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Weekend Recommender: Plantronics, MyQ, Silk, and more

With but a few weeks to go until it’s officially summer things are definitely starting to heat up. We’re finding ourselves outside, grilling, attending graduation parties, and hanging by the pool on a regular basis.

As we tend to do around here, we’ve gathered up some items we’d like to share with you. These items include products, apps, and other stuff that the staff has curated which we feel merit your attention. Some make things easier on us but others  [Read More…]

Silk White OnePlus 6 will be available on June 5

The OnePlus 6 has been available for purchase for a few weeks now. But so far customers could only get either the Mirror Black model or the Midnight Black one.

Well if you don’t fancy these options, then you’ll be interested to know that a third version will soon go on sale. The beautiful Silk White model is due to launch on June 5 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on board. It’s a limited edition, so if  [Read More…]

Amazon explains the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire

Youtube link for mobile viewing

What do you get when you take a traditional web browser, crunch it through some cloud servers, compress the data and make it more mobile friendly by sharing the load locally as well as in the back end? That’s Amazon’s Silk browser. Actually, it sounds a bit familiar, but it’s going to get some prominent play on the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which is likely to be a hot seller when  [Read More…]