.

Open Whisper Systems — makers of the encrypted chat app Signal — found out that the Egyptian government had blocked access to the app earlier this week. The company has now rolled out an update to Signal that circumvents government censorship through a technique called domain fronting.

Signal is now routing its traffic through Google’s CDNs (content delivery networks), so all messages sent on the platform now  [Read More…]

Boost your cell signal in your vehicle with weboost’s Drive 4G-M amplifier (review)

It goes without question that almost all of us still experience dropped calls. I use the nation’s second largest network with AT&T, but in San Diego reception can still be spotty. The network quality has improved vastly over the years, but when I’m on a call in my truck and go through one of San

Getting ‘GPS signal not found’ error in Pokémon Go? Here’s how to fix it!

Don’t let GPS errors stop you from playing Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go is everywhere, and that’s great for Android gamers around the world (or at least in the countries the game has launched. But if you’re getting a “GPS signal not found” error when you launch the game, here’s how to fix it!

GPS errors? Make sure it is enabled!

Many Android phones come with their GPS radios turned off by default in order to save  [Read More…]

7 tip and tricks to dramatically improve the WiFi signal and speeds in your home or office

It’s crazy to that just 10 years ago we thought our internet was fast. 20 years ago we had to “dial in” to log onto the internet where we got just 28Kbps download speeds! “It’s often difficult to understand terms used for Internet metrics, such as Mbps vs. MBps. They’re the same letters, though they represent